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In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies need more than just essential services to thrive; they require comprehensive solutions that drive success from multiple angles. The Records Company answered this call by evolving from a simple document retrieval firm into a multifaceted powerhouse offering business consultancy, legal services, and more.

With headquarters in Ohio and expansions to Miami, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia, The Records Company, under the leadership of CEO Grady Marin, has set a new benchmark for efficiency, transparency, and personalized service, delivering over 1,000,000 documents since 2013.

Leader in Record Retrieval

The Records Company started by providing quick and accurate document retrieval services. It combines technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and cloud computing, with customer-centricity to develop a platform that expedites document retrieval in law firms, insurance companies, and healthcare providers.

With three easy steps, clients can submit requests, track progress, and receive documents electronically, ensuring a seamless and efficient retrieval experience. The Records Company also offers the option to digitize physical records and store them in secure, cloud-based repositories—to enhance accessibility and reduce the risk of data loss.

We aim to make the retrieval process as seamless and transparent as possible for our clients,” says Marin. “We’re not just retrieving records; we’re providing peace of mind.”

What truly sets The Records Company apart is its dedication to personalized service. Unlike competitors who rely heavily on automation and outsourcing, The Records Company maintains a team of professionals within the US, ensuring each client receives dedicated, human-centric support.

With an option to store records on secure servers for up to five years, we grant clients easy access to their documents whenever needed,“ Marin explains. This strategy saves physical storage space, reduces manual labor, and facilitates fast dissemination within teams.

Comprehensive Business Consultancy

Beyond record retrieval, The Records Company also offers top-tier consulting services. Marin, an alumnus of Said Business School at the University of Oxford and Harvard Business School’s Owners President’s Management (OPM) Program, has assembled a team with backgrounds in business, law, healthcare, and technology to lead the company in providing comprehensive solutions beyond mere document handling.

It’s not merely about finding, handling, and sending documents to our clients. For us, it’s about strategic document retrieval and management,” Marin elaborates.

The Records Company’s consulting services are designed to provide businesses with the tools and insights needed to maximize profit, scale operations effectively, and manage turnover. With practical guidance, strategic tips, and refresher courses, they help clients handle and achieve successful business management.

Though it operates with modern technologies, the company still strongly advocates hands-on experience managing law firms and running businesses. Its team is comprised entirely of real people—not bots or computers—which gives them a distinct perspective on clients’ challenges.

Legal Services and More

In addition to record retrieval and business consultancy, The Records Company offers a suite of legal services, including comprehensive support for legal professionals. This ensures they have timely access to the documents and information they need to serve their clients effectively.

Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for our clients,” Marin states. “Our philosophy is simple yet powerful: exhaust every possible avenue before saying no.”

This dedication to fulfilling client requests, even if it means physically retrieving records, sets The Records Company apart from its competitors. The company’s willingness to go above and beyond, combined with its real-time tracking platform, ensures transparency and control for clients.

Ready for the Future

Under Marin’s leadership, The Records Company has successfully delivered over 100,000 documents, which was made possible by its combination of advanced technology with personalized service.

We’re not just a service provider. Whether it’s document retrieval, corporate management, or business operations, we’re a partner in our clients’; success, dedicated to helping them achieve their full potential,” Marin reflects.

However, Marin also anticipates a future where technology integration, data analytics, and personalized client interactions will become even more critical. Despite these changes, Marin believes The Records Company is prepared, maximizing its expertise and proven strategies to develop solutions that align with today’s market.