Toyin-Ann Yerifor – Creating a Healthy and Sustainable Home: Design Considerations for Improved Wellbeing

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As our world becomes more conscious of the impact of human activity on the environment, people are starting to prioritize sustainable practices in their everyday lives. One area where this shift is becoming increasingly visible is the construction industry. As more people prioritize eco-friendliness, building codes and regulations are changing to require more sustainable practices. Green building design is a holistic approach that considers the environmental, social, and economic impact of buildings. For those interested in understanding the impact of green building design on the health of inhabitants and how best to foster its increase, Toyin-Ann Yerifor is here to help. The seasoned and highly reputable sustainable design consultant has developed building practices that lead to healthier, more comfortable, and more productive environments.

Although most buildings built over the past century were not designed with their environmental impact in mind, Toyin-Ann is optimistic that the construction industry is smack dab in the middle of a golden opportunity to change its direction. Drawing inspiration from C.S. Lewis’quote “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending,” Toyin-Ann envisions one day helping build a wholly sustainable city that improves the physical and mental health of its residents.

Doing so will require highly empathetic professionals with the type of training achieved by Toyin-Ann. She has a Master of Architecture in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies from UEL, London, an MBA from the University of Northampton, and a Master of Computer Science & Engineering from the Université Grenoble Alpes, France. As a Passivhaus-trained expert, she specializes in designing and building spaces that enhance human well-being and performance. Her work has earned her recognition as a leader in the sustainable design industry.

Toyin-Ann emphasizes that a well-designed building can considerably reduce energy consumption, which, in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and results in significant savings on utility bills. Energy-efficient buildings are designed to make the best use of natural light, minimize heat gain and loss, and reduce the need for artificial lighting and heating.

By adopting this approach, occupants can enjoy a healthy and comfortable living space while minimizing the building’s environmental impact. This holistic approach to green building design not only benefits the environment but also leads to cost savings and energy conservation for the occupants, making it a win-win solution.

Green building design also encompasses the crucial aspect of maintaining indoor air quality, as it can profoundly impact the well-being of the occupants. Poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, and other health problems. Toyin-Ann stresses the importance of using non-toxic building materials, proper ventilation systems, and air filters to ensure the indoor air is safe to breathe.

By implementing these measures, the level of pollutants and contaminants in the air can be significantly reduced, creating a healthier and more comfortable living environment for those who live there. Toyin-Ann’s emphasis on indoor air quality highlights the comprehensive approach to green building design that considers the overall well-being of occupants.

These inventive building techniques also encourage the use of sustainable materials. For example, it involves using renewable resources like bamboo for flooring and furniture and recycled materials for insulation and building materials. Toyin-Ann emphasizes that using sustainable materials not only reduces the environmental impact of a building but also creates a healthier and more sustainable home.

In addition, these materials help reduce one’s carbon footprint and preserve natural resources, thus minimizing the negative impact on the environment while creating a safe space for a building’s occupants. Additionally, incorporating sustainable materials in the design process can create a more aesthetically appealing, comfortable, and functional area.

Incorporating natural elements is an essential aspect of green building design, as it goes beyond just reducing the environmental impact of a building. This includes the use of plants, natural light, and water features, which can create a calming and relaxing environment. According to Toyin-Ann, the benefits of incorporating greenery and natural light transcend mere aesthetics.

They also positively impact productivity, creativity, and well-being. Studies have shown that access to natural light and views of nature can reduce stress and anxiety, while bringing plants into indoor spaces can improve air quality and increase productivity. With increased comfort and inspiration, it's no surprise that more designers are choosing this greener approach to construction.

The forward-looking Toyin-Ann insists that creating a healthy and sustainable home is not just about reducing energy consumption or using non-toxic building materials.

Instead, it is a holistic approach that considers the well-being of occupants and the impact of their homes on the environment. The benefits of green building design extend to creating healthier, more comfortable, and more productive environments that encourage the well-being of residents. This includes their wallets.

