There’s more in AI than just ChatGPT

Thanks to the hype around ChatGPT, we’ve entered a weird new world in which generative AI tools are suddenly everywhere. But this AI tool boom has just as quickly become a glut, with countless copycat […]

Mentorship: A lifeline for SA’s struggling small businesses

Five lessons from a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor Over the course of his 14-year long entrepreneurial career, Clarke has learnt a number of lessons which he shares with the emerging entrepreneurs he mentors, and reveals […]

The best new business books business leaders read in 2022

In 2022, as they faced a tight labor market and a looming economic downturn, business leaders had a lot on their minds. With the year coming to a close, Fast Company asked executives which new […]

SA Ed Tech startup, gets funding boost from leading VCs

EdTech company d6 Group, announced that the cloud-based management platform for schools has received a capital injection from Knife Capital, Hlayisani Capital and NuState Ventures. d6 is currently the most widely used cloud-based school communication […]

Here’s Why you are not deleting Facebook

Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen spoke to a Senate subcommittee this week, alleging that her ex-employer has amplified extremism and contributed to self-loathing among users, especially teen girls. Undoubtedly, some people will see this latest […]

How South Africa is Fighting Online Misinformation

When social media and some online tools were introduced to society they were hailed as tools that would connect people, enable freedom of speech and facilitate better access to information. Although some of the good […]

Tech enabled learning is transforming education

Last year, the enabling powers of technology provided a glimpse into our societal evolution and showed the possibilities as to what the future of work, education and society at large could be. With all the […]

EduTech is on the rise in SA

Dell Technologies recently announced the findings of a local study by IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the ICT sector. The study titled “Post-Pandemic IT Infrastructure in South […]

Martech event is coming to South Africa

“Software is eating the world” as Marc Andreessen once said. This time around it’s eating the marketing world. In response to this development Vibe Martech Fest, the oldest and biggest marketing and technology event in […]

Valenture Institute partners with UCT for High School Edu

The University of Cape Town has partnered with Valenture Institute, an edutech startup to start an online high school. As a number of top Universities, such as Stanford’s Online High School, have now proven, the […]

AYO Scaling Africa Series announces 5 qualifying startups

After months of searching, screening, and careful selection, the final five qualifying businesses for the next round of the AYO Scaling Africa Series have been selected. In partnership with the SA Innovation Summit, the series […]

Great Resignation: People are resigning enmasse

Whether you call it the Great Resignation, the big quit, or the turnover tsunami, a lot of people are leaving (or at least thinking about leaving) their jobs. While every sector is being hit, some […]

Not sure what do with Lego? there’s an App for that

The Brickit app, free on iOS, is a promising way to look at your bricks anew. While it was designed by a team of fans rather than The Lego Group, it can do something that […]

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