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The Workplace of the Future

The workplace as we know it — rigid, divided and formal — is in the midst of a major overhaul. The concept of co-working spaces has taken a stronghold with Millennials and Generation Z in particular, emphasising the importance of collaboration, comfort and a supportive professional community spirit. While employees were once forced to fit […]

A new public pavilion by Es Devlin creates a glimpse into the future of electric travel

A new interactive installation designed by award-winning designer Es Devlin, and commissioned by Mercedes-Benz South Africa, is now open to the public. Devlin is known for her large-scale sculptural works that fuse technology and poetry, including the fluorescent Fifth Lion which landed in London’s Trafalgar Square last month roaring collective poetry generated by artificial intelligence, […]

Next Level Parking Comes to Cape Town

You know those times when you’re driving around in circles looking for a parking in Cape Town, and it feels like you’d have a better chance finding a unicorn?  Yep, our beautiful city sure has some serious parking issues. And with each new building that goes up the situation just goes from bad to worse. […]

It’s in the bag – sofa so good

Three remotes, the TV guide, a pile of magazines and a couple of takeout menus . . . If you’re looking to declutter a living area and bring the coffee back to the coffee table, the compact Sofa Saddle is an aesthetically pleasing solution. Created and crafted from high-quality felt and leather by local designer […]

Clean Cut

Having delighted both local and international consumers with its elegant timber ceiling lights, minima design has moved into furniture—with the launch of a charming set of stools called Baobab. Made using the same clip-together system for which its lights are famous, the stools bring a pop of personality into a space with their distinctive shape […]

Pure perfection

Like a fine wine, the Toyota Corolla just gets better with age

Playing Dodge in SA

Durban-based Amcar Imports, which specialises in importing and restoring American muscle cars, in February welcomed a special addition to its range: the first-ever replica of the 1970 Dodge Challenger Dynacorn body.  The car, which will be installed with a brand-new 2016 HEMI Hellcat V8 engine, can now be fully customised by a lucky (and wealthy) […]

To gig or not to gig – that is the question

To gig or not to gig – That is the question we face in the new economy of on-demand or contract employment. When you hear the word ‘gig’, you probably think of a garage band getting their lucky break at the local bar. All band members normally have full-time jobs and get together once a […]

How David Adjaye Told The Story Of The African-American Experience—With A Building

The architect behind the new National Museum of African Ame

The Most Popular Color On The Web

It's blue. Like a-Smurf-wearing-Levi’s-on-sea-of-blueberries blue.

Samsung’s Note 7 Pen Functions Are Still Searching For A Raison D’être

The newly added pen functions are interesting, but overall the pen seems to be searching for clear use cases.

This $20 Dot Makes Push Notifications Way Less Annoying

Now on Kickstarter, these small Bluetooth beacons contextualize how your smartphone behaves based on your location.

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