09.04.2021 | 11:48 AM

The Most Innovative Companies 2021 Summit & Awards Webinar

The Most Innovative Companies Summit & Awards 2021 Webinar
08.04.2021 | 08:55 AM

These emerging technologies are set to shape our future

07.04.2021 | 10:24 AM

Getting to know the MIC 2021 guests

03.04.2021 | 09:54 AM

Bill Gates vs The Pandemic: Inside the Gates Foundation fight against the Pandemic

31.03.2021 | 10:56 AM

Is instant messaging the new platform for mass marketing?

30.03.2021 | 11:04 AM

TikTok works to upskill black content creators in South Africa

29.03.2021 | 01:03 PM

This AI-powered backpack is designed to help the visually impaired

29.03.2021 | 10:21 AM

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies nominations list 2021

19.03.2021 | 01:26 PM

Soon you could be able to watch YouTube videos directly on Twitter

17.03.2021 | 02:20 PM

One-on-one with Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer

17.03.2021 | 10:52 AM

This pay-as-you-go gas retailer has opened its first station in Soweto

17.03.2021 | 10:19 AM

All the new features coming to Google Maps

15.03.2021 | 03:15 PM

These South African legacy companies did not survive the lockdown

12.03.2021 | 03:22 PM

Meet the jury of the 2021 Most Innovative Companies Awards

12.03.2021 | 02:28 PM

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies event nominated for global award

10.03.2021 | 09:52 AM

Join one of the first South African clubs on Clubhouse

10.03.2021 | 09:15 AM

There is a global computer chip shortage and it’s affecting every industry

09.03.2021 | 09:44 AM

Try this strategy to get your emails answered

08.03.2021 | 10:35 AM

Inside Amazon’s new “contactless” grocery store

08.03.2021 | 07:08 AM

Fast Company SA’s Most Productive People 2021

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In his own words: Bill Gates gives us 3 lessons from Covid-19 we can use to fight climate change

In this excerpt from his new book, the philanthropist explains how the struggle against the pandemic can help guide us as we work to end global warming. As of February 2021, COVID-19 has killed more […]

South African community radio stations get a digital boost

Durban-based tech company, immedia, wants to put power back into the hands of the people by encouraging the establishment of community radio stations and citizen journalism. Public service broadcasting in South Africa has long been […]

This AI tool promises to counter Covid-19 mutations

Researchers have developed a new method to counter emergent mutations of Covid-19 and hasten vaccine development to stop the pathogen responsible for killing thousands of people and ruining economies. Researchers have developed a new method […]

J&J replaces AstraZeneca in South Africa’s vaccine rollout plan

Despite the temporary hold for the roll-out of the AstraZeneca vaccines, Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize says vaccinations in the country will start next week as planned, instead with a batch of Johnson and Johnson […]

Here’s how scientists have engineered spinach to send emails

When it grows in a field, most spinach just sits there, absorbing light and nutrients and growing leaves. A new, engineered version of spinach does quite a bit more: It can detect dangerous levels of […]

The next big thing for Jeff Bezos

“Blue Origin is the most important work I’m doing. I have great conviction about it, based on a simple argument: Earth is the best planet.” Blue Origin is the most important work I’m doing. I […]

How the Tokyo Olympics will implement Covid-19 regulations

Sportsmanship, long considered a hallmark of the quadrennial Olympic Games, will have to take a different form as new rules will prohibit the customary handshakes, high fives, and hugs at the world’s largest athletic event. […]

UK set to receive flying car airport for future air taxis

Urban-Air Port, a British-based start-up, has partnered with Hyundai Motor to develop the infrastructure required for when flying cars take to the skies. An airport for flying cars will thrust the English city of Coventry […]

South Africa receives first doses of Covid-19 vaccine

South Africa’s first coronavirus vaccine doses arrived by aeroplane on Monday, offering some relief for health workers who have been stretched during a second wave of infections and are first in line for the shots. […]

This tech startup has found a way to make peanuts less dangerous – and gluten-free bread more tasty

No one likes gluten-free bread. It often feels stale or is too cracker-like. People will make do with gluten-free baked goods if they must, but the springiness of wheat is sorely absent. “It’s never as crunchy on the […]

Scientists have figured out a way to produce lab-grown furniture and help reduce deforestation

Scientists have already figured out how to grow meat in a lab, nurturing animal cells to multiply into chicken cutlets and burger patties. Now, MIT researchers are hoping to do the same with wood, to quickly produce in […]

Scientists have found a way to hack your nerves to make artificial limbs feel lighter

Weight is an objective measurement. If you want an object to weigh less, you need to construct it from fewer, lighter materials. It’s one of many reasons why MacBooks are made of lighter aluminum instead […]

Twitter introduces first ever @SecondGentleman White House account

New ground was broken when Kamala Harris stepped into the role of US vice president, becoming the first woman to hold the office and thereby raising the question of what to do about the official […]

Will we be able to update the Covid vaccine if the virus mutates too much?

After a much more contagious coronavirus variant was discovered in the U.K. in December, scientists at Pfizer and Moderna started to study whether their newly approved vaccines would still work against it. So far, it […]

Will we be able to update the Covid vaccine if the virus mutates too much?

After a much more contagious coronavirus variant was discovered in the UK in December, scientists at Pfizer and Moderna started to study whether their newly approved vaccines would still work against it. After a much […]

4 fun ways to socialise remotely

I don’t know about you, but around about my thousandth Zoom get-together during this never-ending pandemic, it dawned on me that after using Zoom all week for work, these so-called happy hours were starting to […]

7 Climate actions by Biden on first day

The last four years have been devastating for environmental regulation. The Trump administration dismantled the Clean Power Plan, opened Arctic wilderness for drilling, and, as part of a spree of rollbacks in his last days […]

Do wealthy people practice more social distancing?

The eggheads at Johns Hopkins University wanted to know which groups practice social distancing the most—and their findings are not politically correct: Rich women, it turns out, are far more dependable with the masks and […]

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