BY Staff Reporter 2 MINUTE READ

Airbnb has launched a feature that will allow Airbnb guests to create and upload video’s that show the highlights from their trip.

This new feature is called Travel Stories. 

Airbnb is also giving their users tips on how to make effective video stories. The tips which can be found in the FAQ section include how to hold your phone steady and focusing on capturing the destination and what makes it interesting to you.
Another tip is aiming to get 10 videos in your travel story that are a minimum of 10 seconds long. After the user has captured all their videos for their story he or she can put them all together using the Travel Stories tool within the Airbnb app. 
To create a travel story, the user must tap on “Add video” to get access to their camera roll and then they can choose which videos they want to include in their story. Once that is done, the user can then tag locations, add captions on what they found interesting in the video and give location tips to future travellers. 
The last step is to preview your story and then give it a descriptive title that includes the name of the destination you visited and the type of trip it was (family, work, etc.) The stories are published within the Airbnb app, which makes it a bit difficult to share the video outside of the network for future travellers compared to Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor. 
The new travel stories feature fits within Airbnb’s outlook of trying to become a forum that is more socially driven. Travel stories is only available on iOS with the newest version of the app. It is unknown as to when it will be available on Android.
Stories on apps
Just recently Netflix introduced their own version of stories. However, their stories were actually mobile previews that would show the user trailers of TV shows or movies that were available on Netflix.