22.06.2021 | 09:03 AM

3 ways to resolve conflict in a remote workforce

21.06.2021 | 03:34 PM

Nokia is making a comeback with C10 and C20 smartphones

21.06.2021 | 01:07 PM

Young entrepreneurs behind Local Brands

21.06.2021 | 10:25 AM

Inside Google’s first retail store

21.06.2021 | 09:45 AM

These scientists are turning plastic waste into vanilla extract

18.06.2021 | 11:00 AM

New virtual reality gaming arcade set to open in Cape Town

18.06.2021 | 10:36 AM

How to manage your workplace screen time

18.06.2021 | 10:23 AM

This digital sculpture functions as a portal between two cities

17.06.2021 | 03:19 PM

Maserati unveils new GranTurismo electric vehicle in prototype form

17.06.2021 | 12:45 PM

This city just appointed a Chief Heat Officer to combat global warming

17.06.2021 | 09:41 AM

Samsung to bring foldable flip phones back to life

17.06.2021 | 08:49 AM

5 great podcasts to listen to right now

15.06.2021 | 08:58 AM

This bidder just paid millions to fly to space with Jeff Bezos

15.06.2021 | 08:30 AM

This hand-held iron eliminates the need for an ironing board

14.06.2021 | 01:04 PM

Nigeria vs Twitter: The ongoing saga

14.06.2021 | 08:52 AM

Netflix has launched its own online store

14.06.2021 | 08:28 AM

The ultimate hack for beating procrastination

11.06.2021 | 03:51 PM

4 talking points from Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference

11.06.2021 | 01:13 PM

These subtle body language signals could be ruining your virtual job interview

11.06.2021 | 09:41 AM

All new heath features coming to iOS15

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How Minimalist Chocolate is enhancing cacao to its full potential

No sugar, no additives You might know David Donde as the man responsible for bringing specialty coffee roasting to South Africa, but he is now pioneering a new venture. Off the success of his Truth […]

You can no longer buy Tesla with Bitcoin

In a tweet that announced that Bitcoin will no longer be used to buy Tesla cars, Elon Musk crashed the popular cryptocurrency. In a tweet that announced that Bitcoin will no longer be used to […]

How to ensure your current business model is still relevant to a radically changed world

“Re-starting your business is becoming less about simply reviving it, but considering very carefully, how (and more importantly, if) your original business model fits into a changed and radically altered societal mindset.” Every business owner […]

New local digital platform supports and connects nurses in Africa

Since the onset of Covid-19, nurses have been our unsung heroes, remaining at the frontline of the pandemic. However, not much has been done to help them emotionally during this challenging time. In light of […]

Why “Please Call Me Idea” is still worth billions?

Since day one of the “Please Call Me Idea”, there were no doubts about the value of the idea and its inventor, Kenneth Nkosana Makate. As the Vodacom newsletter declared, on the first day of […]

Amazon to set up Cape Town headquarters: Is South Africa ready?

The announcement that Amazon will set up South African headquarters in an R4 billion Cape Town development was met with excitement and concern. It was exciting to those who care more about the economy and jobs […]

WATCH: Q&A with Dr McLean Sibanda at MIC 2021

At the 2021 Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies Summit & Awards, we chatted to Dr. McLean Sibanda, former CEO of the Innovation Hub, about his role in driving innovation in Gauteng townships based on his […]

WATCH: Most Innovative Companies Awards + Winners 2021

On Wednesday 14 April 2021, Fast Company SA hosted the annual Most Innovative Companies Awards ceremony. This time, the event went virtual, showcasing a short film and online event to honour the Top 25 Most […]

How these technologies are making supply chain management faster and more efficient

Logistics has been an important link in the consumer value chain ever since the second industrial revolution at the beginning of the 20th century. Mass produced goods, often manufactured in remote locations, increasingly needed to […]

The Most Innovative Companies 2021 Summit & Awards

The Most Innovative Companies Summit & Awards 2021 Webinar

12 technologies set to change the 2020s

While 2020 may have provided the next decade with a rocky foundation to start with, little has changed when it comes to technology. In fact, research is finding that the global pandemic has pushed technology […]

These emerging technologies are set to shape our future

Howard Plaatjes, CEO of technology investment group, AYO, takes a look at some of the key technologies that are set to change our future, and provides an insight into where South Africa’s largest listed ICT […]

Bill Gates vs The Pandemic: Inside the Gates Foundation fight against the Pandemic

He warned, in 2010, that the H1N1 outbreak was a “wake-up call” for the world to prepare for a deadly pandemic.Bill Gates has been predicting for years: a deadly virus with the potential to sicken […]

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies nominations list 2021

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies event is around the corner! You’ve met the panel of judges for this year’s awards, now here is the list of nominated companies. The MIC event not only honours innovation […]

These South African legacy companies did not survive the lockdown

It’s a sad day when legacy businesses have to close up shop, oftentimes due to failure to innovate and keep up with the times, not adapting to changing consumer demands, or being too slow to […]

Meet the jury of the 2021 Most Innovative Companies Awards

Welcome to the 2021 Most Innovative Companies Awards, South Africa’s most prestigious competition honouring innovation in business. We’ve engaged respected South African innovation thinkers and thought leaders to judge the awards. Meet them below. Dr […]

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies event nominated for global award

The International News Media Association (INMA), which runs the annual Global Media Awards, has nominated Fast Company SA’s Most Innovative Companies Conference and Awards. Fast Company SA is nominated in the category ‘Best Use of […]

Inside Amazon’s new “contactless” grocery store

Amazon on Thursday launched its first “just walk out shopping” outlet outside the United States, as the online retail giant steps up its competition with traditional supermarkets and other retailers. Amazon on Thursday launched its […]

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