03.06.2020 | 02:47 PM

Have cyber hacker group Anonymous returned to help the Black Lives Matter movement?

03.06.2020 | 12:16 PM

Here’s why brands can no longer just sit back and watch racial injustice

02.06.2020 | 02:17 PM

14-day quarantine may be a thing of the past for travellers with this new 20-minute test

02.06.2020 | 12:13 PM

How CEOs and business leaders are responding to George Floyd protests

01.06.2020 | 04:20 PM

5 sites to help you brush up on your job skills

01.06.2020 | 11:45 AM

#DigitalBridge: Donate your old devices to support e-learning in South Africa

29.05.2020 | 03:51 PM

Brainline & Fast Company SA virtual event: Online learning is the way of the future

29.05.2020 | 01:52 PM

Jeff Cao leads innovative mobile smartphone brand vivo into South Africa

29.05.2020 | 12:15 PM

Boeing to lay off more than 6000 employees

28.05.2020 | 04:01 PM

How to ensure your immune system is ready to fight Covid-19

28.05.2020 | 01:05 PM

The fight against Covid-19: How Africans are embodying the true meaning of Africa month

28.05.2020 | 12:14 PM

Finding it hard to breathe in an N95 mask? This may be the solution

27.05.2020 | 03:24 PM

A 2-metre social distance may not be enough to avoid Covid-19

27.05.2020 | 12:49 PM

6 steps to get re-employed if you’ve unexpectedly lost your job

26.05.2020 | 03:13 PM

This copper jacket is designed to kill viruses and bacteria

26.05.2020 | 12:15 PM

There’s more to Facebook’s work-from-home policy than meets the eye

25.05.2020 | 04:14 PM

Live Music is on Life Support, Streaming may be the Industry Life Saver

25.05.2020 | 11:29 AM

How to Take Control of your Zoom Meetings

22.05.2020 | 03:11 PM

Here’s how to play with the elements to bring nature into your home

21.05.2020 | 03:49 PM

Re-opening of schools in SA a contentious subject

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Finding it hard to breathe in an N95 mask? This may be the solution

It certainly doesn’t look elegant: an N95 mask, with two tubes sticking out, one of which snakes its way down to a bolted hunk of metal that resembles an industrial Discman. But looks can be deceiving. […]

A 2-metre social distance may not be enough to avoid Covid-19

As the world opens back up, even with Covid-19 in an unrelenting swing, one guideline is repeated again and again: Keep s two metres of social distance. And this number makes us feel safe because […]

Re-opening of schools in SA a contentious subject

Schools across South Africa were meant to be open today, however, due to concern by parents and other education stakeholder communities, the schools will only re-open on the 8th June 2020. In a continued effort […]

The new normal of learning in a post Covid-19 world

“What is this thing that has happened to us? It’s a virus, yes. In and of itself it holds no moral brief. But it is definitely more than a virus….. It is a portal, a […]

Covid-19 and the threat of groundwater contamination from burial sites

The recent outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has dramatically disrupted global economies and halted people’s daily activities, probably for the first time in recent history. Currently, there is no report of any clinically approved antiviral […]

Has Covid-19 revealed the irrelevance of celebrity culture?

Across the internet, in group chats, and on Zoom calls, people are asking, “Where is the gossip?” Click through the Star Tracks gallery of, updated daily, and it looks like every celebrity is doing the same […]

This travel jumpsuit is designed for flying during a pandemic

When Lucia Scarampi booked a flight home to New York City from Rome for 30 April, she was nervous about flying. But as Italy began to open up again, she made the tough decision to […]

5 educational apps to keep your kids learning while at home

Yes, this pandemic isn’t anywhere near over. And no, it’s not time to throw in the educational towel and let your kids watch cartoons all day. They can learn and have fun at the same […]

Scientists believe creating a face mask from these substances can destroy coronavirus

In the nascent days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jiaxing Huang watched as the novel virus overwhelmed the hospitals in his native China. A professor of materials science and engineering at Northwestern University, he contacted colleagues […]

South African student pioneers bluetooth-connected face mask at Dubai Global Grad Show

The Dubai Global Grad Show is an annual social impact innovation programme that calls for graduates across the world to submit projects and proposals in the fields of art, design, science, engineering and technology, that […]

The global impact of lifting lockdowns

After weeks of dire warnings from public health experts that reopening economies will cause spikes in COVID-19 cases and spur a high-stakes game of pandemic whack-a-mole, the reopening of economies is causing spikes in COVID-19 cases […]

Could laser beams be the next Covid-19 diagnostic tool?

The most common type of test for the new coronavirus takes several hours and is uncomfortable; samples are obtained by sliding a swab into the nose or throat. I am collaborating with other scientists, including Yin-Ting Yeh at […]

Do masks really prevent the spread of coronavirus? New study reveals all

As the U.S. healthcare system has been battling shortages of surgical masks, N95 respirators, and face shields, one lingering question has remained: Does all this PPE actually prevent someone from contracting COVID-19? Especially someone who is tasked with caring […]

The most common Covid-19 scams you need to be aware of

Due to the social distancing and lockdown regulations imposed worldwide, most of the daily activities we’ve become accustomed to have moved online – from work and school to grocery shopping, medical appointments, banking and even […]

Are beards and facial hair a Covid-19 risk?

Is your corona-beard or ‘stache putting you at risk for COVID-19? Here’s what we know: There is not a lot of research on the topic. The few existing studies suggest that facial hair causes risk to others—mainly anesthesiologists’ and surgeons’ risk […]

Coronomics: The pandemic will create work (for robots), workers should own them

How workers can defend themselves against the onslaught of robots on their work

Coronavirus and pets: Do animals need to social distance?

First, the spoiler: At this time, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US says, “There is no evidence that pets play a role in spreading the virus.” So if you were […]

6 reasons you keep engaging in risky covid-19 behaviours

For many of us, the behaviours to avoid COVID-19 are at our disposal: Handwashing, physical distancing, self-isolation, mask wearing. But . . . we’re humans, which means that we screw it up. In psychology-speak, adherence is our […]

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