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27.03.2020 | 10:28 AM

1dentity is making personal security an integrated, digital experience

26.03.2020 | 12:30 PM

Kudoti promotes a zero-waste agenda through cutting-edge data science and digital tools

26.03.2020 | 11:25 AM

Copper kills the coronavirus. Is it time to bring this material back?

26.03.2020 | 10:38 AM

All about Fundraise Con 2020

25.03.2020 | 03:10 PM

Culinary apparel brand Hedley & Bennett is fighting the coronavirus one face mask at a time

25.03.2020 | 11:18 AM

3X4 Genetics makes deeply personalised, data-informed healthcare possible

25.03.2020 | 10:12 AM

This alcohol-free hand sanitiser specifically fights the spread of Covid-19 infections

24.03.2020 | 12:48 PM

This proptech company is opening up the housing rental market to a whole new sector of society

24.03.2020 | 11:17 AM

The new normal: Ramaphosa’s lockdown for South Africa looms

23.03.2020 | 02:00 PM

PiLog Group brings ‘data doctors’ to your fingertips

23.03.2020 | 11:57 AM

Virtual launches and events pull in the crowds amid coronavirus

23.03.2020 | 10:03 AM

SA gig economy report: The truth about working for Uber-like companies

20.03.2020 | 03:09 PM

Nokia unveils its first global 5G smartphone

20.03.2020 | 12:45 PM

Spread of coronavirus fake news now a punishable offence

19.03.2020 | 05:12 PM

Ozow’s painless one-click payment solution

19.03.2020 | 12:39 PM

Valenture Institute’s private online high school is changing the face of education

18.03.2020 | 03:16 PM

Financial services company JUMO is empowering new businesses

18.03.2020 | 11:02 AM

#COVID19 in sub-Saharan Africa: What are African countries doing to fight the outbreak

17.03.2020 | 11:58 AM

Yes, it really is that hard to not touch your face. Here’s why:

17.03.2020 | 11:44 AM

Data-driven personalisation is the new holy grail of marketing

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The slow death of open offices

Employees don’t like them. Research proves they’re ineffective. Why is it taking so long for us to get rid of them? First, you tear down the walls and dispense with the soulless cubicles. Then you put […]

How organisations can manage stress in the workplace

Given the fast pace and scale of change in our modern world, chronic workplace stress is on the rise. Digital disruption, global market fluctuations, hyper-competitiveness and constant introductions of the next new thing demand a […]

How to be mindful and proactive at the same time

Mindful means being in the moment, while proactive means thinking and working ahead. Both are important for your career, but they seem to contradict each other. Can you be mindful and proactive at the same […]

How to maximise your productivity when traveling for work

If you travel regularly for business, you’ll know how much time can be spent simply getting to and from your destination. This, together with time out of the office, can be a huge dent in […]

Rise of the gig economy: How South Africa’s work-life dynamic is changing

These days, the pace of life online is now met by an equal expectation for work-life balance becoming both a health and success imperative. South African estates, and not just inner cities, are waking up […]

Stop letting fear control your decisions: Here’s how

When I turned down a role at McKinsey & Company to start Flyhomes with my cofounder Steve Lane, I confronted a looming fear of failure. I asked myself, what if I fail as an entrepreneur and derail my career […]

7 critical factors for remote work success

Call it what you want – distributed organisation, remote work, outsourcing – these overlapping terms have been go-to buzzwords in business parlance for a while, almost as de rigueur as diversity and transparency. Globally, ​one […]

The professional cost of not wearing makeup at the office

I have a love-hate relationship with all things beauty-related. Sometimes, I look forward to my evening skincare routine, seeing it as a meditative way to get ready for bed after a long day. Other times, […]

4 apps to kick your productivity into high gear

Headspace: Guided MeditationIt’s impossible to be productive without adequate rest and relaxation. Headspace provides a range of professionally produced guided meditations and calming techniques for every situation. After a free basic course, you gain access […]

The emotionally intelligent way to deal with 5 types of co-workers

For most people, work takes up a huge chunk of their time. Americans, in particular, tend to work longer hours than their peers in other developed countries, according to OECD data. For the nonremote and nonsolo […]

7 incredibly useful things you didn’t know gmail could do

All right, I’ll admit it: I have a bit of a problem. Most people pick an email service, set it up, and then use it—end of story. Me? I’m constantly fiddling with my inbox and […]

Tools to keep your employees happy

Anyone who has ever been unhappy at work will tell you how debilitating it is. It stops you from being productive and affects your life outside of work. It’s not uncommon to have trouble sleeping […]

How to make your online presence work for you

Not so long ago, most people didn’t have to worry about their online presence or personal brand. Unless you were a celebrity, politician, or prominent CEO or entrepreneur in a public-facing company, doing well in […]

5 free websites to help boost your business

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to start a business. Unfortunately, it’s never been harder to get people to pay attention to it. Here are some low-impact and—even better—free sites and services you can leverage in […]

Four business travel productivity killers

Most business travellers will tell you that productivity takes a backseat when travelling for work. Fatigue, jet lag and long wait times all take their toll, making it more difficult for road warriors to remain […]

How to ace the year-end function

Year-end functions, while fun, can bring about a lot of stress. There is so much pressure to get it right, to please everyone and to make sure that everyone invited feels celebrated. No one wants […]

Here’s why your obsession with productivity might be making you less productive

In this day and age, productivity is a standard requirement for value. There’s this idea that those who accomplish more in less time are most valuable to themselves, their colleagues, their companies, and even their […]

Who needs a 40 hour work week? Not the under 40s

Every generation is shaped by its circumstances and none more so than the under 40s, aka the Millennials and Generation Zs. Their radically different technological and cultural landscape has given them a particular perspective that […]

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