30.03.2020 | 12:28 PM

The mother of all COVID-19 apps set for release by WHO

30.03.2020 | 09:45 AM

Online events to look forward to this week

27.03.2020 | 06:52 PM

This app lets you leave a message for a loved one from beyond the grave

27.03.2020 | 10:28 AM

1dentity is making personal security an integrated, digital experience

26.03.2020 | 12:30 PM

Kudoti promotes a zero-waste agenda through cutting-edge data science and digital tools

26.03.2020 | 11:25 AM

Copper kills the coronavirus. Is it time to bring this material back?

26.03.2020 | 10:38 AM

All about Fundraise Con 2020

25.03.2020 | 03:10 PM

Culinary apparel brand Hedley & Bennett is fighting the coronavirus one face mask at a time

25.03.2020 | 11:18 AM

3X4 Genetics makes deeply personalised, data-informed healthcare possible

25.03.2020 | 10:12 AM

This alcohol-free hand sanitiser specifically fights the spread of Covid-19 infections

24.03.2020 | 12:48 PM

This proptech company is opening up the housing rental market to a whole new sector of society

24.03.2020 | 11:17 AM

The new normal: Ramaphosa’s lockdown for South Africa looms

23.03.2020 | 02:00 PM

PiLog Group brings ‘data doctors’ to your fingertips

23.03.2020 | 11:57 AM

Virtual launches and events pull in the crowds amid coronavirus

23.03.2020 | 10:03 AM

SA gig economy report: The truth about working for Uber-like companies

20.03.2020 | 03:09 PM

Nokia unveils its first global 5G smartphone

20.03.2020 | 12:45 PM

Spread of coronavirus fake news now a punishable offence

19.03.2020 | 05:12 PM

Ozow’s painless one-click payment solution

19.03.2020 | 12:39 PM

Valenture Institute’s private online high school is changing the face of education

18.03.2020 | 03:16 PM

Financial services company JUMO is empowering new businesses

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SA’s first mixed-income lifestyle and living complex redresses Apartheid spatial planning

In an effort to reverse apartheid spatial planning, the Western Cape government, in collaboration with Concor property developers, has launched an initiative that is “an incubator for growth and evolution.” The project is South Africa’s […]

Reduce, reuse, recycle: A remedy for waste

Environmental concerns have long been a hot topic and, in South Africa, which has an estimated population of 58.6 million people,  it has been projected that the country only has a mere six years of […]

Is this the jacket of the future?

London-based adventure-wear maker Vollebak is known for technical innovation. Its latest accomplishment: Creating a jacket out of the so-called “miracle material” graphene. This thin, strong and versatile form of graphite can conduct heat and electricity […]

Career Q&A with fashion designer Misha Nonoo

What’s your best and worst habit?My best is my discipline and that I practice daily meditation. My worst is my capacity for procrastination. What advice are you glad you ignored?“Hire to your weaknesses.” It’s every […]

The next generation of wearable and liveable tech: It’s more about survival than communication

Our air is getting dirtier, and our world is getting hotter. It all adds up to a very unpleasant future, especially in cities, where a simple stroll outside could become a sweaty and toxic task. To combat this […]

Philip Morris continues to pioneer most advanced smoke-free products for smokers

In pursuit of innovating the most-advanced smoke-free products for adult smokers, Philip Morris International (PMI) has introduced the latest addition to its heat-not-burn product portfolio, IQOS 3 DUO.  The continued development of technology showcased by […]

Co-working space design trends to look out for in 2020

Co-working spaces have evolved from shared spaces in a downtown loft to sophisticated, highly flexible office environments, where attention to design and the latest co-working trends separate the best from the rest. For 2020, there […]

SPOTLIGHT: The Wavecel Bontrager helmet offers a novel way to stop concussions

For decades, bike helmets have been primarily designed to prevent one thing: Skull fractures. Most products are made with EPS foam, the same material used in beer coolers, which simply cushions the head upon impact. […]

A cross-sectional look inside Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport

With 65 million travellers passing through in 2018 alone, and amenities that include a butterfly garden and a rooftop swimming pool, Changi Airport is one of the world’s leading transit hubs and a prominent part […]

Siya Kolisi x Freedom of Movement shoe collab gives traditional South African ‘veldskoene’ a brand new look

The traditional South African “vellie” shoe has been reinvigorated with a brand new look—and sense of purpose. Captain of the Springboks and Stormers rugby teams Siya Kolisi has collaborated with proudly South African lifestyle brand […]

Lego rebuilds the world in first brand campaign in 30 years

The Lego Movie may go down as the greatest piece of advertising of this century. It’s an hour and 41 minutes of nothing but product shots, using creative storytelling to forge a bond with current and […]

What’s new with Bang & Olufsen’s third generation Beoplay A9 speaker

Within the interior design space, the Beoplay A9 has become a modern design icon and an instantly recognisable product statement for Bang & Olufsen.  The incredibly chic speaker continues to impress with its output and […]

Q&A: Daniel Ting Chong is redefining the essence of design in the Digital Age

With a portfolio of big brand collaborations – including The New York Times, Red Bull and Nike – under his belt, Cape Town-based designer and illustrator, Daniel Ting Chong isn’t slowing down as the digital […]

Mantsho by Palesa Mokubung becomes first African designer label to collaborate with H&M

The highly anticipated Mantsho x H&M collection is finally here and will officially launch on August 15. In an astute business move, Mantsho by Palesa Mokubung was announced as the first African label to collaborate […]

This New Biodegradable Plastic is Made From Cactus

While some Earth-friendly plastic is now made from corn, cacti don’t need the resources and can be grown on land we don’t need for food production.

This New Tool Will Help Brands Make Advertising More Inclusive

In 2017, Pepsi infamously thought it’d be a great idea to use Kendall Jenner to show the power a can of soda can have against police brutality. Just last month, Ancestry thought it’d be nice to use a sugar-coated […]

3 Reasons Why AI Will Never Match Human Creativity

Neural networks – a common type of artificial intelligence – are infiltrating every aspect of our lives, powering the internet-connected devices in our homes, the algorithms that dictate what we see online, and even the […]

The Co-Working Space Disruption

Since the co-working movement started in the US in the mid 2000s, it is estimated that the number of co-working spaces across the globe has doubled each year, and the model is now disrupting traditional office space rentals.

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