27.05.2020 | 12:49 PM

6 steps to get re-employed if you’ve unexpectedly lost your job

26.05.2020 | 03:13 PM

This copper jacket is designed to kill viruses and bacteria

26.05.2020 | 12:15 PM

There’s more to Facebook’s work-from-home policy than meets the eye

25.05.2020 | 04:14 PM

Live Music is on Life Support, Streaming may be the Industry Life Saver

25.05.2020 | 11:29 AM

How to Take Control of your Zoom Meetings

22.05.2020 | 03:11 PM

Here’s how to play with the elements to bring nature into your home

21.05.2020 | 03:49 PM

Re-opening of schools in SA a contentious subject

21.05.2020 | 12:29 PM

Is the content you consume “digitally nutritious” for your brain?

20.05.2020 | 01:16 PM

Fast Company Talks: A back-to-school (virtual) event not to be missed

20.05.2020 | 11:48 AM

German film-lovers can now watch movies through their windows

19.05.2020 | 05:17 PM

The new normal of learning in a post Covid-19 world

19.05.2020 | 01:36 PM

Inside the Covid-19 McDonald’s of the future

19.05.2020 | 12:29 PM

Covid-19 and the threat of groundwater contamination from burial sites

18.05.2020 | 03:31 PM

How to mitigate the effects of lockdown on your business

18.05.2020 | 12:09 PM

Zoom fatigue is a real thing. Here’s how to reduce it.

15.05.2020 | 12:57 PM

Has Covid-19 revealed the irrelevance of celebrity culture?

15.05.2020 | 12:13 PM

The role of African media in the age of Covid-19

14.05.2020 | 11:16 AM

This travel jumpsuit is designed for flying during a pandemic

14.05.2020 | 01:39 AM

5 educational apps to keep your kids learning while at home

14.05.2020 | 01:18 AM

Is this the future of fine dining in the era of social distancing?

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This hoodie comes with a built-in filtration mask

If you’re tired of wearing a DIY mask, a new hoodie offers another option: A built-in mask, made from a material that can (theoretically) filter out more germs than an N95 mask, zips up into […]

A short guide to the world of respirator masks

By now, you probably know more about N95 respirators than you thought possible. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, these masks have become lifesaving tools to medical personnel and other frontline workers in the […]

What if tall buildings are making us sick?

High-occupancy buildings, like towers and hospitals, could be a hidden risk in the battle against COVID-19.

44 creative and educational projects to teach your kids engineering – and they’re free

Most parents with young children are battling to come up with creative and education projects to keep them occupied at home. Some projects can be fun but lack rich educational elements. Here’s one that will […]

A team of MIT chemists may have designed a drug candidate that can block the coronavirus

Around the world there are major attempts at developing a solution to bring an end to the devastating health impacts of COVID-19. According to MIT research, medical scientists have developed a possible treatment for Covid-19. […]

Culinary apparel brand Hedley & Bennett is fighting the coronavirus one face mask at a time

Ellen Bennett felt like she was flailing last week. The owner of Hedley & Bennett worried about how quickly the coronavirus was spreading and was concerned about how she was going to keep paying her 30 employees […]

How Levi’s is pioneering new frontiers of wearable tech

In 2017, Levi’s injected the Trucker jacket from its Commuter line with an intuitive interface called Jacquard, by Google, enabling it to perform digital tasks such as navigation, communication and playing music, with just a […]

This conceptual suit protects you from the coronavirus inside a literal bubble

More than 83,000 people in 56 countries across the globe have contracted coronavirus. The World Health Organization has updated its global risk assessment of the virus from “high” to “very high.” Thousands of people have […]

Design Indaba 2020: These social movements are set to define the design world over the next decade

As a species, our best design stories still lie ahead of us – that’s according to the Design Indaba, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Over the past two-and-a-half decades, the world-class event has […]

UCT’s D-School pushes innovation and design thinking on the continent

Design thinking, a globally-practised creative mindset and approach to problem understanding and problem solving, is finding fans at educational institutions and workspaces via a specialised school in Cape Town. The Hasso Plattner School of Design […]

Ergonomic furniture dealer awarded SA’s first 6-star Green Star award

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) has awarded Cape Town-based Formfunc Studio, a leading ergonomic furniture supplier, a 6-star Green Star rating following the recent fit-out of their office, showroom and DC in […]

SA’s first mixed-income lifestyle and living complex redresses Apartheid spatial planning

In an effort to reverse apartheid spatial planning, the Western Cape government, in collaboration with Concor property developers, has launched an initiative that is “an incubator for growth and evolution.” The project is South Africa’s […]

Reduce, reuse, recycle: A remedy for waste

Environmental concerns have long been a hot topic and, in South Africa, which has an estimated population of 58.6 million people,  it has been projected that the country only has a mere six years of […]

Is this the jacket of the future?

London-based adventure-wear maker Vollebak is known for technical innovation. Its latest accomplishment: Creating a jacket out of the so-called “miracle material” graphene. This thin, strong and versatile form of graphite can conduct heat and electricity […]

Career Q&A with fashion designer Misha Nonoo

What’s your best and worst habit?My best is my discipline and that I practice daily meditation. My worst is my capacity for procrastination. What advice are you glad you ignored?“Hire to your weaknesses.” It’s every […]

The next generation of wearable and liveable tech: It’s more about survival than communication

Our air is getting dirtier, and our world is getting hotter. It all adds up to a very unpleasant future, especially in cities, where a simple stroll outside could become a sweaty and toxic task. To combat this […]

Philip Morris continues to pioneer most advanced smoke-free products for smokers

In pursuit of innovating the most-advanced smoke-free products for adult smokers, Philip Morris International (PMI) has introduced the latest addition to its heat-not-burn product portfolio, IQOS 3 DUO.  The continued development of technology showcased by […]

Co-working space design trends to look out for in 2020

Co-working spaces have evolved from shared spaces in a downtown loft to sophisticated, highly flexible office environments, where attention to design and the latest co-working trends separate the best from the rest. For 2020, there […]

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