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Three remotes, the TV guide, a pile of magazines and a couple of takeout menus . . . If you’re looking to declutter a living area and bring the coffee back to the coffee table, the compact Sofa Saddle is an aesthetically pleasing solution.

Created and crafted from high-quality felt and leather by local designer Matthew Neilson, it will keep all your ‘me time’ essentials out of sight yet within easy reach.

Neilson’s Matblac Studios is part of the Konnect design network launched last year by urban property developer Blok. It’s a collaborative showcase of local designers handpicked for their creativity and shared design passion, coming together to create once-off limited edition pieces. The Sofa Saddle was the perfect complement to Blok’s meticulously designed apartments.

According to Neilson, the goal with the Sofa Saddle was to help create a minimalist and organised modern home, small or large. “We chose the TV room area as the worst clutter offender—for obvious reasons!” It’s not only a dedicated place for your paraphernalia but also serves to protect the sofa arm from coffee or tea cup rings.

The Sofa Saddle is an offshoot of the classic carrying-concept of motorcycle panniers. Taking a proven design, like pannier bags, and working it into a new setting gave the best results. There was no need to reinvent the wheel, says Neilson.

Any design tweaks in the pipeline? “We feel the design is perfect in functionality, but love the thought of adding pop-colour options for bold personalities.”

The Sofa Saddle costs R1 250 and is available in brown and black. All Konnect and Matblac pieces are showcased in the Blok exhibition space at 51 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town. See