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DURBAN – The chief engineer of Tesla, Doug Field has left the electric car company to return to Apple according to the Verge.

Field was formerly the VP for Hardware Engineering in 2013 when he left the company to join Tesla as the VP for Vehicle Programs before he was promoted to chief engineer in 2014.
Now, according to reports Field is actually working on a secretive self-driving car program for Apple. The self-driving car program is apparently called Project Titan. 
Field was in charge of vehicle production and engineering for Tesla but CEO Elon Musk had to take over this year after the electric car company did not make their initial first-quarter for the Model 3.
The former Tesla VP was on leave in May but then left the company in June.
Just recently it was reported that Apple was filing a patent for an augmented reality windshield for an autonomous car.
According to Mashable a European patent application for a windshield display that shows maps and road conditions in autonomous cars was discovered.
Apple has been tight lipped about their self-driving cars.
In 2017 while being interviewed by Bloomberg the CEO of Apple Tim Cook spoke about the company’s involvement in autonomous systems and hinted at Apple’s involvement in autonomous cars.
South African born Elon Musk announced his plans to take Tesla private. Musk made the announcement via Twitter on Tuesday.

The announcement resulted in Tesla stock dropping and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) inquiring if Musk’s statements on Twitter were factual.