Modern living room with tropical style garden background 3d render, There are wooden floor decorate with white fabric large sofa set

Sustainable building practices face a significant challenge due to the misconception that they are overly expensive and time-consuming. But, Toyin-Ann argues that investing in sustainable building practices pays off in the long run. For instance, energy-efficient buildings can considerably reduce utility bills, which is a significant relief in the long term. In addition, Toyin-Ann believes that sustainable building practices, such as using sustainable materials, lead to fewer costly repairs and replacements. The result is that building owners end up with increased long-term savings.

Moreover, using sustainable materials reduces the need for costly repairs and replacements, leading to significant savings in the long term. By implementing sustainable design principles in the initial construction phase, the cost of future maintenance can be significantly reduced, and the environmental impact of the building can be minimized. Therefore, Toyin-Ann adds that it is essential to overcome the perception that sustainable building practices are too costly and time- consuming to be worth the process.

Sustainable building practices face a significant challenge due to the misconception that they are overly expensive and time-consuming. But, Toyin-Ann argues that investing in sustainable building practices pays off in the long run. For instance,energy-efficient buildings can considerably reduce utility bills, which is a significant relief in the long term. In addition, Toyin-Ann believes that sustainable building practices, such as using sustainable materials, lead to fewer costly repairs and replacements. The result is that building owners end up with increased long-term savings.

Moreover, using sustainable materials reduces the need for costly repairs and replacements, leading to significant savings in the long term. By implementing sustainable design principles in the initial construction phase, the cost of future maintenance can be significantly reduced, and the environmental impact of the building can be minimized. Therefore, Toyin-Ann adds that it is essential to overcome the perception that sustainable building practices are too costly and time- consuming to be worth the process.

The construction industry is shifting towards more sustainable practices, and green building design is becoming increasingly popular. Toyin-Ann Yerifor is a highly respected sustainable design consultant with years of expertise in creating high- performance, low-energy, and generally healthy buildings that foster the improved welfare of their residents. Her work proves incorporating natural elements such as water, plants, and natural light creates a healthier and more productive environment.

As for the long-term effects, including these practices in building design is crucial to creating a more sustainable future.


Huawei calls for solar industry to work together on high-quality PV benchmarks

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Huawei has called on players across the solar industry to come together to develop high-quality solar PV benchmarks. The call, which was issued by Mr. Xia Hesheng, President of Huawei Sub-Saharan Africa’s Digital Power Business at Solar Show Africa 2023, comes at a pivotal time for the industry.

With Africa home to 60% of the world’s best solar resources, solar PV has the potential to be a game-changer in providing affordable, clean energy to households, enterprises, and the wider electric grid.

As Hesheng pointed out in his keynote speech at the conference, carbon neutrality, energy independence and business value are the three wheels driving the rapid growth in PV demand.

But, he pointed out, with no industry-standard benchmarks in place, customers will get products of varying quality and efficacy. For its part, Huawei believes that there are three key areas that any benchmarks should focus on: quality, safety, and power grid adaptation.

“The whole industry should be paying serious attention to quality, especially at this early stage of its development in Africa,” he said. “Only by ensuring that those working at all levels of the industry have the same commitment to quality and developing standard benchmarks for them to work towards will the sector achieve its true potential.”

“As the proportion of new energy increases, it’s vital that industry players take the adaptability and friendliness of the power grid into consideration,” he said. “Failing to do so could result in a weakening of the grid, which is counter to what the industry should be working towards.” Huawei, he said, works hard to ensure that its solutions can better adapt to, support, and enhance the power grid.

“Today, I’m calling on everyone in the industry to display the same commitment to quality, safety, and grid adaption,” he concluded. “Moreover, we should come together to develop standards and specifications to ensure that every solar installation in Africa is high quality, safe, and grid friendly.”


