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This is when it’s actually good to be a pessimist

Your tendency to always look at the negative might actually be really valuable for you if you use it right. Here’s how.

Plastic Bottles Surpass Plastic Bags As The Biggest Threat to Oceans and Rivers

The good news is that consumers in Europe have done a great job curbing their use of plastic bags, and fewer are ending up in waterways around the world. The bad news is that now plastic bottles are clogging oceans and rivers. According to the new Plastic Rivers report from Earthwatch Europe and Plastic Oceans UK, plastic bottles are […]

Teenagers Aren’t All That Affected By Screen Time After All, Study Says

If you spend a lot of time arguing with your teenager about their screen time, maybe you should save yourself the headache. New research indicates that copious amounts of texting, keeping up that Snapchat streak, swiping through Instagram DMs, and watching YouTube has little effect on the psychological well-being of teenagers. That’s according to a […]

The AI fuelling conference planning is paving the digital way for the events industry. At the touch of a button their platform allows users to arrange a complete conference –  completing the jobs of hundreds in seconds. How does an idea like this originate? How would one implement it? We talk with one of the founders, Deepak Jhavar to […]

Cultivating Conscious Leadership

As one of the largest and most prestigious business schools in Africa, with over 10 000 students, the Johannesburg Business School (JBS), led by Professor Lyal White, has a clear focus on African management and leadership in the local and global context. The JBS was established in 2017 and forms part of the College of […]

The Workplace of the Future

The workplace as we know it — rigid, divided and formal — is in the midst of a major overhaul. The concept of co-working spaces has taken a stronghold with Millennials and Generation Z in particular, emphasising the importance of collaboration, comfort and a supportive professional community spirit. While employees were once forced to fit […]

Discover True Elegance With Martell’s New VSOP Cognac Aged In Red Barrels

One of the world’s oldest and greatest cognac houses, Martell has unveiled an exciting new ultra-premium expression destined to be the must-have for South Africa’s cognac connoisseurs. Martell Cognac VSOP Aged in Red Barrels is a rare showcase of the influence of wood maturation in the art of fine cognac-making and reflects the unique style […]

How Technology Supports The Future Workforce

The global workforce is devolving and becoming decentralised. More and more, we are seeing companies opting to cut the expense of having a physical office and choosing to rather work with their staff in a virtual office. The teams only come together for the occasional face-to-face meetings. This trend has taken off in the US. […]

Driving Employment For South African Youth Through Digital Solutions

The job application process for South African youth is set to become a whole lot simpler and effective thanks to a new partnership forged by online identity verification portal MyImprint and youth employment engine, Lulaway. MyImprint simplifies the process of verifying fingerprints, criminal records, location and other data points involved in the job placement process […]

Real ideas, tech & people at TEDxPretoria

Hosted in the capital city, the 2018 TEDxPretoria event was filled with inspiration, delivered by  an intriguing lineup of speakers. The session turned out to be a moment of reflection, redemption, repurposing and repositioning for the speakers and attendees. The theme for the day was tech fused with spoken word artistry that highlighted social challenges […]

Secrets of productive businesses

Entrepreneurs, top executives, company directors and the like have been interviewed about what makes them productive. What makes them tick? Yes, it is vital to know what the driving force behind these key individuals in a business is, as without them giving the organisation the impetus it needs the company would not go very far. […]

Corporate narcissism – SA’s secret curse

It is the unspoken curse stalking corporate South Africa. Few people talk about it but many executives encounter it and may be vaguely – or acutely – aware of the danger to organisations and careers. The potentially toxic issue is corporate narcissism and its personification, the corporate narcissist. Psychologists, consultants and corporate head-hunters have been […]

What’s your generation’s investing personality?

Did your notoriously frugal granny invest her money the best? What about the upstanding ‘Boomers’ or the ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’-inspired ‘X-ers’? And then there’s the Millennials – soon to constitute most workforces worldwide – and Gen Z, the ‘always-on’, somewhat-cynical youngsters who understand tech better than any other generation. Every generation differs from […]

A new public pavilion by Es Devlin creates a glimpse into the future of electric travel

A new interactive installation designed by award-winning designer Es Devlin, and commissioned by Mercedes-Benz South Africa, is now open to the public. Devlin is known for her large-scale sculptural works that fuse technology and poetry, including the fluorescent Fifth Lion which landed in London’s Trafalgar Square last month roaring collective poetry generated by artificial intelligence, […]

The ins and outs of commercial property investing in SA

You’ve got some available income to invest and your portfolio is lacking a commercial property investment. What exactly should you be looking for? Many investors feel daunted by the large capital outlay required for a real estate investment and the onerous and time consuming responsibilities of being a landlord. A viable alternative to physical property […]

Five Reasons Why South Africans Are Applying for Citizenship-by-Investment

Citizenship-by-Investment is on the rise globally with over US$2.4 billion spent each year derived mostly from China, the Middle East, and Russia, with South Africa not far behind.  Next Generation Equity (NGE), global specialists in second citizenships and residency options, says South Africa is increasing at an alarming rate. “Recent media reports highlight an increase in […]

Innovation Team Roles: Does Your Innovation Team Have The Right Skills?

So, you’ve been tasked with leading innovation in your company. Your job is to put together a team that will not only come up with new revenue-generating ideas, but will also take these from concept to marketable solutions.  This team will require clear goals, a nurturing environment, and a simple way to measure progress. But that alone won’t be enough. […]

Do Advertising Agencies Lie?

Most years after the annual Loerie Awards some kind of scandal emerges. Oftentimes these are minor skirmishes of the nature of ‘I wasn’t credited for my work’ or ‘That ad only flighted once at 4am on a Sunday morning’. But occasionally – as with this year – something serious comes to light. In this instance […]

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