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Our Most Productive People issue studies the habits of people who are shaping society in a new Covid-19 world.

Fast Company SA is proud to present our 2021 Secrets of the Most Productive Peoples issue. Currently on shelf, this issue has been studying the habits of the people who are shaping our society since its inception.

The way society measures productivity has changed. Working from home has disrupted the ability to measure productivity in the traditional manner of office hours. Through the stories of high performers we have featured in this issue, we take you through a productivity approach that allows you to perform better while working from home in 2021.

This issue is filled with practical guidelines that you can use to better work remotely with your colleagues, and still deliver results.

Our cover feature focuses on someone whose productivity is out there for the world to see. Serena Williams tells us how she manages to juggle her multifaceted responsibilities as not just a tennis player but also as a mother, an investor and wife to a leading tech entrepreneur.

We also take lessons from South African inspirational figures like Siba Mtongana, Nicolette Mashile and Nic Haralambous who, despite the lockdown, were able to pursue their business dreams.

In this issue we also pay attention to someone who has been trending on Twitter due to misinformation. Bill Gates has been dominating conversations about vaccines. To clear the air, we go inside his organisation, which is behind some of the major global vaccination breakthroughs, to get a better sense of the truth behind his work in the healthcare sector.

As 2021 kicks into full swing, we see a glimmer of light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel. At the time of writing, South Africa is kickstarting the vaccination process with a Johnson & Johnson vaccine after handing over the AstraZeneca vaccine to other African countries where the South Africa discovered variant is not yet present.

The speed with which vaccines have been developed is something that we should never take for granted. It is a clear indicator that as a society we should value research and innovation and support those productive members of our society who are at the forefront of innovations that are saving lives today. Instead of spreading false information about vaccines, we should celebrate those who have worked hard to make them available.

South Africa and the African continent had to rely on other parts of the world for a functional vaccine.

This should serve as an important lesson for leaders that more investment in research and innovation is critically needed in order for South Africa to develop a vaccine locally, if ever needed in future.

As long as Covid-19 is with us we should adapt and accept that there’s a new normal. Businesses need to approach everything with a different mindset. Business models and practices need to change if we are to survive and remain productive.

We hope that this issue of Fast Company (SA) will equip you with all the necessary insights to be more productive throughout the year 2021. Grab your copy at your nearest Exclusive Books store.