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After the unexpected, world-altering ordeal that was 2020, experts expect seismic shifts across many of our lifestyle choices this year. There’s no space for suspect ingredients or products that don’t make you feel healthy.

This year, we’re looking for products that uplift and empower us.

After the unexpected, world-altering ordeal that was 2020, experts expect seismic shifts across many of our lifestyle choices this year. There’s no space for suspect ingredients or products that don’t make you feel healthy. Consumers are set to turn their attention to the ways they can become stronger, live healthier and take care of themselves for the greater good. In a bid to enable such positive changes, we’ve put together a guide to the best natural and sustainable products set to shake things up in the coming year.


If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that health is king – and it all starts with your choices. 2021 is about not settling – not for junk food filled with chemicals, nor for alcohol that hasn’t been carefully crafted. People are, more than ever before, deciding to raise the bar and give their bodies what they need and deserve. We’re looking at possibly the strongest health-consciousness shift on record. Whether it’s choosing local food that is seasonally prepared – making every bite that much more worthy and satisfying – or following up with supplements that make the body and mind strong.


We’re leaving behind “ultimate” diets, unneeded ingredients and straight-up false promises. In 2021, sentiment is moving to food that has a story – one with meaning, that serves a purpose in our increasingly over-cultivated world, and most importantly: food that nourishes us both mentally and physically.

Gone are the days of extreme diets, unnecessary ingredients and false promises. As we move forward into the new year, we’ll see more people looking to eat food that has a purpose, story and serves society and your health. From a dietitian’s point of view, these changes appear to be a step in the right direction by focusing on things that truly matter.


The pandemic has been a reminder that good health is not guaranteed. According to market research, over 50% of consumers reported taking more supplements to support their immune health in 2020. From health-boosting adaptogens to holistic supplements, functional foods give the human body an edge to operate optimally. This growing interest in immune health and foods that actually serve the body, beyond just basic nutrition will continue to be a top focus of the health and wellness industry in 2021.


Everything you put into your body has a purpose, not just for you to survive – but for you to thrive. Some foods, however, take it even further. When you choose them, they help not only you, but the world around us. This is why more and more consumers are looking to support local companies with a backstory and purpose rather than large corporations. Companies should focus on the meaning behind their products if they want to distinguish themselves from the crowd. For many, nice packaging alone no longer makes a product appealing, but rather the impact of purchasing it.


The definition of beauty is changing – it’s moving from face value appearances to empowering your health. It means learning what your body likes, how it reacts, and creating a connection between you and your skin by knowing the best in clean beauty. The notion of beauty for the sake of beauty changes to beauty for the sake of you. At a time when the trappings of beauty seemed worthless – given we’re at home more – the opposite happened: our interest in the core principles of skin care, haircare, and makeup exploded.


Healthy living includes everything that touches our largest organ – our skin. Like a sponge, we absorb it all, this fact is becoming more obvious, and more important, to the individual than ever before. It deserves a considered beauty routine, and many of us are now in a position to give it the focus it requires. This year, we can take the time to relish in our bodies, play with our DIY masks and tonics, and come out with a better understanding of what works for each of our own specific skin and body types.


With a wealth of information at our fingertips, people are now empowering themselves to do the research when it comes to the beauty they consume. Institutions will take centre stage that understand the consequences of their ingredient choices, go beyond what the end user considers their environmental impact, are certified cruelty-free, and do away with harmful ingredients (like palm oil). This stance will elevate companies above those who greenwash, make false claims and brands looking to make a quick buck. Consumers are realising that how you spend your money matters. With every cent, a choice.


The pandemic has turned a great many of us into homebodies and we’ve come to learn our spaces are our sanctuaries. The more time we spend there, the more we realise there’s a spiritual and emotional element to it all. 2021 predicts more people cleansing their homes, adding non-toxic touches, and prioritising function over form. That may mean taking the leap from couch desk to proper desk, buying more plants to add a little nature to your space, or trying out any other number of strategies to bolster the comfort, functionality and boundaries of our living spaces.