BY Fast Company < 1 MINUTE READ

Amid all the negative and depressing developments around the world, there are still reasons to be hopeful. In this second edition of Fast Company (SA) digital magazine we would like to refocus the attention of our readers on a better future, which is currently being shaped by women in our society.

As industries experience health and economic disruptions, we pay attention to industries that are emerging out of the crisis. We are witnessing innovation in action as the Next Economy is taking shape. I’m hopeful about the future because I’ve spoken to women who see beyond our current circumstances. I’ve also observed Women Innovations that are currently under development. They are preparing us for the new normal and reshaping our world and systems to enable our society to adapt.

I must, however, admit that there are not enough women in the tech and innovation ecosystem to drive this change. As we were planning this publication, we asked ourselves, where are successful women tech founders?

Towards the end of August 2020 we will host a discussion to explore this topic further. A recorded version of this discussion will be featured on this digital magazine. In this edition of Fast Company (SA) magazine we would like to begin a process of documenting challenges and solutions to enabling successful women tech founders. At the same time we would like to document innovations by women in our society. We are inspired by Margot Lee Shetterly, the author of a book titled Hidden Figures, which highlights the role of black women who made Nasa’s space missions possible. To address the shortage of successful women tech founders in South Africa, the local tech ecosystem will have to address structural issues that are contributing factors to this situation.