Huawei pledges to work with partners in the renewable energy era

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Huawei Digital Power has held its FusionSolar 2023 Channel Partner Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, during which the tech giant released its latest sustainable energy solutions for residential and industrial applications.

Xia Hesheng, President of Huawei Digital Power Sub-Saharan Africa Region, spoke of the global importance of achieving carbon neutrality, and of countries' pursuit of energy sovereignty. He outlined the huge commercial value of the PV industry which is driving the accelerated development of clean energy. Xia believes that businesses can choose to focus on short term targets, but this isn’t always a winning strategy. If you want to do a long term business, you should consider technology, quality, safety, and service, all of which will contribute to the development of the industry in the long term.

Huawei is the only vendor in the industry that provides full-scenario solar solutions. As a leading vendor in the ICT industry, Huawei's digital power brings unique value additions to the transformation of the energy industry based on 4T – Bit, Thermal, Watt, Battery technologies. This means that for the long-term development of the PV industry, Huawei can provide partners with strong support of “Innovative Products, High Quality & High Safety, Excellent Service, and Premium Brand“.

Huawei is always mindful of the needs of its partners based on PSEE- Profitability, Simplicity, Enablement, Ecosystem, through various means including its cooperation platform, and marketing and enablement support, and incentive programs, which enables partners to connect with Huawei more closely.

Xia Hesheng said that over the past two decades, Huawei has established a solid foundation in Africa and built information connection services on the continent. In the coming two decades, Huawei will work with partners to provide ubiquitous energy services in Africa.

Chen Guoguang, President of the Huawei Smart PV Product Line, outlined trends in the global smart PV industry, including growth in smart string inverters for which Huawei is the principal promoter globally. Chen outlined Huawei’s commitment to increase R&D investment in smart PV, to bring low-carbon and to bring cleaner green energy to more people, families, and organizations.

Chen Guoguang, President of the Huawei Smart PV Product Line

Huawei released the new "residential" solution at the summit focused on providing households with solutions to power outages with a full series of inverters, energy storage, and backup boxes, supporting seamless switching between different power supplies. The system provides users with a more flexible, secure, and reliable power backup experience, while at the same time keeping the installation process simpler and more efficient.

For industrial and commercial users, Huawei released its new energy storage product, LUNA2000- 200KWH, which features security and efficiency, simple O&M, and added power revenue.

In the summit, Huawei also shared the channel policy and new incentive plan of 2023 with partners, and some of the partners shared their experience of cooperation with Huawei.


Going Paperless – CargoX to Plant 10,000 Trees as Electronic Trade Documentation Takes Root

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Every year, thousands of trees are used for one specific purpose: to create bills of lading. These critical ocean freight documents historically have only been accepted as paper documents, with digital transformation lagging in the industry. According to the Digital Container Shipping Association, (DCSA), ocean carriers issue 45 million bills of lading annually, each composed of multiple sheets of paper – giving us a grand total of 10,000 trees used for this single purpose.

CargoX, a global leader in electronic trade documentation technology, is planting the seeds of change toward its mission of making global trade more sustainable. The company just announced it will plant 10,000 trees with the Berlin-based organization, GROW MY TREE.

CargoX is working to make trade more green on two fronts: first by moving the supply chain industry from paper-based to electronic trade documentation; the second by actively restoring heavily-damaged environments.

Trade documentation currently consumes a precious amount of resources. According to global consultant, McKinsey & Company, approximately 75% of current trade documentation is paper-intensive.

CargoX is committed to moving the supply chain industry to electronic trade documentation, which is both more cost-effective and better for the environment. Global trade is estimated to increase by $40 billion as a result of electronic bills of lading. This will save $6.5 billion in direct costs, according to McKinsey.

As Stefan Kukman, CargoX founder & CEO explains it, “Our innovative and well-proven CargoX Platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT) makes it possible for global supply chain partners to transfer documents of title electronically instead of sending signed paper documents through courier services.”

