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Revolutionising the coupon industry

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Highlights from the World Economic Forum Africa in Cape Town

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How cannabis companies are getting creative with their lifestyle branding

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How to make your online presence work for you

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New fintech platform YOCO is closing South Africa’s card payment gap

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The best time to brainstorm is not when you would expect, according to science

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Apple may have just copied one of Instagram and Snapchat’s most fundamental features

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Apple Event 2019: All new features of the iPhone 11

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Quickfire career Q&A with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian

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Propelling Africa in the age of 4IR

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5 free websites to help boost your business

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These 5 habits are preventing you from making a behavioural change

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Apps to help you live a greener lifestyle

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Four business travel productivity killers

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The meterioric rise (and fall?) of TikTok

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4 ways automation is revolutionising the banking sector

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Software vendor IsoMetrix creates sustainable partnership with risk management company NOSA

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Scared you’re being spied on through your laptop webcam? Here are 10 tips for going off the grid

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These CEOs are reshaping the 40-hour work week – here’s why you should try it

30.08.2019 | 04:25 PM

WIN: Africa’s brightest entrepreneurs and innovation thought leaders gather for SA Innovation Summit

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Scared you’re being spied on through your laptop webcam? Here are 10 tips for going off the grid

Worried about spying corporations and government eavesdroppers? Here are 10 (mostly futile) steps you can take to become surveillance-free.

This innovative brand of sneaker-care products is melding street culture with environmental sustainability

Sneaker LAB is permeating global sneaker culture not only through their innovative products, but with an ethos of youth upliftment and sustainable community development.  Founder Jo Farah shared some insight on the societal impact of entrepreneurship and the integral role it plays in solving the world’s most pertinent economic issues. It’s safe to say that […]

The Recommender: Jay Badza shares his favourite things

Founder and Head Honcho of brand and marketing agency Orchard On 25 shares some of his favorite things with Fast Company SA. When does you morning alarm go off and how do you start your day? My alarm goes off at 5:15 in the morning and I often start my day with prayer before going on […]

How to enhance workplace productivity in the digital age

Embracing technology isn’t just a matter of having the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos at hand whenever we want to use them – it’s something that’s integrated into every part of our everyday lives. And it’s no different for businesses. Technology is part of everything, and if you don’t keep up with it, you […]

Future spa treatments may include virtual island getaways at the click of a button

A getaway to an exotic location is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, booking a vacation every time a stressful moments presents itself would break the bank. One of the many upsides of living in the digital age is the fact that innovation is the norm. That’s where The […]

14 handy uses for Google Drive that’ll make your life easier

If you’re thinking of Google Drive as a mere place to plop your files, you’re missing out on some pretty powerful possibilities. Beneath its fluffy cloud exterior, Drive holds all sorts of useful tools for collecting information, working with data, organizing your virtual goods, and sharing stuff externally. In some cases, the options are built […]

9 ways you can help the Amazon rainforest

Global warming’s catastrophic effects are on full display as Siberia, Alaska, and Brazil’s Amazon rainforest burn. The Amazon wildfires are particularly alarming as scientists have said that trees are the planet’s first line of defense against global warming. Due to deforestation, scientists estimate that we are near the tipping point where the Amazon can no longer function as a carbon sink. Brazil’s Amazon is the […]

Augmented reality gives new life to wine marketing

German-based Vollherbst LABELS, a 98-year-old premium label printer and fourth-generation family business, has launched LABELinmotion – a digital application brand aiming to disrupt the traditional product labelling industry. LABELinmotion is a sub-brand of and funded from Vollherbst LABELS innovations and marketing budget, which has one single goal: launching one major inspiration or innovation every year. Launching LABELinmotion […]

IBM predicts the next stage of human evolution

We have been acclimatised to the concept of artificial intelligence (AI), and heard the hype about the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR):  Now prepare for the next stage – when advanced AI meets 4IR to enable the always smart, always learning, ubiquitous computing of the future. Combining Internet of Things (IoT), a plethora of smart new devices […]

AI-powered contact lenses give new meaning to 20/20 vision

Exciting developments are happening in the field of augmented reality, such as the superimposition of digital information by contact lenses. The huge interest in smart contact lenses over the past three years can mainly be ascribed to the rise in the demand for lightweight and wearable augmented reality (AR) devices, as well as the need for […]

Is South Africa technologically and data-ready to provide National Health Insurance?

While there’s no shortage of noise about the fact that National Health Insurance (NHI) is unaffordable, which is probably justifiable, there has been a silence around how it would surmount technology challenges. There has been a lack of opinion on the technological and data readiness of South Africa to deliver the NHI. In the US, when […]

#WomensMonth: Spotlighting inspirational women in social media

Women’s month in South Africa is a time for reflection and celebration – a month of paying homage to the women who are propelling the country forward through excellence and dedication. These three women in social media are worth a mention:

Remembering the human factor in automation

In today’s digital climate, customers are noisier than ever, especially when you don’t ask them to be. In a world dominated by the race to close the human-machine gap, finding the blind spots within the digital journey is imperative for marketers. With 40% of CMO’s stating that they spent most of their budgets on digital and social media (Cinman, […]

Virtual experiences are reshaping the workforce

The concept of a virtual office and virtual assistant has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The driving force behind this concept is technology, which has ushered in our collectively ability to work from anywhere at almost any time. Another reason is an increase in flourishing small businesses which need the skills of […]

Levi’s partners with City of Cape Town for innovative water conservation project

Veteran denim brand Levi’s has joined the sustainability movement by partnering with the City of Cape Town’s Department of Water and Sanitation to help tackle water conservation. Levi Strauss & Co. has, since its inception, always upheld values of empathy, courage and integrity. These values are brought to life through concerted business efforts and initiatives […]

Six trends likely to disrupt the events industry in 2020

Do the sight and smell of a steamy shisa nyama in a pop-up shebeen seem like they have all the makings of a memorable event? What about the prospect of a collision space to promote networking at your next conference?  In South Africa’s dynamic meeting and conference industry, like many other industries, the x-factor in […]

Is intergenerational wealth on the decline amid changing values and technological advancement?

New research from Stonehage Fleming, one of the world’s leading international family offices, indicates that changes in family values and technology are putting distance between generations. It was found that family disputes or break-ups are the biggest risk to long-term family wealth. Surprisingly, this risk has trumped traditional financial risks such as poor investment management […]

7 economic trends set to dominate the 2020s

From preventative medicine to smart mobility and 5G — the 2020s will see significant trends driving global growth over the next decade. The Roaring Twenties of nearly 100 years ago was defined by a surge of consumerism, a brightly revitalised global economy and the arrival of the concept of mass culture. It was also a time […]

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