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The Best Incubators & Accelerators Share These Four Traits

South Africa is having something of an entrepreneurship boom. Last year startups in the country raised more than $250 million across 37 deals – a burst of capital that is sure to accelerate creative solutions to urgent problems around energy (see Kazang Solar) financial access for the unbanked (see MFS Africa), and more. Part of the credit certainly […]

The Human Factor Will Always Come First in Customer Experience

Worldwide, brands are under unprecedented pressure. Companies, from legacy to startup, multi-national to local, are all grappling with how to meet steeply rising customer experience (CX) expectations; how to keep up with consumer trends that change at the speed of light and how to harness the tech that is evolving faster than we can adapt.  […]

This Swiss Bank Found the Key to Employee Satisfaction

Two years ago, while poring over an otherwise positive independent survey of our company’s 65 000 employees worldwide, the HR leadership team was forced to confront an uncomfortable statistic: Only 57% of our employees in the survey had responded favourably to questions related to learning and career opportunities within the firm. This was disappointing. We […]

I’ve Been a Freelancer For More Than 15 Years. Here’s What All Clients Should Know

For the past several years, there has been a steady stream of research indicating that companies are increasingly turning to freelance labour to fill talent gaps and create more flexible teams. Recent research from freelance website Upwork found reports that more than one in three Americans freelanced in 2018, and the freelance workforce grew 7% from […]

Global Tech and Social Media Leaders Confirmed for Africa-First Digital Summit

BigFive Summit, a platform to showcase digital solutions providers for SMEs in Africa and the Middle East (AME), has secured Gareth Murphy, General Manager of Online Channels at MTN, and Sifiso Mazibuko, Managing Director of Social Scope and a former Facebook executive. From 13 – 15 May, Workshop 17 in Cape Town will play host to the […]

You Don’t Need to Wait For Authority To Be a Leader at Your Company

It is tempting to look around the workplace and think about all the ways that you would do something differently if you were in charge. We quickly internalise the hierarchy within any organisation and assume that the ability to lead change requires being in a spot on the org chart with lots of people reporting […]

Here’s How to Improve The Relationship With Your Employees

As workers around the country spent time with their family this Worker’s Day, employers should consider investigating their relationships with their staff members. If there are any relationships in your office that are frayed, it can cut productivity down, drastically. So, take some time to reflect on how you can ensure you’re nurturing relationships from […]

5 Productivity Hacks For CEOs Who Have to Work Remotely

Serving as a CEO can prove immensely rewarding. For many, it’s the pinnacle of their careers. It’s incredibly gratifying to know that you have had a direct impact on the company’s successes and breakthroughs. But it’s not all pride and glory. As any CEO can attest, closing deals and managing a team while driving continuous product […]

BigFive Announces Dynamic Speaker Line-Up for Africa-First Digital Summit

Details regarding the speaker line-up and agenda for BigFive Summit have been announced. Cape Town will play host to the Summit from 13 – 15 May 2019 where pioneers in the provision of digital media and marketing technology solutions to the region’s SMEs will converge for three exciting days of knowledge-sharing, networking and debate. The […]

9 industries being disrupted by cannabis and CBD

If you haven’t noticed, even in provinces where recreational marijuana hasn’t been legalised yet, cannabis and CBD are everywhere. The newly mainstream CBD is the go-to for wellness products, stepping in as a cure-all for relaxation, sleep loss, anxiety, muscle aches and pains, and more, causing waves in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. But according to CB Insights’ latest report, CBD […]

Want to sound emotionally intelligent in interviews? Avoid these 6 expressions

You may be well versed in interview skills, but it’s easy to drop a phrase or a comment that inadvertently signals you may not “fit in”. Nobody will tell you that’s why you didn’t get the job. Yet, an apparent lack of interpersonal skills is often the underlying reason candidates get passed over. People skills […]

Event Season: 3 reasons to throw an event & 3 tips to throw it well

Events are important. Whether a brand wants to establish themselves, launch a new product, provide an educational series of talks or simply provide the opportunity to network. People will remember the event. Positive or negative press is quick to come out and a few simple decisions can swing the tone either way. Reasons to throw […]

Most Innovative Company to Watch: Team QOLO

At the Toyota Mobility Festival, innovators from around the world competed to create the most ‘game-changing’ technologies to help those with lower limb paralysis. The five finalists received $500 000 each to turn their idea into a prototype, and the final winner will be awarded $1 million in 2020 in Tokyo. Kenji Suzuki and the […]

For Building a Crowdfunding Enterprise Tackling Social Issues

A disturbing thought has continuously plagued Lauren Gillis’ mind. The prevalence of inequality in many societies still today was something she understood to be inevitable — however, very fixable. “I was frequently kept awake at night by thoughts of so many people suffering because of the lack of opportunity available to them,” Lauren says. “I […]

For Connecting Clients with Reliable, Quality Contractors

Since the age of 18, Joshua Cox has been passionate about improving our world. Founding a social enterprise however, was something unexpected. He studied nature conservation at Stellenbosch University and thereafter worked in the non-profit sector in community development. After a failed business attempt, he met Simon, who inspired him to start Fix Forward in […]

For Saving Fuel and Optimising Engines

He was nearing completion of his (uncompleted) master’s degree in the early 80s when, during a coffee break, Norman Grant, Director of Technology and Engineering at MISER Hydraulic Hybrid Technologies, was challenged to find a “world-beater” concept rather than the “usual stuff”. “That was my inspiration for developing this hybrid technology. At the time, it […]

For Putting Security First

Warren Myers, Founder and innovator of safety technology app AURA, believes there’s a critical need for better access to security in South Africa. Upon this principle, Warren founded the AURA app in 2017 after him and his partner, at the time, seized an opportunity to improve CCTV monitoring at their company. “Crimes happen extremely fast,” […]

For Maximising AI’s Power in Africa

Artificial intelligence (AI) – the buzzword that has sparked both excitement and fear – has found a solid footing in Africa thr-ough sci-tech company Africa Business Integration (ABI). Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution with full force, Co-founders Thabo Koee and Tebogo Nakampe started ABI with the sole purpose of providing key computer integration solutions to […]

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