Kukman also understands it’s not enough to simply protect the remaining trees left in the world but to actively plant new ones as well. At the current rate of deforestation, scientists estimate that there will be no rainforests left in 100 years. CargoX wants to reverse that trend and tell the opposite story in 100 years of more forests with more diverse ecosystems than today. To that end, GROW MY TREE is the right partner for CargoX, Kukman says.

“Besides just eliminating paper from supply chain workflows and replacing it with digital trade documents, CargoX is also committed to rejuvenating depleted forests and protecting the environment for future generations. We encourage everyone in the supply chain industry to do the same,” Kukman adds.

CargoX trees will be planted in the next two months in Tanzania, where the rainy season just started. They will include both native trees as well as fruit trees for agroforestry.

By offering the supply chain industry the technology that ensures a simple and cost-effective transition from paper-based to digital documentation, CargoX is pioneering the transition from paper to digital.

This makes the transfer of documents of title even more secure, reliable, and less prone to fraud risks for global trade and supply chain participants. Additionally, transfers are performed at a fraction of the cost of paper documents, and they can travel around the globe in seconds, not days or weeks, as is the case with paper documents.

Another benefit is that the use of paper, ink, and courier services is eliminated altogether. Digital processes can be automated and workflows optimized to reduce the shipping industry’s overall environmental footprint.

CargoX understands that to be a worldwide leader, be it in electronic trade documentation technology or sustainability, you first have to take steps to protect the world itself.


Mentorship: A lifeline for SA’s struggling small businesses

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Five lessons from a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor

Over the course of his 14-year long entrepreneurial career, Clarke has learnt a number of lessons which he shares with the emerging entrepreneurs he mentors, and reveals his top five with FastCompany (SA):

1. Revenue, revenue, revenue. The entrepreneurial community often references funding as a measure of success. But, in reality, the true measure of a business’ success is revenue. Funding may be necessary and it is a sure sign that someone thinks there is a strong chance of future success, but in itself, it’s not the true benchmark.

2. Keeping a finger on unit economics. Understanding the costs and revenue of each and every deal helps a business to understand how much each deal contributes to R&D and overheads. Once a business comprehends its unit economics, it can show that, at a given scale, it will be profitable, even if it isn’t profitable today. Investors need to understand at what point the business will go from needing further funding to being profitable. This conversation starts with solid unit economics.

3. Hire the right people. Hiring the wrong person can be a costly exercise, especially with the Small-, Medium-, and Micro-Enterprise sector accounting for 75% of jobs lost in the overall economy 1 . Take the time to hire and onboard new employees and ensure that a lot of time is spent with them, so they understand the business and its objectives.

4. Focus on a small beachhead. This is a market segment in which a business gains a dominant market share as well as the strength to attack adjacent markets with different opportunities. The temptation amongst entrepreneurs is for their product to have broad appeal initially so that they can build a big business overnight. Rather, they should start small and become the leader in a particular market before expanding into others. The earlier they can determine who their ideal customer is and zoom in on them, the cheaper it will be to build the business.

5. Be coachable. Seasoned entrepreneurs are generally eager to share the wealth of experience they have accumulated, so budding entrepreneurs should join and take advantage of entrepreneurial networks. One way of doing so would be to plug into the network of other entrepreneurs supported by their funders.

Sam Clarke, CEO of Skynamo.


All you need to know about Banxso – the Broker.

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Banxso, popularly known as “not your grandfather’s bank” in South Africa, is the only broker you’ve been for, here’s why:

Brief Background: What is Banxso?

Young financial entrepreneurs bought the legacy company Zenfin Financials in 2021, renamed it Banxso, and promised to provide a novel approach to trading in South Africa. It indicated that South Africa’s traditional internet trading industry was changing and that a new breed of tech-savvy trade was emerging.

Having adopted the tagline “not your grandfather’s bank” a year later, Banxso takes pride in doing things differently and offering services to traders of all skill levels. With this brand-new financial powerhouse in South Africa, you may trade thousands of various assets in any industry you want.

