Jul 15, 2024

Samsung Electronics unveiled its latest foldable smartphones on Wednesday, making its priciest flagship model lighter and slimmer and bolstering AI functions as it challenges Apple’s dominance in the premium market. Samsung is also offering more […]

At this point, video chatting has become a common part of our day-to-day lives—and yet, when you really stop and think about it, it tends to be a pretty awful experience. Whether you’re using Meet, […]


In 2020, the world experienced a disruption of epic proportion that changed almost everything in our society. Despite this great reset, innovative South African companies adopted the use of technology to keep themselves afloat. To [...]

No one has ever imagined that someone could die due to a malfunctioning and compromised health technology system at one of South Africa’s health institutions. It seems such a scenario is possible now that there’s […]

When Google was launching its AI products, African languages were no where to be seen. Now that Google Translate has expanded its support of African languages we are likely to interact with our Android devices […]

When Meta launched Threads last July, it saw an immediate tidal wave of interest: 100 million people signed up for the social network within days, prompting many to wonder if CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s new gadget […]

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