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Committed to supporting the research and development of innovative, sustainable solutions, G-Star is excited to help promote the PlanetCare Microfibre filter. Microfibre pollution is a macro problem that affects our everyday lives, infiltrating our oceans and drinking water, killing off marine life, and causing multiple health risks and illnesses of people across the globe. This revolutionary filter was created by PlanetCare, a leading developer of microfibre filtering solutions, to combat the problem of microfibre pollution.

The main source of microfibres are the clothes we wear every day. Clothing containing synthetic materials shed microfibres each time they are washed. A typical 6kg wash load of polyester fabrics is estimated to release up to 9,000,000 microfibres with every wash cycle (#NoFilter). The PlanetCare Microfibre filter, available as an add-on compatible with every type of washing machine found in households, collects up to 90% of microfibres shed by clothing (#YesFilter). According to the Plastic Soup Foundation, a leading advocacy group tackling plastic pollution, the PlanetCare Microfibre filter is the best available microfibre filter in the industry.

Having worked with the Plastic Soup Foundation to fight the synthetic microfibre problem since 2016, G-Star is proud to be the first clothing brand to support the PlanetCare initiative. PlanetCare’s mission as well as their circular approach to collecting used filters, recycling them and providing households with new ones aligns with G-Star’s holistic approach to sustainability and using innovation to solve environmental issues.

The PlanetCare Microfibre filter is available as a subscription via their website.