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6 habits of wealthy people

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Need to a apologise? Do this to make it a successful one.

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Tips from an eye doctor: How to stop small screens and blue light from ruining your vision

Blue light has gotten a bad rap, getting blamed for loss of sleep and eye damage. Personal electronic devices emit more blue light than any other colour. Blue light has a short wavelength, which means that it is high-energy and can damage the delicate tissues of the eye. It can also pass through the eye to the […]

The Crypto Period

Leaders in humanitarian aid, finance, technology and more have embraced the distributed ledger known as blockchain to bring transparency to their operations. The art world is experimenting with it as well, seeing the technology as a way to revolutionise how art is bought and sold, thwart fraud and tax evasion, and reduce friction during the […]

World Mental Health Day: How social media impacts the mental health and wellbeing of children

On World Mental Health Day (10 October), supported by the World Health Organisation, The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) notes that nine percent of all teenage deaths in the country are by suicide, adding that suicide is the second leading and fastest growing cause of death among young South Africans in the 15-25 age […]

Revolutionising the coupon industry

Co-founded in 2015 by dynamic duo Tina Fisher and Mark Bradshaw, SnapnSave is digitising the coupon industry. Positioned as “South Africa’s #1 cashback app” for both shoppers and vendors, the app allows customers to scan till slips with their phone camera and instantly start saving money on their purchases. Smartphones at the ready! Launching a […]

How cannabis companies are getting creative with their lifestyle branding

Marijuana has come a long way from the days of plastic baggies and glass jars filled with OG Kush and Sticky Icky Icky. Today’s cannabis (née weed) is sold in posh retail outlets which stock dozens of different products, from medicinal-style vaporisers to THC-infused candies, aimed at veteran users and neophytes alike. In the past […]

The best time to brainstorm is not when you would expect, according to science

We all know brainstorming is an essential part of the creative process, but what do you do when your mind is too foggy to welcome the storm? Brain fog, brain farts, mental fatigue—call it what you will, it can be a major roadblock to creativity. But is there a way to use that hazy state […]

Quickfire career Q&A with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian

The inventor of the “front page of the internet”, Reddit and Initialized Capital co-founder takes our career questionnaire. What’s your best habit and your worst? My best is that I’m relentless about improving — I’m good at being motivated by criticism. My worst is saying yes to things when I should default to no. When […]

These 5 habits are preventing you from making a behavioural change

It’s difficult to change an ingrained behavior. Even for the most productive and disciplined among us, undoing something that has become an automatic part of who we are takes more than an overnight effort. Once we’ve successfully made that change, we then have to make other adjustments to our lives to ensure that we continue […]

4 ways automation is revolutionising the banking sector

Machine learning and AI offer advances that promise to make banking safer, more efficient and more personal for the customer. “The entire industry is moving towards a more digital, instant and customer-centric way of doing business, with AI and automation at their core. There is no doubt AI will usher in new ways of banking,” […]

Scared you’re being spied on through your laptop webcam? Here are 10 tips for going off the grid

Worried about spying corporations and government eavesdroppers? Here are 10 (mostly futile) steps you can take to become surveillance-free.

This innovative brand of sneaker-care products is melding street culture with environmental sustainability

Sneaker LAB is permeating global sneaker culture not only through their innovative products, but with an ethos of youth upliftment and sustainable community development.  Founder Jo Farah shared some insight on the societal impact of entrepreneurship and the integral role it plays in solving the world’s most pertinent economic issues. It’s safe to say that […]

The Recommender: Jay Badza shares his favourite things

Founder and Head Honcho of brand and marketing agency Orchard On 25 shares some of his favorite things with Fast Company SA. When does you morning alarm go off and how do you start your day? My alarm goes off at 5:15 in the morning and I often start my day with prayer before going on […]

How to enhance workplace productivity in the digital age

Embracing technology isn’t just a matter of having the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos at hand whenever we want to use them – it’s something that’s integrated into every part of our everyday lives. And it’s no different for businesses. Technology is part of everything, and if you don’t keep up with it, you […]

Future spa treatments may include virtual island getaways at the click of a button

A getaway to an exotic location is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, booking a vacation every time a stressful moments presents itself would break the bank. One of the many upsides of living in the digital age is the fact that innovation is the norm. That’s where The […]

14 handy uses for Google Drive that’ll make your life easier

If you’re thinking of Google Drive as a mere place to plop your files, you’re missing out on some pretty powerful possibilities. Beneath its fluffy cloud exterior, Drive holds all sorts of useful tools for collecting information, working with data, organizing your virtual goods, and sharing stuff externally. In some cases, the options are built […]

9 ways you can help the Amazon rainforest

Global warming’s catastrophic effects are on full display as Siberia, Alaska, and Brazil’s Amazon rainforest burn. The Amazon wildfires are particularly alarming as scientists have said that trees are the planet’s first line of defense against global warming. Due to deforestation, scientists estimate that we are near the tipping point where the Amazon can no longer function as a carbon sink. Brazil’s Amazon is the […]

Augmented reality gives new life to wine marketing

German-based Vollherbst LABELS, a 98-year-old premium label printer and fourth-generation family business, has launched LABELinmotion – a digital application brand aiming to disrupt the traditional product labelling industry. LABELinmotion is a sub-brand of and funded from Vollherbst LABELS innovations and marketing budget, which has one single goal: launching one major inspiration or innovation every year. Launching LABELinmotion […]

IBM predicts the next stage of human evolution

We have been acclimatised to the concept of artificial intelligence (AI), and heard the hype about the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR):  Now prepare for the next stage – when advanced AI meets 4IR to enable the always smart, always learning, ubiquitous computing of the future. Combining Internet of Things (IoT), a plethora of smart new devices […]

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