In addition to its proprietary platforms, Banxso provides a MetaTrader suite: MT5/MT4. In addition, this broker offers complimentary platform-integrated subscriptions to TipRanks, Trading Central, and Cooma Social Trader, as well as live customer assistance available around the clock. There are many beautiful things about Banxso.

Is Banxso reliable?

The credibility of a broker will probably be determined by the caliber of their platform when you look at brokers. After all, if the venue is reliable, the trading experience will be reliable. Fortunately, Banxso’s platforms seem trustworthy and even more sophisticated than others.

Meta Trader 4 and 5 are industry-standard trading suites. Banxso X is their proprietary trading platform.

Who regulates Banxso?

With a license number of 37699, Banxso is governed by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

What makes Banxso a good choice for online trading?

What makes Banxso an excellent choice is its top-of-the-line features:

Asset Range: Traders will value the large variety of assets offered by Banxso. You may trade commodities, stocks, bonds, indices, and currencies. You may invest thousands of assets in each of these six categories on all of the major marketplaces in the globe.

Investment with Banxso is a “gateway to other trade opportunities.” This broker will use cutting-edge platforms, advice, and helpful tools to assist you with your long-term and short-term investments. The first three months of investment are free, and their investment platform is cutting-edge. You’ll receive reduced rates and fees following your free trial.

Fantastic website: Although online investment platforms are often brokers’ focus, Banxso also has a top-notch website. It is transparently presented, informative, bold, and well-organized.

Banxso Deposits & Withdrawals


Start trading right away with as little as $100. Additionally, they allow deposits using third-party apps like:

* Debit/Credit cards: Visa and Mastercard

* Bank Wire:

– Absa

– Standard bank

– Midwest bank

– African bank

– Tyme

– Capitec

– Nedbank


– Investec


* AstroPay


Making Withdrawals Easy

– Commission of 0%: Every withdrawal is free and has no commission.

– Speedy processing: Within 24 hours, all withdrawals are completed.

– Secure and Safe: Requests for leaves are all encrypted and safeguarded.

A client must withdraw money using the same credit or debit card used to deposit to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.

One more thing

When it comes to providing resources for rookie and new traders, Banxso operates differently from many other financial organizations. The exclusive platforms and other investor-focused features make Banxso a powerful entrant in the market.

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Leading PR Firm Mogul Press Is Helping Brands Break Through The Noise

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According to research, 92% of customers trust earned media. When a brand or company is featured in top publications, blogs, and magazines, it acquires trust and confidence in the minds of the consumers. This is why press features and good media relations are essential to establish a strong brand foothold.

Today’s market is very competitive, and the need to stand out from the rest is higher than ever. Public relations and communications companies are given the task of maintaining clients’ reputations and nurturing them to increase brand credibility. Leading PR firm Mogul Press is one such company that can help top entrepreneurs get the PR they need to become the supreme authority in their fields.

Mogul Press claims to turn nobodies into celebrities, entrepreneurs into thought leaders, and ordinary social media users into powerful influencers. And its three years of service in the industry show that the company lives up to its claims. Having worked with large corporations like Walt Disney Studios and countless startups and entrepreneurs, Mogul Press has delivered tangible and targeted results. The company knows successful PR is more about providing results than simply devising strategies.

Through robust press features, TV interviews, podcast placements, numerous clients that include influencers, doctors, tech enthusiasts, fashionistas, educationists, and many others have benefited greatly.

Mogul Press was founded by Nabeel Ahmad and is based in the USA. Under Nabeel’s leadership, the company has scaled high in a short time and has become the fastest-growing PR firm in the world. His global team that exceeds a hundred employees works from different regions of the world to curate and execute the best PR campaigns for clients. Their clients are featured on leading publications including Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and hundreds of other publications.

