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In response to the lack of funding for some of South Africa’s great innovations, the Most Innovative Companies Conference & Awards ceremony will create a platform for unfunded innovators to pitch their innovations to potential investors. The tech and innovation startup ecosystem is filled with stories of innovators who get funded by local and international investors, yet there many local innovators who never get this lucky, and are left unfunded with their brilliant ideas, unable to bring them to fruition.

Meet Lucky Netshidzati who created a hand glove which translates South African language into text and sign language animation, in order to improve communication between him and his parents.  Netshidzati’s parents were born deaf so he wasn’t able to communicate with them. It prompted him to do something to improve the situation. According to Netshdzati, the glove sensor, when connected to a mobile application on a phone, can enable a deaf person to make audible calls.

The sign language glove is just an example of innovations for which the Most Innovative Conference seeks to create a funding platform.

The Fast Company conference will enable chosen innovations to get an opportunity to be heard by potential funders and interested parties. The Fast Company magazine will also dedicate its print pages and online  reach to introduce innovations that are worthy of investments to potential funders.

The event will take place on the 5th March 2020 in one of South Africa’s innovative cities, Cape Town, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. This important gathering of South African innovators will run into an Innovation Awards evening where the Most Innovative Companies will be celebrated.

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies has been the definitive source for recognising the companies that are transforming industries and shaping society. Over the years, Fast Company has recognized companies with this prestigious honour, from the largest companies in South Africa to small startups with just a few employees.

In 2020, the inaugural Fast Company Most Innovative Companies event will align with the ‘Most Innovative Companies’ Edition of Fast Company magazine. The event will create an incredible platform to discuss innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and disruptive thinking.

The day will start with a conference and expo which will bring some of the greatest minds in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship into one room to share first-hand insight into the world we live in. This will then run into an awards evening where the Most Innovative Companies will be celebrated. Members of the public are encouraged to book online to secure their seat at the table with SA’s leading innovators.

Members of the public can also share stories of Unfunded Innovators via Twitter with this hashtag #UnfundedInnovators.