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19.09.2019 | 12:03 PM

Revolutionising the coupon industry

18.09.2019 | 04:37 PM

Highlights from the World Economic Forum Africa in Cape Town

18.09.2019 | 11:58 AM

How cannabis companies are getting creative with their lifestyle branding

16.09.2019 | 02:56 PM

How to make your online presence work for you

16.09.2019 | 12:58 PM

New fintech platform YOCO is closing South Africa’s card payment gap

13.09.2019 | 11:58 AM

The best time to brainstorm is not when you would expect, according to science

12.09.2019 | 11:03 AM

Apple may have just copied one of Instagram and Snapchat’s most fundamental features

11.09.2019 | 10:31 AM

Apple Event 2019: All new features of the iPhone 11

10.09.2019 | 03:42 PM

Quickfire career Q&A with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian

10.09.2019 | 11:20 AM

Propelling Africa in the age of 4IR

09.09.2019 | 12:45 PM

5 free websites to help boost your business

05.09.2019 | 11:24 AM

These 5 habits are preventing you from making a behavioural change

04.09.2019 | 03:05 PM

Apps to help you live a greener lifestyle

04.09.2019 | 02:51 PM

Four business travel productivity killers

03.09.2019 | 01:28 PM

The meterioric rise (and fall?) of TikTok

03.09.2019 | 11:56 AM

4 ways automation is revolutionising the banking sector

03.09.2019 | 11:52 AM

Software vendor IsoMetrix creates sustainable partnership with risk management company NOSA

02.09.2019 | 04:44 PM

Scared you’re being spied on through your laptop webcam? Here are 10 tips for going off the grid

02.09.2019 | 12:06 PM

These CEOs are reshaping the 40-hour work week – here’s why you should try it

30.08.2019 | 04:25 PM

WIN: Africa’s brightest entrepreneurs and innovation thought leaders gather for SA Innovation Summit

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Improving your mental health in the workplace with Work Mind Matters

Metal health advocate organisation, Work Mind Matters, have announced the launch of their inaugural Work Mind Matters Conference taking place in September this year, ahead of Mental Health Awareness Month in October. Mental wellness in the workplace is fundamental to the success of any business, and the Work Mind Matters Conference aims to start conversations […]

SA expats: Don’t get caught out with unpaid tax

Working overseas can often lead one to being caught out with unpaid tax. Whether you’re a young graduate teaching English in Asia, a 50-something homemaker doing caring work in Britain, or a highly skilled professional, it’s important to know what the South African Revenue Services (SARS) expects if you’re working abroad. As a South African […]

Just got a raise? Here’s how to handle the extra funds

You’ve finally been promoted and received a fabulous raise. Your immediate reaction may well be to rush out and upgrade your car, move into a bigger house or take your kids on holiday. To make a long-term financial impact on your life, seize the opportunity by deciding on the best way to make the most […]

Insects Might Be The Key to Making Lab-Grown Meat Take Off

Startups selling chips or protein bars made with crickets tout the environmental advantages of insects compared to raising cows or chickens. But the market for insects as food, while growing, is still tiny. A new study suggests that insects could enter mainstream diets another way: through lab-grown cells that could eventually be made into foods like faux shrimp or […]

Oh Good, Here’s Another Reason to Hate Credit Cards

Credit cards are the worst. They disconnect users from their money, making it too easy to spend and too simple to rack up debt and potentially ruin your credit score, making it harder to buy other things. Plus, they get skimmed or the numbers stolen, and for some reason most credit card companies think a signature is a good way to […]

How to Decide Whether to Email, Text, Call, or Talk in Person

Thanks to technology, we have a wealth of choices for communicating in the office and beyond. But herein lies the challenge. Email someone when you should have called and you might waste time going back and forth, or they might misunderstand your tone. Text your new boss when you should have emailed and you might […]

4 Steps to Reclaim Your Weekend for Fun Instead of Chores

Need to look into a bill? No worries. I’ll do that on the weekend. Need to clean the bathroom? Got it. I’ll do that on the weekend. Need a cardio workout? No problem. I’ll do that on the weekend. Need to finish a big presentation for work? It’s okay. I’ll do that on the weekend. […]

5 Signs That You Need to Leave Your Current Job Now

Sometimes a job or a company isn’t what you’d hoped it would be when you signed on. It’s always important to give everything your best effort, but when you feel like you’re banging your head against the wall, it might be time to make a change. First, it’s essential to know that it’s a buyer’s […]

How to celebrate Easter without creating tons of plastic trash

With Easter around the corner, strolling around your neighborhood means stepping into a cheery world of pastels, egg motifs, and bunny rabbits. The majority of South Africans celebrate Easter, and for many the highlight of the day is an epic Easter egg hunt. It’s all very joyous, but if you’ve been on a mission to […]

This is when it’s actually good to be a pessimist

Your tendency to always look at the negative might actually be really valuable for you if you use it right. Here’s how.

Plastic Bottles Surpass Plastic Bags As The Biggest Threat to Oceans and Rivers

The good news is that consumers in Europe have done a great job curbing their use of plastic bags, and fewer are ending up in waterways around the world. The bad news is that now plastic bottles are clogging oceans and rivers. According to the new Plastic Rivers report from Earthwatch Europe and Plastic Oceans UK, plastic bottles are […]

Teenagers Aren’t All That Affected By Screen Time After All, Study Says

If you spend a lot of time arguing with your teenager about their screen time, maybe you should save yourself the headache. New research indicates that copious amounts of texting, keeping up that Snapchat streak, swiping through Instagram DMs, and watching YouTube has little effect on the psychological well-being of teenagers. That’s according to a […]

The AI fuelling conference planning is paving the digital way for the events industry. At the touch of a button their platform allows users to arrange a complete conference –  completing the jobs of hundreds in seconds. How does an idea like this originate? How would one implement it? We talk with one of the founders, Deepak Jhavar to […]

Cultivating Conscious Leadership

As one of the largest and most prestigious business schools in Africa, with over 10 000 students, the Johannesburg Business School (JBS), led by Professor Lyal White, has a clear focus on African management and leadership in the local and global context. The JBS was established in 2017 and forms part of the College of […]

The Workplace of the Future

The workplace as we know it — rigid, divided and formal — is in the midst of a major overhaul. The concept of co-working spaces has taken a stronghold with Millennials and Generation Z in particular, emphasising the importance of collaboration, comfort and a supportive professional community spirit. While employees were once forced to fit […]

Discover True Elegance With Martell’s New VSOP Cognac Aged In Red Barrels

One of the world’s oldest and greatest cognac houses, Martell has unveiled an exciting new ultra-premium expression destined to be the must-have for South Africa’s cognac connoisseurs. Martell Cognac VSOP Aged in Red Barrels is a rare showcase of the influence of wood maturation in the art of fine cognac-making and reflects the unique style […]

How Technology Supports The Future Workforce

The global workforce is devolving and becoming decentralised. More and more, we are seeing companies opting to cut the expense of having a physical office and choosing to rather work with their staff in a virtual office. The teams only come together for the occasional face-to-face meetings. This trend has taken off in the US. […]

Driving Employment For South African Youth Through Digital Solutions

The job application process for South African youth is set to become a whole lot simpler and effective thanks to a new partnership forged by online identity verification portal MyImprint and youth employment engine, Lulaway. MyImprint simplifies the process of verifying fingerprints, criminal records, location and other data points involved in the job placement process […]

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