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Founder and Head Honcho of brand and marketing agency Orchard On 25 shares some of his favorite things with Fast Company SA.

When does you morning alarm go off and how do you start your day?

My alarm goes off at 5:15 in the morning and I often start my day with prayer before going on Twitter to scan for global news updates. Soon after this, I head straight to gym for a one hour work-out which officially starts my day.

When do you switch off?
I honestly only get to switch off at the end and the beginning of the year. Over the past six years, I have religiously made it a point to go overseas for a 10-day vacation at the end of each year and I land back rejuvenated for the year ahead. I work in brand reputation management, so it is often very hard for me to disconnect from the world as our portfolio of brands require us to stay abreast of everything at all times.

Where do you go to relax and recharge?
I love South-East Asia and I go to that part of the world as often as I can.

What five books are on your night stand?
Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
A Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey
Growing Greatness by Pepe Marais
Alibaba The House That Jack Ma Built by Duncan Clark
Lessons From the Boot of a Car by Reg Lascaris

I love learning from founders of organisations so I can reference some of their experiences when I am going through challenges. This is what has informed my choice of books.

What are some of the products you can’t live without?
A love the Gucci brand and right now I am having so much fun with their neckties – they really have made it cool to wear a tie in the creative industry and I love that. I am also a good cook and love entertaining so Le Crueset is definitely my favourite kitchen brand. They make products which make me want to host dinner parties every weekend. Jo Malone has been one of my favourite all time brands, from candles, cologne to diffusers, I cannot live without them. I enjoy also enjoy a glass of double Johnnie Walker with lemonade after a long day at the office to unwind.

What service can you not live without
I can’t live without Uber – when I am working late or going out, I find that Uber just give such a great level of comfort and convenience.

What Product have you recently splurged on?
The Maxhosa carpet in my living room – that definitely was a splurge that has recently made me so happy.

What music gets you through the day? 

I currently enjoy HER, Daniel Caesar and Khalid – so a lot of R&B sounds make me happy when I wake up or when I am just mellowing down

When driving – The Lion King Gift Soundtrack featuring Beyonce.
When psyching for a big presso I turn to Thandiswa Mazwai.
When hard at work on a big presso I turn to Apple Music for a nice party mix, because it gets the energy going.
When working out I enjoy listening to my thoughts and planning my day, so headsets at the gym for me.
When I have a free five minutes, I always check the gram, to keep up with the world.
When I have a free hour, I love catching up on news and current affairs, so I read The Hollwood Reporter, Business of Fashion, New York Times etc.
When I have a free day, I am cooking, entertaining and hosting family and friends.

How much time do you spend online during the day?
I spend a lot of time on WhattsApp, I look at it every 15 or so minutes, it’s very addictive (far too often). Once an hour – I am on Instagram, looking for influencers and cool brand content and maybe a little bit of local gossip (LOL). Far too often I find myself on Bookings.Com looking for good get away deals. Travel is my weakness

What Charity do you donate to? 
Thuthuzela Children’s Home is my charity of choice, visited them and fell in love with a young orphan and have