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One of the world’s oldest and greatest cognac houses, Martell has unveiled an exciting new ultra-premium expression destined to be the must-have for South Africa’s cognac connoisseurs. Martell Cognac VSOP Aged in Red Barrels is a rare showcase of the influence of wood maturation in the art of fine cognac-making and reflects the unique style that is the hallmark of the House of Martell.  

“Martell Cognac VSOP Red Barrel is a first of its kind,” says International Martell Cognac Brand Ambassador and member of the tasting committee Aldrick Dehec. “It’s an irresistible invitation to discover a new and unexpected perspective, experience and encounter with fine cognac.”

Unfurled in glass, Martell Cognac VSOP Red Barrel shows coppery-toned brilliance. The bouquet is round and fresh, run through by intense fruity notes. The aromas of fresh yellow stone fruits, like cherry plum and baby Reine-Claude, are gently coated by subtle mellowed woody notes. Then, the power grows and gains depth, with fleshier fruits such as apricot or vine peach chiming in.

In the mouth, Martell VSOP Red Barrel makes a full, broad attack that leads with small plums and Honeymoon peaches and apricots. Delicate notes ring from the russet wood’s sweet spices – a perfect balance of expressiveness and refinement.

The cognac’s name is inspired by the natural colouration the casks undergo at a stage in maturation associated with optimal balance. At this point, the eaux-de-vie fully express their natural fruit aromas and blend harmoniously with the subtle woody overtones, producing an exceptionally rich and elegant cognac.

“Martell VSOP Red Barrel reflects the exploratory spirit of the House of Martell in cognac making and is a cognac dedicated to true connoisseurs,” says Dehec.

“Our eaux-de-vie are aged exclusively in fine-grained oak barrels. Casks for the Martell VSOP Red Barrel are specifically selected by the cellarmaster and utilised to full term, producing a smooth cognac that showcases Martell’s maturation style and character. “Only casks that previously held Martell VS cognac are used. The eaux-de-vie for its premium VSOP Red Barrel are matured for at least four years before being blended for consistency.’’

Every bottle is an ambassador of the great axes upon which Martell craftsmanship rests – place, precision and time.

Unique terroir of France’s grape-growing region of Cognac gives the finest Martell cognacs their hallmark elegance and subtlety. Traditional Charentais copper stills, applied by singular method, give the final cognacs their distinctive Martell style.

Martell is defined by techniques and expertise passed down for centuries. French merchant Jean Martell established his eponymous cognac house in 1715. His VSOP – Very Superior Old Pale – was born in 1831.

Today, 300 years of passion and precision present a premier cognac experience in Martell VSOP Red Barrel, available at purveyors of fine liquors from R569 per bottle.