11.06.2024 | 12:43 PM

You Need more than Coding to make it in Tech

11.06.2024 | 06:11 AM

Apple has finally entered the AI Race

10.06.2024 | 08:57 AM

Nam Kim’s Patented AI Breakthrough Brings Machines Closer to Human Consciousness

10.06.2024 | 06:18 AM

What we want to hear from Apple at WWDC 24

06.06.2024 | 11:41 AM

Artists are dumping Instagram for this App

04.06.2024 | 01:16 PM

Anatomy of an AI Mobile

03.06.2024 | 02:54 PM

AI revolution is getting ready to shake the Media and Publishing industry

31.05.2024 | 10:48 AM

The Legal Battle behind Elon Musk 56 Billion pay package

31.05.2024 | 09:47 AM

How Spynn Publicity Builds Client Trust and Credibility with Major Media Features

30.05.2024 | 08:09 AM

Fisher Capital: A Trusted Source for Gold and Precious Metals Investing

28.05.2024 | 06:32 AM

Countries and Governments need an Operating System to deliver

22.05.2024 | 09:20 AM

The European AI law is coming, it will set a global standard

21.05.2024 | 09:38 AM

Meet the new Microsoft AI powered PCs and features introduced at Build Developer conference

20.05.2024 | 12:51 PM

We Need National Health Digital Systems to make NHI a reality

19.05.2024 | 06:32 AM

Generative AI Phones, here’s how you will recognise them

17.05.2024 | 06:25 AM

Samsung responded to Apple Crush Ad with a brilliant Uncrush Ad

16.05.2024 | 10:22 AM

Exec Resignations are back at OpenAI

15.05.2024 | 01:31 PM

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky on the Next Big Thing for the company

14.05.2024 | 03:49 AM

The new ChatGPT is trying to be a human

13.05.2024 | 11:52 AM

The Evolution of Search, thanks to AI

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Ben Lee Is Bringing Storytelling to a Global Consulting Giant

What do a timeless children’s bedtime ritual and Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference have in common? One word: stories. Stories are the centre of the human experience. It’s how we make sense of the world, of […]

Meet the Web3 Trailblazers from the Indonesian Archipelago

Get ready to meet a unique breed of trailblazers of the tech world in Southeast Asia. WIR Group Indonesia is taking the lead in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. […]

Apple Trillion: The Apple Developer machinery has delivered

Back in 2007 when Apple introduced the iPhone, there was no App Store to go along with it. Steve Jobs wanted developers to code third-party web apps instead. Yeah, even geniuses have bad ideas sometimes. […]

The Big Ethical AI Debate

The rush to deploy powerful new generative AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, has raised alarms about potential harm and misuse. The law’s glacial response to such threats has prompted demands that the companies developing these […]

The EU Regulator shows Meta (Facebook) some teeth

The European Union, a market of 400 million consumers spread across 26 different countries, has become the world’s most dogged tech watchdog, as evidenced by a recent fine levied against Meta. On Monday, the Irish […]

Inside the Google performance towards claiming AI race victory

Over the past few days, I spent some time in the belly of global tech in Silicon Valley. I was there to attend the historical Google event, Google IO 2023. The tech giant has not […]

Inside the Joni Ive Secretive Studio

Jony Ive is a man who chooses his words carefully. Upon leaving Apple in 2019 to found his firm LoveFrom alongside Marc Newson, Ive’s first hire was a writer who could help articulate ideas before […]

Can ChatGPT answer in isiZulu yet?

There’s no shortage of questions to ChatGPT about all sorts of things in the world. ,In return there’s an abundance of answers in English. The question is, can ChatGPT speak in isiZulu or other African […]

Google lifts the lid on Ads in pursuit of transparency

As state and federal regulators turn up the heat on Google’s massive advertising business, the search giant is moving toward greater transparency about who runs ads on its various platforms. In a blog post on […]

Meet Goodwall: The skills social network to learn and earn by the Bawa Brothers

A hubbub of high-pitched voices and exultations was the backdrop sound to Lindelani Madonsela’s graduation ceremony at the University of Pretoria. But while these happy voices washed over the crowded event, Madonsela was imagining a […]

The Future of Banking is Non-Stop according to Huawei

A leading South African bank recently suffered almost a week long outage. According to people who are close to the financial institution, the outage was caused partly by technology infrastructure. Although outages are common amongst […]

TikTok CEO vs US Congress: Inside the fight against TikTok

Give Shou Zi Chew credit for one thing. During his testimony before House lawmakers Thursday, the TikTok CEO managed to do something no politician or pundit has been able to achieve in decades: Bridge the […]

How Enoxu Has Become a Key Player in the Modern Sugar Industry

A Brazilian sugar supplier, Enoxu, has emerged as a key player in the modern sugar industry. Their focus on delivering superior-quality sugar at competitive prices has enabled them to earn a strong reputation in the […]

Naspers Foundry is Dead, Here’s the next (ideal) fund

More than 100 years ago, a group of Afrikaner men met in Stellenbosch to form a publishing entity that would support their cause. After many years of operating as a publishing company it transitioned into […]

The new version of ChatGPT is here with ability to ‘see’

After months of refinement and safety testing, OpenAI has deemed GPT-4, its largest and most comprehensive AI model to date, ready for primetime. The San Francisco-based startup unveiled GPT-4 on its research blog on Tuesday. […]

Meet Alexandria Procter: The 29 year old Property Tech Founder Breaking Newground

The early ’90s brought democratic change to South Africa, filling the country with hope and the prospect of new possibilities. Some of this spirit has clearly imbued Alexandria Procter – born at that time intoan […]

Rachel Oshodi: The African Queen behind Ruwah (African Fintech platform for youth)

Rachel Moré Oshodi, the founder of RUWAH, has dedicated her career to advancing economic growth and development in Africa. Her interest in finance and economic development was sparked during her childhood spent in between Cameroon […]

NASA is taking the internet to the moon

Humanity is going back to the moon—and this time we’re bringing the internet. Last year, NASA launched Artemis 1, the first in a series of missions that aim to return American astronauts on the lunar […]

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