BY Fast Company SA 2 MINUTE READ

When prospects for company growth call for fast turnarounds, smart solutions or just more hands on deck, finding the right people to assemble temporary workforces is often a must for any business owner. South Africa’s latest online career networking platform, BoostMe360 gives employers full ownership of their HR needs when it comes to filling entry-level, contractual positions fast without needing to make it official until proven otherwise by their new, hit-the-ground-running employees.

Giving employers an unmediated job-matching process they can instantly tap into, BoostMe360, is launching business owners into a new online HR era where automation conveniently combines with on-demand work opportunities and agile recruitment.

For business owners, especially those seeking to scale their SMEs and small businesses, it can be challenging to hire permanent staff upfront when prospects for growth are not certain. Where a human resource department can be an unfamiliar concept among smaller enterprises, business owners are often forced to manually scout for candidates before they can build a fluid workforce for temporary or project-based jobs.

BoostMe360 is a new, easily accessible, online career networking platform that serves as a recruitment tool for employers to find motivated and trustworthy people for entry level or short-term contract positions. Bridging the gap between employers and ‘go-getter’ job seekers, BoostMe360 is designed to cut out the time-consuming admin that has become synonymous with the search for ‘the right person for the job’.

“Even when employers expect online search engines to simplify the candidate search, they are often served with impersonal, incomplete CVs and popup ads that slow down the process,” says Carolynne Lengfeld, BoostMe360s project director. “In the clutter of it all, finding candidates from a younger workforce and who are looking for on-demand work opportunities, is often a ‘no-go’ for employers. BoostMe360 visibly links employers’ needs with the ideal skillsets through a customised online filtering process that instantly matches candidates’ profiles with the job criteria.”

Employers can conveniently load a job posting and reach out to prospective applicants without needing to commit to job listing fees. Employers can now test the platform, load job listings and recruit from BoostMe360s database of enthusiastic, talented staff for free before the end of March 2019.

Backing first time jobseekers who haven’t been trained to create a professional, eye-catching CV or present their skills in the best way possible, BoostMe360s e-learning modules ideally gear up employees to successfully, confidently pitch their profiles, build a relationship with employers, and secure trust and commitment on both ends. “The platform drives everyone’s efforts to find a solution that works for those involved in the process,” says former job applicant, Mamela Ntshweni.

Other BoostMe360 job seeker features include an editable calendar to plan available work days and hours, manage interview and job notifications and access to job ratings and feedback.