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3 Reasons Why AI Will Never Match Human Creativity

Neural networks – a common type of artificial intelligence – are infiltrating every aspect of our lives, powering the internet-connected devices in our homes, the algorithms that dictate what we see online, and even the computational systems in our cars. But according to an article published in the peer-reviewed journal Big Data & Society by Anton Oleinik, a sociology professor […]

The Co-Working Space Disruption

Since the co-working movement started in the US in the mid 2000s, it is estimated that the number of co-working spaces across the globe has doubled each year, and the model is now disrupting traditional office space rentals.

Call for Innovative Solutions at Future Cities Hackathon

The Future Cities Hackathon will be held in Cape Town from 1 to 2 March by co-hosts, Startupbootcamp AfriTech (SBC) and RCS. The event underlines the Sustainable Development Goals and challenges citizen innovators to showcase disruptive solutions for water and sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, and smart mobility.

The AI fuelling conference planning is paving the digital way for the events industry. At the touch of a button their platform allows users to arrange a complete conference –  completing the jobs of hundreds in seconds. How does an idea like this originate? How would one implement it? We talk with one of the founders, Deepak Jhavar to […]

The Workplace of the Future

The workplace as we know it — rigid, divided and formal — is in the midst of a major overhaul. The concept of co-working spaces has taken a stronghold with Millennials and Generation Z in particular, emphasising the importance of collaboration, comfort and a supportive professional community spirit. While employees were once forced to fit […]

A new public pavilion by Es Devlin creates a glimpse into the future of electric travel

A new interactive installation designed by award-winning designer Es Devlin, and commissioned by Mercedes-Benz South Africa, is now open to the public. Devlin is known for her large-scale sculptural works that fuse technology and poetry, including the fluorescent Fifth Lion which landed in London’s Trafalgar Square last month roaring collective poetry generated by artificial intelligence, […]

Next Level Parking Comes to Cape Town

You know those times when you’re driving around in circles looking for a parking in Cape Town, and it feels like you’d have a better chance finding a unicorn?  Yep, our beautiful city sure has some serious parking issues. And with each new building that goes up the situation just goes from bad to worse. […]

It’s in the bag – sofa so good

Three remotes, the TV guide, a pile of magazines and a couple of takeout menus . . . If you’re looking to declutter a living area and bring the coffee back to the coffee table, the compact Sofa Saddle is an aesthetically pleasing solution. Created and crafted from high-quality felt and leather by local designer […]

Clean Cut

Having delighted both local and international consumers with its elegant timber ceiling lights, minima design has moved into furniture—with the launch of a charming set of stools called Baobab. Made using the same clip-together system for which its lights are famous, the stools bring a pop of personality into a space with their distinctive shape […]

Pure perfection

Like a fine wine, the Toyota Corolla just gets better with age

Playing Dodge in SA

Durban-based Amcar Imports, which specialises in importing and restoring American muscle cars, in February welcomed a special addition to its range: the first-ever replica of the 1970 Dodge Challenger Dynacorn body.  The car, which will be installed with a brand-new 2016 HEMI Hellcat V8 engine, can now be fully customised by a lucky (and wealthy) […]

To gig or not to gig – that is the question

To gig or not to gig – That is the question we face in the new economy of on-demand or contract employment. When you hear the word ‘gig’, you probably think of a garage band getting their lucky break at the local bar. All band members normally have full-time jobs and get together once a […]

How David Adjaye Told The Story Of The African-American Experience—With A Building

The architect behind the new National Museum of African Ame

The Most Popular Color On The Web

It's blue. Like a-Smurf-wearing-Levi’s-on-sea-of-blueberries blue.

Samsung’s Note 7 Pen Functions Are Still Searching For A Raison D’être

The newly added pen functions are interesting, but overall the pen seems to be searching for clear use cases.

This $20 Dot Makes Push Notifications Way Less Annoying

Now on Kickstarter, these small Bluetooth beacons contextualize how your smartphone behaves based on your location.

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