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15.11.2019 | 11:46 AM

Co-working space design trends to look out for in 2020

12.11.2019 | 02:27 PM

How laughter on the internet has evolved

12.11.2019 | 11:24 AM

5 apps to help streamline how you travel for business

11.11.2019 | 12:24 PM

SPOTLIGHT: The Wavecel Bontrager helmet offers a novel way to stop concussions

11.11.2019 | 11:17 AM

Here’s what you’ll be doing on Snapchat in 5 years’ time

08.11.2019 | 12:44 PM

A cross-sectional look inside Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport

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Did you know? Your entrepreneurial strengths might be hindering your investment success

07.11.2019 | 02:11 PM

Facebook’s new policy on ‘sexual’ emojis

06.11.2019 | 01:04 PM

Common mistakes SA retailers make on Black Friday

06.11.2019 | 10:34 AM

How to maximise your productivity when traveling for work

05.11.2019 | 10:08 AM

Siya Kolisi x Freedom of Movement shoe collab gives traditional South African ‘veldskoene’ a brand new look

04.11.2019 | 04:37 PM

5 iPhone shortcuts you didn’t know you needed

01.11.2019 | 11:18 AM

5 practical ways to make money online without spending any cash

01.11.2019 | 10:55 AM

South Africans can now own cattle at the click of a button with BitFarming app

31.10.2019 | 12:58 PM

Death planning in the digital age: How to prepare your online footprint for when you kick the bucket

30.10.2019 | 11:53 AM

Inside Google’s innovative Design Lab

29.10.2019 | 12:31 PM

Rise of the gig economy: How South Africa’s work-life dynamic is changing

28.10.2019 | 05:55 PM

Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

28.10.2019 | 10:38 AM

Stop letting fear control your decisions: Here’s how

24.10.2019 | 01:59 PM

Travelling for business may be bad for your mental health

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The emotionally intelligent way to deal with 5 types of co-workers

For most people, work takes up a huge chunk of their time. Americans, in particular, tend to work longer hours than their peers in other developed countries, according to OECD data. For the nonremote and nonsolo workers, spending a lot of time at work equates to spending a lot of time with your colleagues. So when […]

7 incredibly useful things you didn’t know gmail could do

All right, I’ll admit it: I have a bit of a problem. Most people pick an email service, set it up, and then use it—end of story. Me? I’m constantly fiddling with my inbox and working to find new tricks to make it more efficient. It’s an obsession. And I can’t stop. Can you really […]

Tools to keep your employees happy

Anyone who has ever been unhappy at work will tell you how debilitating it is. It stops you from being productive and affects your life outside of work. It’s not uncommon to have trouble sleeping and engaging in home life, and it can make you feel anxious all the time. The last week of September […]

How to make your online presence work for you

Not so long ago, most people didn’t have to worry about their online presence or personal brand. Unless you were a celebrity, politician, or prominent CEO or entrepreneur in a public-facing company, doing well in your career involved doing good work and making in-person connections. Applying for a job meant mailing (or physically dropping) off […]

5 free websites to help boost your business

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to start a business. Unfortunately, it’s never been harder to get people to pay attention to it. Here are some low-impact and—even better—free sites and services you can leverage in order get your company looking its best and get the word out that you’re ready to work. 1. SHAPE UP […]

Four business travel productivity killers

Most business travellers will tell you that productivity takes a backseat when travelling for work. Fatigue, jet lag and long wait times all take their toll, making it more difficult for road warriors to remain focussed and plugged-in while on-the-go.  We chatted to Pearl Mucabel, Key Account Manager for Flight Centre Business Travel about her […]

How to ace the year-end function

Year-end functions, while fun, can bring about a lot of stress. There is so much pressure to get it right, to please everyone and to make sure that everyone invited feels celebrated. No one wants a boring run-of-the-mill year-end lunch that doesn’t have any unique element of fun to it. So, the stress in making […]

Here’s why your obsession with productivity might be making you less productive

In this day and age, productivity is a standard requirement for value. There’s this idea that those who accomplish more in less time are most valuable to themselves, their colleagues, their companies, and even their families. It’s an ethos we don’t even question, as many of us continue on a never-ending quest to optimize every […]

Who needs a 40 hour work week? Not the under 40s

Every generation is shaped by its circumstances and none more so than the under 40s, aka the Millennials and Generation Zs. Their radically different technological and cultural landscape has given them a particular perspective that is changing the way we think of work. In the process it is also changing traditional employment practices. Employers who […]

Improving your mental health in the workplace with Work Mind Matters

Metal health advocate organisation, Work Mind Matters, have announced the launch of their inaugural Work Mind Matters Conference taking place in September this year, ahead of Mental Health Awareness Month in October. Mental wellness in the workplace is fundamental to the success of any business, and the Work Mind Matters Conference aims to start conversations […]

SA expats: Don’t get caught out with unpaid tax

Working overseas can often lead one to being caught out with unpaid tax. Whether you’re a young graduate teaching English in Asia, a 50-something homemaker doing caring work in Britain, or a highly skilled professional, it’s important to know what the South African Revenue Services (SARS) expects if you’re working abroad. As a South African […]

Just got a raise? Here’s how to handle the extra funds

You’ve finally been promoted and received a fabulous raise. Your immediate reaction may well be to rush out and upgrade your car, move into a bigger house or take your kids on holiday. To make a long-term financial impact on your life, seize the opportunity by deciding on the best way to make the most […]

Insects Might Be The Key to Making Lab-Grown Meat Take Off

Startups selling chips or protein bars made with crickets tout the environmental advantages of insects compared to raising cows or chickens. But the market for insects as food, while growing, is still tiny. A new study suggests that insects could enter mainstream diets another way: through lab-grown cells that could eventually be made into foods like faux shrimp or […]

Oh Good, Here’s Another Reason to Hate Credit Cards

Credit cards are the worst. They disconnect users from their money, making it too easy to spend and too simple to rack up debt and potentially ruin your credit score, making it harder to buy other things. Plus, they get skimmed or the numbers stolen, and for some reason most credit card companies think a signature is a good way to […]

How to Decide Whether to Email, Text, Call, or Talk in Person

Thanks to technology, we have a wealth of choices for communicating in the office and beyond. But herein lies the challenge. Email someone when you should have called and you might waste time going back and forth, or they might misunderstand your tone. Text your new boss when you should have emailed and you might […]

4 Steps to Reclaim Your Weekend for Fun Instead of Chores

Need to look into a bill? No worries. I’ll do that on the weekend. Need to clean the bathroom? Got it. I’ll do that on the weekend. Need a cardio workout? No problem. I’ll do that on the weekend. Need to finish a big presentation for work? It’s okay. I’ll do that on the weekend. […]

5 Signs That You Need to Leave Your Current Job Now

Sometimes a job or a company isn’t what you’d hoped it would be when you signed on. It’s always important to give everything your best effort, but when you feel like you’re banging your head against the wall, it might be time to make a change. First, it’s essential to know that it’s a buyer’s […]

How to celebrate Easter without creating tons of plastic trash

With Easter around the corner, strolling around your neighborhood means stepping into a cheery world of pastels, egg motifs, and bunny rabbits. The majority of South Africans celebrate Easter, and for many the highlight of the day is an epic Easter egg hunt. It’s all very joyous, but if you’ve been on a mission to […]

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