If you want to establish a strong brand foothold in this overly competitive and fierce market, having a compelling story is not the only thing you need. It would help if your perspective were shared with the right audience in the best style possible. Mogul Press can help clients grow by building the perfect brand story, positioning them as the experts in the field, and devising a tailored PR strategy that skyrockets their media engagement and allows them to benefit from the fruits of successful PR.

In recent times Mogul Press has emerged as a creative PR force with a client-friendly mode of operations. It has taken over the space with its unorthodox PR model, a diverse team of PR specialists, and a deep sense of delivering results. Not just promises.


The pay-as-you-go lifestyle – the new way of living and doing business

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Convenience, lifestyle choices, affordability and not wanting to deal with repairs and maintenance issues have become key reasons for South Africans to increasingly embrace a rental-focused existence. This ‘rental economy’ or ‘pay-as-you-go’ lifestyle is what informed the concept of Adoozy Power, Africa’s first contactless power bank rental network that enables consumers to rent smartphone power while on the on-the-go.

CEO Kegan Peffer started Adoozy in 2020 when he realised that there has to be a solution to the sheer panic he feels when watching his own phone battery die when he is out and about. “I realised that I cannot be the only person who has a real fear of being unable to access my phone.”– an astute observation, given how much our reliance on phones has increased during the pandemic.

Nowadays, a flat battery represents far more than the inconvenience of being without TikTok or Instagram (both considered musts in today’s socially networked culture); it can be truly disruptive if remote work or study is interrupted. More than that, a dead phone poses a safety risk. And, given Eskom’s continuing tribulations, this is an increasing reality.

Peffer understood that the growing ‘sharing economy’ which essentially allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of having things without the bother of buying them, was blossoming at an exponential rate around the world, and from a mobile power bank perspective, it made sense to Peffer to offer South Africans power supply that could compliment their ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle while not being impacted by loadshedding. “People are choosing to use things as they need them. They don’t want to be bogged down by stuff or have to worry about maintenance, instead, they prefer to enjoy the convenience of renting items as they need to when they need to. It’s also a more affordable way of living in this day and age.”

How Adoozy is adding value for businesses

Since its inception, Adoozy has strategically installed power towers or kiosks at locations across the country. “We are seeing this service work very well at convenience stores as well as shopping malls and restaurants. As a value-added service for their customers, retailers are enabling consumers to stay connected, which means they can spend more time at their establishments.” Peffer also points out that there has been a lot of interest from business lounges to install power kiosks so that businesswomen and men can stay powered up for work-related emails and tasks. Further to this, the Adoozy application provides a convenient service for gyms and health clubs.

However, the most in-demand area currently for Adoozy is the events space. “Having power kiosks at events is not just about staying connected so you can share your experience with others, but there’s a huge safety aspect to it. Oftentimes people are relying on using a car service like Uber to get home from events, and if their phone battery is dead, this can cause a lot of anxiety and safety concerns.”

How Adoozy Power works

The power banks are 5000 mAh fast charge and come fully equipped with USB cables for all phone types. Users just need to download the Adoozy app and provide their sign-up information to register. From there, they select the billing option that best suits their needs. Currently, there are three subscription plans available – daily, weekly, and monthly.

Then all it takes is a fingerprint scan and submission of card details, and the newly minted customer can make their way to an Adoozy Tower (located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban) where, with a wave of their hand, their fingerprints are linked to their bank card. This contactless biometric scanning, made possible by IDEMIA’s MorphoWave™ Compact Technology, is another first says Peffer – other companies have yet to harness the power of biometrics to access a product.

“What makes this whole process so convenient, is that it’s hassle-free. Users can pick up a power bank in one location, no on-hand payment needed, and return the bank within 24 hours to a kiosk in a completely different location if they wish. Whatever suits them while on-the-go,” he says.

In terms of what’s next, Kegan says it’s all about expansion and diversification. We are working hard to create a real rental network across Africa at large, and we want to use this as a base to solve even more issues for our consumers,” he concludes.


