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10 of the best technology books for winter 2022

Welcome to the long and cold winter of 2022. Hopefully workloads will lighten a bit, COVID-19 caseloads will begin to fall, and you’ll get a bit of couch timeto catch up on your reading. If […]

How Apple Design team crumbled after Steve

In 2016, Jony Ive was contending with growing unrest within his design team at Apple. Ive had stepped down from day-to-day management duties, and Richard Howarth was elevated to vice president of design. This had […]

Confessions of a Chief Technology Officer trying to bring innovation to a company

I just had coffee with Anthony, a friend who was just hired as the CTO of a large company (over 30,000 people). He’s cofounded several enterprise software startups, and his previous job involved building a […]

Crawl Neutrality: How Google domination of the internet can be handled

Today, one company—Google—controls nearly all of the world’s access to information on the internet. Their monopoly in search means for billions of people, their gateway to knowledge, to products, and their exploration of the web […]

HONOR is launching World Class phones in South Africa today

Honor Magic 4 Series will see its South Africa launch today following the global launch of Honor Magic 4 and Magic 4 Pro models at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022. The global tech brand […]

A Business case for Health Data Banks

The practice of medicine often requires making the most of a tragic situation, learning from illness to help people stay healthy. Look no further than the act of organ donation. The donor’s selfless act can […]

Apple Launch Reflections: Is Apple limiting iPad deliberately?

Apple really doesn’t want you to replace your Mac with an iPad. That much became clear at the company’s WWDC event, where it announced more half measures to make the iPad feel more—but not too […]

Should Google and other BigTech companies be next in joining NATO?

A popular joke circulating online among Russian dissidents goes something like this: A Moscovite wife asks her husband if he understands what the war in Ukraine is about. Yes, thunders the husband, repeating the regime’s […]

Digital Platform Wise Move to Revolutionise South African Moving Industry

When it comes to doing business in South Africa, innovation is the key to success. That’s why the newly launched digital platform Wise Move is a game-changer for the moving industry. Wise Move is the […]

Supersonic launches its 5G offering and expands with uncapped Fixed-LTE home solutions

Internet Service Provider, Supersonic has bolstered its fifth-generation (5G) offering and expanded its broadband portfolio with the introduction of Uncapped Fixed-LTE Home solutions. The launch of the Uncapped Fixed-LTE (FLTE) & 5G builds on the […]

Will South Africa manage and afford to provide free broadband for citizens?

In August 2021, the government of South Africa made a radical promise: to hand out 10 free gigabytes of high-speed broadband to every household in its 60 million-plus population. Broadband and data will now become […]

This tech could enable access to low cost clean drinking water from air in the desert

In Ethiopia, where an ongoing drought is the worst in 40 years, getting drinking water for the day can involve walking for eight hours. Some wells are drying up. As climate change progresses, water scarcity […]

How to build an African Metaverse?

Tony Fadell, the person who played a critical role in creating the iPod together with the iPhone, raised concerns about the focus on creating the metaverse. Instead, he suggested that there should be more focus […]

Microsoft Teams new feature just changed screen sharing

If you feel like you’ve spent the last couple of years talking to your colleagues inside your business’ video-meeting app of choice—be it Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, or something else—you’re not alone. But […]

This Amazon car (Zoox) is getting ready to hit the road

Zoox, a self-driving technology firm owned by Inc (AMZN.O), said on Tuesday it was gearing up to launch its robotaxi business, self-certifying that its vehicle with no pedals or steering wheel meets U.S. federal […]

YouTube (Short form) answer to TikTok is gaining momentum

Last year, YouTube rolled out Shorts, the platform’s answer to the rising tide of short-form content. It seemed inevitable that YouTube—the first popular digital video destination—would join the ranks of Instagram’s Reels and Snap’s Spotlight […]

How will we work in the Metaverse?

In the context of work, the digital divide has become less about access to devices and connectivity and more about skills and mindset. Many experienced professionals have never learned more than the rudimentary basics of […]

Mouse for people with disabilities reinvented by Microsoft

The mouse looks tiny. It’s a small square, reminiscent of one of those novelty mice sold to people who refuse to use the trackpad on their computer. It has two buttons and a scroll wheel, […]

The Future of the Apple Watch is Accessibility

Ian Mackay has a home full of smart gadgets—from lights to fans to window shades—and runs them all from his iPhone and HomePods. “I use Apple technology for pretty much everything that I can,” he […]

The End of iPod, the end of an era

“This coming Tuesday, Apple invites you to the unveiling of a breakthrough digital device (hint: it’s not a Mac)” those were the words written on an official invitation to the Apple iPod launch event on […]

In Future you may be treated by a doctor in the Metaverse

Let me confirm what might be nagging you about the “metaverse”: There’s more to it than what you’ve been reading. The metaverse hype-men would have you believe that the ultimate purpose of this technology is […]

Small talk is not small in business communication

Creating conversations is how we create relationships, so where would our conversations at work, networking events, or elsewhere be without small talk? Would we have found our best friend, special someone, or valued business partner? […]

Africa needs “one tech product” to win the global tech challenge

Continents and countries that have dominated the technology landscape are known for producing one single product or service very well. Japan has been known for producing electronic devices for decades. Think cameras, most of them […]

Anti-Ageing tech is coming? Will you use it?

The world’s billionaires are pouring money into age-reversal investments. Last September, it came out that Jeff Bezos had invested in Altos Labs, a company pursuing biological reprogramming technology. “Reprogramming” is the scientific term for turning […]

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