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Tired of hearing that the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and its impact has thrown the global economy into crisis mode?

Well, here’s a bit more evidence that the effects will reverberate long into the coming year. Glassdoor has analysed information on millions of job postings and found 20 jobs that are most at risk post-COVID-19. The fact that even some healthcare positions made the list proves that nothing is certain in these uncertain times.

Among them, the top five look like the hardest hit based on the number of postings and the percentage decline since the pandemic.

Audiologist -70%

Event Coordinator -69%

Product Demonstrator -63%

Optician -61%

Chef -56%

“As the global pandemic shifts, consumer behaviour and workplace habits, certain jobs like audiologists, executive assistants, and coaches may not return en masse for years, if ever,” according to Glassdoor’s chief economist, Dr. Andew Chamberlain.

Although he cautioned that this prediction was based on no other major unforeseeable event taking place in the coming year, Chamberlain said in a statement that he expects to see “big shifts in employee attitudes as the economy recovers in 2021 and beyond, with a greater emphasis on stability and predictability.”

You can view the entire list here.