BY Wesley Diphoko 2 MINUTE READ

We are living in one of the most important moments in the history of technology. We are witnessing significant changes with major implications for how we live. Some of these changes may have both positive and negative effects on how we live.

In this issue, we’ve captured some of these key developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Most professionals who follow developments in the innovation space have heard enough about AI and the latest product ChatGPT, the impressive technology that grabbed everyone’s attention. In this issue we introduce you to the humans behind it.

I also share some of the few things that I observed during my Silicon Valley visit earlier this year. We also shine a spotlight on the fintech sector and particularly companies that have developed solutions that are changing the payments landscape. One of the exciting developments in this space is a solution that was developed by Clickatell which enables chat-payments across other payment systems. Our cover feature focuses on a fintech company, Ozow, that has been on the cutting edge of taking payments to another level. We sat down with the co-founders, Thomas Pays, Oriel Pays and Lyle Eckstein and we share their journey in building the payments platform in Africa. We spent some time at their headquarters in Cape Town and experienced what fuels some of the fintech innovation when we pay for goods and conduct business online.

Current technological developments in AI and other fields are such that leaders need to take a step back and ask themselves, how to navigate upcoming changes driven by technology?. We are at a “re-boot moment” that requires everyone to re-assess and re-new. Most technologies that have worked in the past are undergoing massive change. To remain relevant there will be a need to re-align and re-position in such a way that requires mastering new tools. Part of this will be about embracing what you already know, however with a new twist that embraces current technological developments. Once again we are called upon to learn new skills, to adopt new technologies if we are to remain relevant. This moment requires those who lead to take others along with them.

Each sector of society has to consider how artificial intelligence will affect its bottom line and its survival into the future. The decisions that will be taken now matter for the future. Governments will have to play their role in ensuring current innovations do not harm our future. Businesses will have to be careful about how they position themselves for the future to avoid extinction. Professionals can no longer just assume yesteryear skills will matter in the future. Now is the time for professionals to re-learn.

At FastCompany (SA) together with partners in South Africa, we are initiating a process that will assist young people to re-boot and prepare themselves for the future. I’m hoping you will be inspired by what we share in this issue and reboot responsibly.

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