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Uganda Embarks on a Digital Trade Revolution with TA-CargoX Consortium

In an era where the significance of digital transformation in international trade cannot be understated, Uganda is taking bold strides towards securing its position as a global trade leader. With the recent partnership between Uganda’s […]

Elon Musk 1st year as Twitter/X Boss according to former employee

This week marks one year since Elon Musk strutted into Twitter’s San Francisco offices carrying an actual kitchen sink, grinning from ear to ear as he reluctantly closed his $44 billion purchase of the social […]

The future of the workplace is leadersless, says a Software Engineer

In the future, technology may allow companies to operate without leaders. That’s because Web 3.0 and the widesprefad adoption of blockchain have created the potential for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to exist. I’m a software […]

EDITORIAL: Inside the latest issue of FastCompany (SA)

We are living in one of the most important moments in the history of technology. We are witnessing significant changes with major implications for how we live. Some of these changes may have both positive […]

How Digital Agency E-PR Online Helps Businesses Tap into Growing African Markets

Africa is a continent with a diverse economic landscape and vast business opportunities. In fact, the region is now seen to have the potential to become a key participant in global supply chains. Many African […]

Netflix Password Crackdown: How a password debacle impacted the streaming service

Netflix hoped that cracking down on password sharing would convert sharers into subscribers, but it may have been equally successful at converting people into haters. According to a new report from research firm MoffettNathanson, the […]

Verdi Global CEO Pavel Rudanovskiy is Bringing $5B in Investments into the UAE Market

Pavel Rudanovskiy, the CEO of Verdi Global Consulting Group is in the process of bringing billions of dollars of investment into United Arab Emirates. With a knack for attracting capital and an unrivaled ability to […]

Business interview with hedge fund manager Sean Chin MQ

Sean Chin MQ is an entrepreneur, a hedge fund manager and founder of Olritz Financial Group which manages nearly $150M in AUM. Sean Chin MQ who worked in different mainstream sectors worldwide and has consulted […]

How XIX International can improve trade relations between the world and Africa

XIX International is a trade management consulting firm that specializes on micro-process management of international trade deals. XIX International partners, Swapnadip Roy and Paulius Stankevicius, have been working in international trade sector for nearly a […]

SBF Trial: Inside the legal battle of a man behind the biggest scandal in Crypto

Inside the Metropolitan Detention Center, the Brooklyn jail where he is being held, Sam Bankman-Fried, once the head of a multibillion-dollar crypto empire, sounds as if he’s being treated like most inmates there—which is to […]

Amazon is being sued for bad behaviour

BY ASSOCIATED PRESS Amazon is being sued by U.S. regulators and 17 states over allegations that the company abuses its position in the marketplace to inflate prices on other platforms, overcharge sellers, and stifle competition. […]

Rupert Murdoch hands over media empire leadership to his son

Rupert Murdoch, the 92-year-old media magnate who created Fox News, is stepping down as leader of both Fox’s parent company and his News Corp. media holdings. Fox said in an announcement on Thursday that Murdoch […]

Are Private Markets About to Become Public? Financial Expert Joe Endoso Thinks So

Investing in promising startup companies can be one of the most rewarding experiences for any investor, both financially and idealistically. Not only have private markets proven to outperform public markets but they also offer investors […]

CEO of RNR Healthcare, Vicky Ramancha aims to solve pharma production problems with artificial intelligence

Entrepreneur, ex-family office fund manager, Vicky Ramancha who is now a CEO and owner of RNR Healthcare is working on solving the world’s biggest pharmaceutical product production problem when it comes to shortages. Health has […]

CEO Profile: 5 Things you need to know about the Instacart leader Fidji Simo

Instacart starts trading today on Nasdaq. With its highly anticipated initial public offering, the grocery delivery company seeks to raise as much as $660 million at a valuation north of $9 billion. How the San […]

9 highlights about Elon Musk from Walter Isaacson’s biography

It’s been one of the longest-trailed and most highly anticipated nonfiction books of the year. For weeks, excerpts from Walter Isaacson’s 600-page biography of Elon Musk (titled, appropriately, Elon Musk) have been released to the […]

The End of free Social Media is coming

“It’s free and always will be” is no longer a Facebook slogan as you register or sign up for the social media platform. Now the slogan on the homepage is – “Facebook helps you connect […]

X is getting better and working on becoming a Super App

When Elon Musk acquired Twitter, many were against the move. This got worse with the rebranding exercise from Twitter to X. I was one of the few who considered the Twitter acquisition aswell as the […]

Inside the Tesla Cybertruck Production factory floor

It’s official. The Cybertrucks coming out of Tesla’s Texas factory are bad. Bad, bad, bad with a capital Musk, as shown by the judgment of the X-kingpin himself. After taking a production candidate of this […]

Fast Company Conversations

FastCompany (SA) Editor-In-Chief spoke with the co-founders, Omar and Tara Bawa of GoodWall, a skills platform. In this episode of Fast Conversations the two co-founders share the inspiration behind the formation of a platform that […]

Major Growth for WhereverWork Signals a New Era in the Remote Work Industry

“If you’re doing business, change is inevitable and constant” began Samuel Perez, spokesperson for WhereverWork, encapsulating the current atmosphere in the global workspace. Remote work, which once existed on the periphery of standard practices, has […]

The Google search challenge is here

Since 1890, there have been a few antitrust trials that shaped the biggest corporations in America. Standard Oil. American Tobacco. U.S. Steel. Alcoa. AT&T. IBM. Microsoft. These cases are almost always against high-tech firms that […]

The Future of WeWork is uncertain

WeWork is warning investors there are “substantial doubts” it will be able to stay in business. The company, in its second-quarter earnings, released late Tuesday, cited continued member churn and diminishing liquidity as reasons for […]

It’s time to move township based businesses to the digital space

Township based businesses suffered the most during the pandemic. Technology enabled established and city centre based businesses to still trade. The pandemic changed the adoption of e-commerce in South Africa. As a result a number […]

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