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A cross-sectional look inside Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport

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Facebook’s new policy on ‘sexual’ emojis

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Siya Kolisi x Freedom of Movement shoe collab gives traditional South African ‘veldskoene’ a brand new look

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5 iPhone shortcuts you didn’t know you needed

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5 practical ways to make money online without spending any cash

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South Africans can now own cattle at the click of a button with BitFarming app

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Death planning in the digital age: How to prepare your online footprint for when you kick the bucket

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Inside Google’s innovative Design Lab

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Rise of the gig economy: How South Africa’s work-life dynamic is changing

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Travelling for business may be bad for your mental health

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How AI, robotics and blockchain are transforming the business landscape

Technology is changing the face of business faster than industrialisation did. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway and consumers and businesses are already using and benefitting from incredibly complex technology every day – even if they don’t know it. The shift to cloud services has opened up incredible tech to even the smallest SME, […]

Propelling Africa in the age of 4IR

Inevitable change and progress are overtaking the world, and Africans need to embrace these in order to move forward.

G-Star Raw x Planetcare collab to fight microfibre pollution

Committed to supporting the research and development of innovative, sustainable solutions, G-Star is excited to help promote the PlanetCare Microfibre filter. Microfibre pollution is a macro problem that affects our everyday lives, infiltrating our oceans and drinking water, killing off marine life, and causing multiple health risks and illnesses of people across the globe. This […]

Tell-tale signs that you’re an amateur

Starting a company can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. Thus, being an amateur in the industry is somewhat expected.  To help you with this shortfall, here’s what not to do when seeking funding for your business. You make up a new valuation based on how much the venture capitalist wants to investDon’t […]

Capitec Bank continues to break ground with new reality show

In a first for SA’s finance industry, Capitec Bank and SABC 3 have launched The Next Brand Ambassador, an Apprentice-style reality TV talent show. Finalists will compete for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to work with Capitec Bank’s marketing team. A series of challenges will test marketing mettle and creativity and, in the end, only one brand ambassador will be […]

Revolutionising the coupon industry

Co-founded in 2015 by dynamic duo Tina Fisher and Mark Bradshaw, SnapnSave is digitising the coupon industry. Positioned as “South Africa’s #1 cashback app” for both shoppers and vendors, the app allows customers to scan till slips with their phone camera and instantly start saving money on their purchases. Smartphones at the ready! Launching a […]

Highlights from the World Economic Forum Africa in Cape Town

As the world enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution – driven by emerging technologies and ubiquitous data – Africa is seeking to forge a new path towards societal and economic growth. At the WEF Africa Summit in Cape Town last week, some pertinent issues were discussed and solutions put forth as to how Africa can harness […]

How cannabis companies are getting creative with their lifestyle branding

Marijuana has come a long way from the days of plastic baggies and glass jars filled with OG Kush and Sticky Icky Icky. Today’s cannabis (née weed) is sold in posh retail outlets which stock dozens of different products, from medicinal-style vaporisers to THC-infused candies, aimed at veteran users and neophytes alike. In the past […]

New fintech platform YOCO is closing South Africa’s card payment gap

In the age of Industry 4.0, co-founder and CEO of YOCO, Katlego Maphai, identified a gap in the retail market and conceptualised a solution to help propel South African businesses forward.  How did yoco transition to a product?Before the concept, the team came together. I studied at the University of Cape Town with Lungisa Matshoba, […]

Quickfire career Q&A with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian

The inventor of the “front page of the internet”, Reddit and Initialized Capital co-founder takes our career questionnaire. What’s your best habit and your worst? My best is that I’m relentless about improving — I’m good at being motivated by criticism. My worst is saying yes to things when I should default to no. When […]

Propelling Africa in the age of 4IR

Inevitable change and progress are overtaking the world, and Africans need to embrace these in order to move forward.

5 free websites to help boost your business

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to start a business. Unfortunately, it’s never been harder to get people to pay attention to it. Here are some low-impact and—even better—free sites and services you can leverage in order get your company looking its best and get the word out that you’re ready to work. 1. SHAPE UP […]

Software vendor IsoMetrix creates sustainable partnership with risk management company NOSA

As two innovative companies at the forefront of their field, IsoMetrix and NOSA are set to collaborate on integrated solutions.  The Carlyle Group, a global investment firm with $223 billion of assets under management, has acquired a majority stake in IsoMetrix, the world’s leading Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) software vendor, through their $698 million […]

These CEOs are reshaping the 40-hour work week – here’s why you should try it

The sleeping habits of CEOs and founders are revealing in many ways, but the biggest takeaway is this: Most of them work a lot. That’s little surprise when you consider the fact that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, even the average full-time worker spends about 8.5 hours at work on a weekday (and 5.4 hours when […]

WIN: Africa’s brightest entrepreneurs and innovation thought leaders gather for SA Innovation Summit

The stage is set to accelerate the entrepreneurship space, with the brightest minds in the innovation sector gathering for three days of pitching, partnering on and showcasing the most innovative products and services in Africa. The SA Innovation Summit, taking place from Wednesday 11 to Friday 13 September 2019 at the Cape Town Stadium, will […]

This innovative brand of sneaker-care products is melding street culture with environmental sustainability

Sneaker LAB is permeating global sneaker culture not only through their innovative products, but with an ethos of youth upliftment and sustainable community development.  Founder Jo Farah shared some insight on the societal impact of entrepreneurship and the integral role it plays in solving the world’s most pertinent economic issues. It’s safe to say that […]

A clean sweep with SweepSouth – how Aisha Pandor did it

Five years in her role as CEO and co-founder of SweepSouth, Aisha Pandor tells Fast Company SA how the journey has been.  What is SweepSouth? SweepSouth is an on-demand domestic cleaning service that brings technology to the domestic services industry and takes the hassle out of having to scramble to find a domestic cleaner. Operating […]

Gaining finance as a female entrepreneur: A guideline

While women have made great strides in entrepreneurship over the past decade, female entrepreneurs still lag behind their male counterparts when it comes to raising capital. While the goal remains to close any funding gap that exists in this regard, a positive upshot has been that many women business owners have proved to be resource-efficient by […]

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