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Meet the Tech Billionaire behind the Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen

“We will continue to create a safe environment for and support all those who are focused on tackling these digital threats to democracy and making social media and Big Tech platforms more transparent and accountable. […]

This tech is designed to enable Petrol Attendants to get tips at Engen

Ukheshe technologies, Telkom and Engen have collaborated to create the QR solution which allows motorists to tip attendants and cashiers for efficient service by simply scanning a QR code using their Engen 1app or any […]

Meet the former Google employee who’s exposing the links Big Tech and Military

Jack Poulson has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of how tech companies are evolving into military contractors. Tracking such intricate connections has become a full-time—though unpaid—job for the former Google research scientist as head of Tech […]

Bill Gates gave away 4 million copies of this book, here’s why

On June 5, 2018, Bill Gates announced that he’d give away Hans Rosling’s book Factfulness as a gift to every person graduating college in 2018—making it available to 4 million associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s […]

This 3D microneedle patch could replace the vaccine needle

The technology for vaccinating people against diseases is almost the same as it was 50 years ago – a freeze-dried powder vaccine that requires continuous refrigerated storage, liquid reconstitution prior to use, and a needle-and-syringe […]

Meet the new Principal of the UCT Online High School

Bolstering the launch announcement, the University of Cape Town is proud to confirm the placement of its UCT Online High School Director and Principal, Ms Yandiswa Xhakaza, who is an avid educationalist In July this […]

Innovation Summit gets ready to welcome local tech community

This year’s Summit is taking place in Cape Town at the Mount Nelson Hotel from 21 – 23 September 2021 South Africa has a thriving tech ecosystem that attracts investors from all over the globe […]

Here’s what the SA Startup community wants – Proposed SA Startup Act

A call by startups to the President to unleash the growth and innovation inherent in the country’s entrepreneurs and youth. Today the startup ecosystem stakeholders are unveiling the latest findings and plans towards the development […]

SpaceX’s big launch will send normal people to space

Tonight, the next batch of space tourists are set to lift off aboard a SpaceX rocket. Tonight, the next batch of space tourists are set to lift off aboard a SpaceX rocket. Organized and funded […]

How South Africa is Fighting Online Misinformation

When social media and some online tools were introduced to society they were hailed as tools that would connect people, enable freedom of speech and facilitate better access to information. Although some of the good […]

Meet the woman behind SAFM news

You may recognize her dulcet tones as a news anchor on SAFM, and her face from SABC, but award-winning radio and television news anchor and journalist Nomsa Mdhluli is a successful business-woman and entrepreneur in […]

Taliban headache for Facebook and US Tech

The Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan poses a new challenge for big US tech companies on handling content created by a group considered “terrorists” by some world governments. Less than 48 hours after the Taliban […]

To Do List for SA Tech Minister

  The Communications and Digital Technologies ministry is one of those that has been less fortunate in getting a Minister with the necessary industry experience. Now for the first time, someone who has a professional […]

This is how a year of social distancing has affected our brains, according to science

15 months away from each other has taken a toll on people’s mental health With COVID-19 vaccines working and restrictions lifting across the country, it’s finally time for those now vaccinated who’ve been hunkered down […]

This new mask prototype can detect Covid-19 infections

Engineers from Harvard and MIT University have developed a face mask that can detect Covid-19 infections and diagnose the wearer within approximately 90 minutes. The masks are embedded with tiny, disposable sensors that can be […]

These genetically modified trees are designed to capture more carbon

Capitalising on trees’ ability to function as natural carbon capture machines, Reddit’s former CEO is now running a company that restores forests on degraded land. Part of the climate challenge isn’t just the transition to […]

These scientists are turning plastic waste into vanilla extract

It’s not just fun and games: Vanillin (vanilla extract) is used in everything from food to pharmaceuticals to cosmetics. Right now, that plastic water bottle you toss after one use could have a second life […]

This city just appointed a Chief Heat Officer to combat global warming

In an effort to raise awareness and put into place concrete actions on local levels to combat heat’s effect on human health and economies, cities around the world are appointing chief heat officers, who’ll also […]

This bidder just paid millions to fly to space with Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space flight takes place next month, and this lucky bidder has secured a seat. A mystery bidder paid $28 million at auction Saturday for a seat alongside Jeff Bezos on board […]

This hand-held iron eliminates the need for an ironing board

It’s not a mistake that the Nori Press looks like an oversize, high-end hair straightener. The creators were inspired by savvy travelers who would run a hair iron across collars and seams in a pinch. […]

All new heath features coming to iOS15

Apple increasingly wants to serve as an interface between patients and their doctors. Here’s how they’re doing it. This week Apple revealed a mix of health features that at first glance seem a bit all […]

Jeff Bezos to fly to space

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced Monday he will fly into space next month on the first human flight launched by his Blue Origin rocket firm. “Ever since I was five years old, I’ve dreamed of […]

Now you can earn screen movies and earn money like an Airbnb host, thanks to this company

Kinema’s plan was to apply the Airbnb model to the movie industry and turn individuals into movie screening “hosts” who would be given the tools to organise film screenings in places like churches and community […]

Would fast fashion survive if the world stopped shopping?

Fast fashion is destructive and exploitative—and yet millions of people rely on it for work. In a new book, J.B. MacKinnon explores these complexities. The 21st century has brought a critical dilemma into sharp relief: […]

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