BY Dermot Latimer, CEO and Founder of the Iconic Media Group 2 MINUTE READ

As workers around the country spent time with their family this Worker’s Day, employers should consider investigating their relationships with their staff members. If there are any relationships in your office that are frayed, it can cut productivity down, drastically.

So, take some time to reflect on how you can ensure you’re nurturing relationships from your side as the employer.

Are you open for input?

Ensuring you have a healthy and robust relationship with your employees means you need to have an open dialogue with them. To cultivate this relationship you need to expose them to strategic decisions and allow them to contribute ideas. An employee who is prevented from being able to share their thoughts is a frustrated one.

Does everyone understand the goal?  

It might require being a little repetitive, but your employees need to know what goal they’re working towards at the end of the day. If members of your team are unaware of what they’re working towards, their deliverables may be wrong, and levels of frustration will build. By communicating the company’s mission continually, you get the exact work you need.

Do you compliment them? 

Recognising work well done is essential. We’re all guilty of letting these observations slip without mentioning that a task is completed well. A simple pat on the shoulder will do, or a quick email in their inbox. Just remember to do it as often as you can.

Do they have lives outside of work? 

If you are struggling to imagine your employees have a life outside the office, that’s a problem. They need a good work and life balance. Without it, they’ll burn out. Often, employees won’t come forward with complaints when it comes to working hours; you’ll need to keep an eye open for this. By being an employer who promotes a healthy balance, you will instantly improve working relationships.

Do they have space to grow? 

Team members who feel like they can’t grow inside a company become unmotivated. Without a path for growth, employees become negative, which then affects the rest of the office. Make sure that everyone in the office has a promotion to work towards. Not only will this better your work relationships with everyone, but it also guarantees they’re willing to work.

If you make sure to check these points, you’re bound to have a healthy working relationship with them.