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Traffic school and driver education have long been a critical component of road safety, but traditional methods have faced numerous challenges. From scheduling conflicts to the high costs associated with in-person classes, many ticketed and aspiring drivers find it difficult to complete their training efficiently. Additionally, the conventional classroom setting often fails to engage students, leading to lower retention rates and inadequate preparation for real-world driving scenarios.

Sharon Ourian, founder and CEO of CyberActive, saw these problems early and to tackle them she used her company to create a fully online interactive platform to offer traffic safety courses. Doing business as DriversEdToGo, GoToTrafficSchool, and twelve other driving related websites, her company offers courses to pre-licensed teens, ticketed drivers, fleet drivers, and mature drivers.

The CyberActive courses are offered directly to consumers through the company’s retail websites and to government agencies, school districts, private businesses, and fleets through its white label SaaS solution.

“When the pandemic hit, our team implemented an emergency response plan,” says Ourian.

“We enabled private driving schools without internet programs and school districts without online driver ed programs across the United States to utilize our software to offer driving courses to their students at no cost until the pandemic ended. Many school districts found tremendous value in our program, leading them to continue using our software for various courses even after the pandemic.”

Technological Advancements in Driver’s Education and Traffic Safety

One of CyberActive’s key strengths is its use of advanced technology to improve the learning experience—all made possible through its learning content management system (LCMS). The platform includes sophisticated interactive multimedia using artificial intelligence, interesting video content, interactive animations, and simulations. These make the courses more engaging, easier, and more interesting.

Learning should be an enjoyable experience. We keep students engaged and help them retain information better,” says Cynthia Greenleaf, head curriculum designer.

The platform’s self-paced nature allows students to progress through the material at a speed that is comfortable for them, ensuring that they have a thorough understanding of each concept. The platform also identifies, through its sophisticated AI content, what areas require student’s focus, and as such, present more content in that particular area. “This harnesses the power of AI, which most courses do not utilize today,”says Ivan Kozinski, CyberActive’s lead software engineer.

CyberActive also provides unique and specialized features for each of its clients. Those who make use of the software can guarantee their needs are met as opposed to being provided a cookie cutter solution. In combination with its LCMS, these education specialists round out its comprehensive driver learning system with a human touch.

Our students must do more than just pass their driving tests; they should become responsible drivers. Whether they need a ticket diversion program or seek education as mature drivers, they can utilize our services. We are the one-stop-shop for driver education,” explains Sharon Ourian.

Compliance with State and Federal Requirements

One of the most significant challenges facing online driver education providers is ensuring compliance with the varied and constantly evolving requirements of different states.

CyberActive has navigated these roads for over twenty years and has developed courses that are tailored to the specific requirements and regulations of each state in which it operates.

The company has developed and implemented various measures to ensure course security and integrity, such as security questions, course timers, sophisticated activity monitors, and identity verification protocols. In addition, through customization of their courses in compliance with both federal and state law, each of their students is sufficiently prepared for regulations and the rules of the road.

Many protocols governing traffic school and driver education also apply to online modalities,” notes Ourian. “We prioritize compliance to ensure our courses are recognized and approved by regulatory authorities.”

CyberActive’s courses are state-approved and tailored to meet each state’s specific requirements. This confirms that students receive relevant and up-to-date information that thoroughly prepares them for their licensing exams.

Once students graduate from their training, CyberActive offers a certificate of completion that can be submitted to the DMV to obtain their learner’s permit or driver’s licence.

The Future of Driver’s Education

As driving schools modernize alongside the rest of the world, CyberActive is well-positioned to lead the way with its fresh take on road education. They intend to further develop their platform with new AI features and capabilities, ensuring they remain abreast of the latest advancements.

Our continuous exploration of new technologies aims to enhance our courses. I’m passionate about technology and pushing boundaries. I can confidently state that our programs, utilizing cutting-edge methods, have educated millions of drivers,” says Ourian.

CyberActive’s interactive platform disrupts traditional learning methods by leveraging advanced technologies while maintaining the highest standards of education quality.

As the demand for flexible, technology-driven education continues to grow, companies like CyberActive are poised to play an increasingly important role in preparing the next generation of drivers. With its engaging content, accessible platform, and commitment to compliance, CyberActive is setting a new standard for driver education in the digital age.