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Founders Events, in partnership with financial management consultancy, Outsourced CFO, are coming together for a good cause. 

While both are successful startups, the duo believe that raising capital for a private company is a complex process. It can take months – if not years – of a founder’s time that should ideally be spent on growing the company. Raising capital is also highly technical and requires one to have a sound level of corporate-finance understanding in order to complete the valuations, financial modeling, due diligence, and other aspects that are sought after by investors.

Enter FundRaise Con.This event seeks to share the journey of those who have successfully raised finance with other up-and-coming business people and entrepreneurs. FundRaise Con will provide founders with best practice principles and tips that are essential for when raising capital and successfully closing their next big deal. Investors themselves, who are doing deals every day, will present and share tips, while an incredible pool of high-caliber founders who are building scalable and investable companies will also be in attendance. 

In light of the COVID19 pandemic and social distancing regulations set by the government, FundRaise will now be taking place as a digital event online. The live stream will begin at 6 pm on Thursday 26 March and is free to register. Register at to receive the link to tune in.