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These 3D printed tiles are helping restore devastated coral reefs

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Why the car of the future is more like a Lego set than a flying vehicle

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This work scheduling strategy can save you hours per week

31.07.2020 | 10:36 AM

Why African tech start-ups should worry about big tech

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4 expert tips for businesses to build an environmentally and socially responsible brand

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Twitter contractors reportedly used internal tools to spy on celebrities

28.07.2020 | 12:38 PM

This seaweed extract outperforms Covid-19 drug remdesivir in the lab

28.07.2020 | 12:16 PM

Dyson releases more free science experiments for kids in quarantine

27.07.2020 | 01:08 PM

Google is working on the next generation of wearable technology – smart tattoos

27.07.2020 | 11:49 AM

These simple life hacks could help you fight Covid-19

25.07.2020 | 11:26 AM

Why the world needs more Leonardo Da Vincis

22.07.2020 | 12:39 PM

AI will never be worse than having a micromanaging boss. Here’s why

21.07.2020 | 11:40 AM

Children are spending more time in front of screens than ever. Should parents be worried?

21.07.2020 | 11:16 AM

Tired being stuck at home? This website lets you peek out windows from different parts of the world

20.07.2020 | 03:29 PM

Apple now offering access to audio and localised news stories

18.07.2020 | 11:37 AM

The curious case of banning Chinese Tech companies (Huawei and soon Tik Tok)

16.07.2020 | 06:56 PM

Has the pandemic impacted human behaviour?

16.07.2020 | 02:13 PM

Mandela Day 2020: Here’s how to become a stem cell donor without leaving your home

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10 essential browser tweaks to get rid of the web’s biggest annoyances

15.07.2020 | 01:29 AM

Here’s how to block distracting noises when working from home

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Covid-19 vaccine trial gets underway in South Africa

The first Covid-19 vaccine officially gets underway in South Africa.  The newly launched Africa Centres for  Disease Control and Prevention Consortium  for Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial by the AU Commission is a glimmer of  hope […]

New sustainably-built McDonald’s is 100% solar-powered

At a new McDonald’s restaurant that just opened at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, USA (with Covid-19 protection measures in place), solar panels covering the roof—and solar glass panels throughout the building—are designed to […]

South Africa’s hospital bed capacity runs short

As the coronavirus wages on around the globe, South Africa is now reaching the peak of the pandemic after reporting the first case four months ago on 5 March.  But with rising cases comes with […]

Nature vs nurture: New study shows our environment can influence our genes

Numerous studies have shown that children who grow up in more deprived neighbourhoods tend to have worse physical health as adults compared to those raised in more affluent areas. This is the case even when researchers take into account […]

Why taking personality tests could hinder your future goals

If you’ve ever taken a personality test, you may have been eager to review the results. Maybe you’re a Helper or Achiever on the Enneagram chart. Or perhaps, like me, you’re an INTP on Myers-Briggs. […]

Drive-through doctors could be the future of medicine

Architecture firm NBBJ has come up with a new concept that could reduce the risk of contamination for patients visiting hospitals: A drive-through medical clinic. While there have been plenty of drive-through testing facilities for […]

A Covid-19 treatment is headed to SA

In a breakthrough agreement with US-based bio-pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, Cipla South Africa, the country’s third largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, has been granted a license to manufacture and distribute the antiviral medicine remdesivir for South Africa […]

Vodacom ordered to handover documents to determine Please Call Me Idea value

The long awaited judgement by Judge Kollapen on the Please Call Me idea matter is finally out. The judge has ordered Vodacom to handover within 21 days contractual documents that can assist with the process […]

Masks, gloves, and other coronavirus waste are starting to pollute our oceans

It’s not news that our trash eventually finds its way to the ocean. Because oceans are downstream, litter will eventually find a pathway into our bodies of water if it’s not discarded properly—and often even […]

COVID-19 Hackathons for South Africa

As COVID-19 intensifies in South Africa, innovators are also increasing their efforts towards developing solutions. Many are turning to Hackathons (a portmanteau word created by combining “hack” and “marathon”) to crowdsource solutions. In the next […]

5 ways the food industry has changed during the pandemic

Pantries have once again become the heart of our homes, and interest in kitchen appliances has been growing over 50% in the past six months. Meal kits have made a comeback and healthy snacking searches […]

An enormous swarm of locusts could soon descend on East Africa

As Covid-19 cases grow in East Africa, massive swarms of locusts are also growing—with a new wave of breeding insects poised to put nearly five million people in the area at risk of hunger and […]

Facebook releases new data sets and visual maps to help fight Covid-19

In 2017, Facebook launched their Data for Good initiative with the aim of helping their partners with data to make progress on major social issues. And, since the onset of Covid-19, the project has been […]

Bill Gates responds to Covid-19 conspiracy theories about him

Among COVID-19 conspiracy theorists, Bill Gates is legend. He has been the subject of several false narratives that either blame him for the outbreak or accuse him of trying to profit from it. None of these […]

Constantly feel down during the pandemic? You might have adjustment disorder

The coronavirus crisis has turned life as we know it upside down. Since March, millions of people have been sheltering at home without a clear answer regarding when life will resemble something close to normal […]

Here’s why brands can no longer just sit back and watch racial injustice

Leading content strategist, Linda Ong, is the chief culture officer of Civic Entertainment Group, a US-based marketing services company serving clients such as HBO Verizon, Airbnb, and Facebook. She was also named one of Fast Company‘s […]

14-day quarantine may be a thing of the past for travellers with this new 20-minute test

The two-week isolation period may be a thing of the past for travellers if a new test in the UK is successful.   According to The Sun newspaper, UK ministers are considering a Covid-19 test that takes […]

How CEOs and business leaders are responding to George Floyd protests

It’s been six days since demonstrations began over George Floyd’s death at the hands of police in Minneapolis, United States. In that time, the protests have expanded beyond Minneapolis to more than 75 cities across […]

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