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Huawei calls for solar industry to work together on high-quality PV benchmarks

Huawei has called on players across the solar industry to come together to develop high-quality solar PV benchmarks. The call, which was issued by Mr. Xia Hesheng, President of Huawei Sub-Saharan Africa’s Digital Power Business […]

Huawei pledges to work with partners in the renewable energy era

Huawei Digital Power has held its FusionSolar 2023 Channel Partner Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, during which the tech giant released its latest sustainable energy solutions for residential and industrial applications. Xia Hesheng, President of […]

Going Paperless – CargoX to Plant 10,000 Trees as Electronic Trade Documentation Takes Root

Every year, thousands of trees are used for one specific purpose: to create bills of lading. These critical ocean freight documents historically have only been accepted as paper documents, with digital transformation lagging in the […]

The History of Water As A Weapon

Experts and leaders will soon come together in the thousands at the first UN conference dedicated to water in nearly half a century. At the conference, which begins March 22 in New York, delegates will […]

Naspers Foundry is Dead, Here’s the next (ideal) fund

More than 100 years ago, a group of Afrikaner men met in Stellenbosch to form a publishing entity that would support their cause. After many years of operating as a publishing company it transitioned into […]

Mira Murati: The woman behind ChatGPT on how AI is remaking society

Generative AI leapt from research labs to users’ hands over the past several months, spurred by the November launch of ChatGPT from San Francisco-based OpenAI, which is also behind the breakout image-generating tool Dall-E and […]

Major 2022 health breakthroughs to watch in 2023

A one-time infusion to cure a rare genetic blood disorder. A whole human genome sequenced in just five hours. A child’s incurable cancer sent into remission via gene editing. Just a few years ago, these […]

Lessons from the UCT Online High School 1st Year

The UCT Online High school has just completed its first year of operations marking an important milestone in the history of online education in South Africa. When the school was launched UCT Vice Chancellor,Prof. Mamokgethi […]

Tech is not the only Answer to Connect the Unconnected

Leaders in the telecommunications sector gathered in Cape Town last week for the AfricaCom event to talk about all things connectivity. The gathering is considered the largest digital infrastructure event in Africa focusing on connecting […]

This restaurant builds its entire menu around food from trash

Every week for the past six weeks, the menu has changed at a San Francisco restaurant and wine bar called Shuggie’s Trash Pie. That’s because the ingredients depend in part on what farmers plan to […]

This Ad campaign wants you to stop buying new Levi’s jeans

A new video that is part of Levi’s multiyear “Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign, features a man buying a pair of 501 jeans in the 1970s and wearing them to the disco. The jeans are […]

How Smartphone companies can build long-lasting devices?

Most people have more than one smartphone due to new smartphones being introduced to the market yearly or even twice a year. To address this challenge some smartphone manufacturers designed deals that allow consumers to […]

Patagonia re-invention is changing everything

Since Patagonia’s founding in 1973, Yvon Chouinard and his family have been its owners. Now, almost 50 years later, the company is announcing that the Chouinards are transferring all ownership to two newly created entities […]

Inside the plan to build the first SmartTownship

In Stellenbosch there’s a township, Kayamandi, as you enter the famous town from the N1. You will never see pictures of this township when you look at beautiful pictures of the town that show beautiful […]

How to build an Online education environment for all SA learners?

COVID-19 lockdowns have taught us that South Africa is not ready for online schools. The poor adoption of online school at Curro, a private school in SA, and the struggle by the unconnected shows that […]

How to choose an impactful career in tech?

The coming decades will be marked by extraordinary new technological innovations. They could provide us with enormous benefits—or bring us to the brink of disaster. What happens next hinges on whether we can figure out […]

Hearing Aids are next in the Tech hit list

By mid-October, the hearing aid industry will be fully in the throes of a revolution—one that’s been a long time coming. And it could open up a new, lucrative area for tech companies and be […]

Formula E: The Formula 1 innovation lab behind Electric Vehicles

Every week, Phil Charles watches two movies at the same time, trying to follow and understand both simultaneously. It’s his homework. The technical manager for the Jaguar racing team, Charles works in the control room […]

Coffeenomics: Truth coffee company will not charge for alternative milk

Non-dairy milk has skyrocketed in popularity due to consumer demand over the past few years. According to data from SPINS, plant-based milk currently represents 40% of all milk sold, up from 34% in 2018. In […]

Dr Amazon will see you soon

Health is the next area of focus for Amazon. This was confirmed by the newly appointed CEO, Andy Jassy, when he announced that Amazon will be spending $3,9 billion to acquire One Medical, a chain […]

Invitation to join the African Health Tech Revolution

The pandemic has shown us that there’s a major gap in the African health tech sector. We’ve seen some innovations that were designed to address challenges however these were not enough. Now there’s a huge […]

This App is trying to become a guide for people who are blind

Investment banker Tom Pey lost his eyesight at age 39, when an injury from a childhood game reemerged 30 years later to cause blindness. After struggling to manage with his sudden new reality, he moved […]

Starbucks is planning to be the future charging station for electric vehicles

By 2030, there could be 26 million electric cars in the U.S., which means we’ll need more than 10 times as many EV chargers. Starbucks, with its 15,000 locations across the country, thinks that it […]

How Artificial Intelligence can transform the field of Dentistry

Think back to the last time you were in the dentist’s chair and were told you have a cavity. The scenario probably went something like this: The dentist pulled up your X-ray, pointed to a […]

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