You’ve earned your success

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Complement it with bespoke insurance that’s tailored to your unique lifestyle. Santam Executive is designed to meet your unique needs as an individual.

From luxury homes, watercraft and cars to jewellery and fine art, Santam Executive helps you protect what’s important to you. It offers extensive cover and exclusive services, backed by a dedicated team of expert claims and service consultants who will ensure you receive exceptional service in the event of a claim.

Key benefits include personalised premiums, a simple excess structure, access to additional tier points through paid Sanlam Reality membership, protection against the application of average, and 24/7 Santam SOS services.

Speak to your intermediary to learn more about the unique benefits offered by Santam’s Executive insurance solution.


Six ways poor driving behaviour adds to business costs

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South Africa has an alarmingly high road accident fatality rate. What’s more concerning is that Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) State of Road Safety reports show an increase in the number of road vehicle accident fatalities. Statistics demonstrate a 21% rise from 2019 to 2021 – impacting our economy with road accidents costing South Africa R176 billion in 2019 alone. Recent research shows that 84% of South Africa’s road fatalities are due to poor driving behaviour.

Lana Ross, Chief Operating Officer for Discovery Business Insurance says that having a telematics device installed in business vehicles, can help business owners to keep track of how their vehicles are being driven.

“Telematics technology helps business owners identify poor driving habits and take the necessary steps to facilitate and reward better driving behaviour,” Ross says.

She adds that a good example of a driver behaviour programme utilising telematics technology to measure and reward good driving behaviour, is Discovery Insure’s Vitality Drive for Business programme. This programme focuses on improving driving behaviour such as acceleration, braking, cornering, speed and location of the trip, distance, and cellphone usage.

Lana Ross, COO – for Discovery Business Insurance

Ross cautions that poor driving does not only result in the tragic loss of lives, it also costs businesses a vast amount of money.

“Bad driving habits like speeding, harsh acceleration, hard braking, harsh cornering and cellphone usage while driving, can add to the running costs of a business,” explains Ross.

She outlines that poor driving can negatively affect business costs in these six ways:

1.Fuel consumption is increased by 15% on average. For example, harsh acceleration uses more fuel than increasing a vehicle’s speed at a steady pace.

2. With more wear and tear on company vehicles, vehicle maintenance costs rise.

3. Careless driving shortens the life span of a vehicle, which inevitably costs money to replace.

4. More major and minor accidents happen as a result of reckless driving, which also increases vehicle insurance costs.

5. Damage to goods in transit is a major concern when accidents take place during product deliveries.

6. Accidents due to poor driving cause delays in service delivery, which can potentially damage a business’s reputation and create costly business down time.

“Discovery Insure is committed to creating a nation of great drivers, through our driver behaviour programme,” says Ross. “Vitality Drive for Business clients are given access to an online fleet portal, at no additional cost, enabling them to track vehicles in real time, view all trips and analyse and better manage the driving behaviour of their drivers to help them improve.”

The driver behaviour programme ensures that drivers are able to improve their driving by understanding how they drive, having the tools to help them enhance their driving skills and, by receiving weekly Active Rewards for driving well, they are directly incentivised to continue on their improvement journey. In addition, business owners can save up to 30% on their monthly vehicle premiums if their vehicles are driven well, which in turn reduces the number of accidents on our roads.

“Underpinned by Discovery’s shared-value model, Vitality Drive for Business creates a virtuous cycle of value creation. Incentives create better drivers. Better drivers enable savings on insurance claims for the insurer, and on premiums for the client. More savings enable even better incentives, which further improve driving behaviour and bring about the greatest outcome of all: safer roads for everyone.” concludes Lana.

Be the change.

In shouldering the responsibility of implementing a driver behaviour programme that equips their drivers with the right tools to take better care when behind the wheel, every business owner can play a part in saving lives on South Africa’s roads.