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20.10.2020 | 10:33 AM

Nokia to build world’s first mobile network on the moon

16.10.2020 | 02:39 PM

New eCommerce fashion platform launches in South Africa

14.10.2020 | 11:44 AM

Singapore Airlines is turning its planes into pop-up restaurants

13.10.2020 | 12:40 PM

Africa Arena 2020 set to take place with hybrid in-person and streaming tech conference

13.10.2020 | 11:42 AM

This is how Google in planning to integrate a full shopping experience into YouTube

12.10.2020 | 03:43 PM

adidas’ new Strung shoe is a piece of art on your feet

08.10.2020 | 04:14 PM

YouTube announces Black Voices Fund for South African artists and creators

07.10.2020 | 05:01 PM

How to rethink your digital diet and pull yourself out of a productivity slump

07.10.2020 | 01:08 PM

Google Assistant now more user-friendly for people with disabilities

06.10.2020 | 04:47 PM

Why robots should grow and develop like babies

05.10.2020 | 08:35 PM

DNA Brand Architects named as one of Top 100 fastest growing agencies in the world

05.10.2020 | 02:24 PM

5 ways to achieve neurodiversity in the workplace

05.10.2020 | 11:51 AM

Third edition of Fast Company SA digimag: Most Creative People in Business

01.10.2020 | 01:18 PM

How 3D-printing creates body parts on-demand

01.10.2020 | 12:26 PM

Google’s new 5G phone gets a transformation – but not the kind you would expect

28.09.2020 | 11:33 PM

3 ways to effectively communicate your potential in a job interview

28.09.2020 | 08:30 PM

Apple to release iPhone 12 in South Korea sooner than planned

28.09.2020 | 04:49 PM

8 ways to speed up your Chrome browser

28.09.2020 | 10:46 AM

The Infonomist: It’s time for Africa to eat from big tech’s pie

25.09.2020 | 12:50 PM

These carbon-negative, ocean-degradable straws and forks are made from greenhouse gases

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Sometimes it’s all too easy to get lost in your web browser while trying to get work done. Once you’ve buried yourself under dozens of browser tabs, you’re constantly having to pick through them all […]

To-do lists are dead. Here’s what to do instead:

Gone are the days of the to-do list. It’s all about working on your priorities. But with all the distractions in the world—social media feeds, kids, new podcast episodes, kids again—our priorities can often be shelved […]

You can still get hired during tough economic times

Unemployment is at an all-time high and right now, it’s harder to get hired than years and decades past. But all hope is not lost. There are ways to get noticed and separate yourself, and to get […]

This work scheduling strategy can save you hours per week

It’s common knowledge that multitasking isn’t effective. The brain takes extra time shifting between tasks, which can take longer than it would have if you did each task by itself. What if you looked at your […]

AI will never be worse than having a micromanaging boss. Here’s why

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) ever be as creepy as your boss? Well, that depends primarily on how creepy your boss is. We know there are limits to AI’s “creepiness,” but it’s harder to say the […]

Here’s how to block distracting noises when working from home

Many of us have been spending more time at home than ever before, and chances are unless you live by yourself in the middle of nowhere, at some point unwanted noise will have infiltrated your […]

This is why we self-sabotage – and 3 ways to stop doing it

If you have low self-esteem, you probably have been down this rabbit hole way too many times—sabotaging your way to happiness, to good relationships, to promotions, recognition, or a well-deserved moment in the limelight. In […]

5 apps for when you need a five-minute break

In this new era of working from home, often with out-of-school kids vying for our attention at all times, pets to take care of and a spouse or partner with whom you now share both […]

5 tried-and-true skills for entrepreneurs dealing with a crisis

In times of crisis and uncertainty, entrepreneurs are more likely to look outside of themselves for answers. Desperation makes the idea of a playbook—a quick-fix rule sheet outlining what worked for someone else in the […]

Having anxiety can make you a better leader

A lot of us are feeling anxious right now. When the pandemic started, anxiety came from not knowing what to expect. Now as workplaces make plans for employees to return, uncertainty is at the forefront […]

There but not there: Are you suffering from ‘presenteeism’ at work?

Boredom at work is one of the clearest indicators of a company culture in decline. It comes from a lack of connection to the company purpose and manifests in sick days and presenteeism. Mental health […]

Is your work-from-home office damaging your posture?

As I lie nearly horizontal on a West Elm Peggy couch that 1. has become a millennial cliche for bad design, and 2. is too short for my body, I can’t help but wonder how much […]

6 reasons you feel more tired than usual while working from home

Even as Covid-19 stay-at-home orders are lifted and cities begin to reopen businesses, many office workers are still doing their jobs remotely. And they’re tired. A recent survey from the Society of Human Resources Management […]

How to make sure your team feels valued without in-person connections

Pizza parties are a fun addition to the work day, but to best show employees your appreciation, you need to do more than share carbs and cheese. And this maxim applied long before 88% of companies directed […]

2 key habits from people who are especially productive while working from home

Before many office workers transitioned to remote arrangements, the thought of working from home sounded like a dream. Who doesn’t love the idea of ditching the commute and staying in your sweats? But those of […]

Here’s why office politics are still a thing – even when working from home

Common sense and experience dictate that there will always be office politics at work, but what happens when we remove the office? This question is more pertinent than ever because for the first time in […]

5 sites to help you brush up on your job skills

Working from home means no commute and a little extra time to brush up on professional development. But with several great services out there, it can be difficult to choose the one that’ll suit you […]

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