BY Zeenat Vallie 2 MINUTE READ

Global online accommodation service, Airbnb is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and will be launching a road map that outlines new initiatives including four additional property types. 

In a bid to expand its reach to 1 billion annual guests by 2028, the group plans to provide a greater range of property types which include luxury stays as well as rentals for various occasions including weddings and honeymoons. 

The accommodation platform already boasts 4.5 million places to stay in 81 000 cities. 

“10 years ago we never dreamed of what Airbnb could become. In fact, people thought the idea that strangers would stay in each other’s homes was crazy. Today, millions of people every night do just that. But we want to go further by supporting and expanding our community so that in 10 years time, more than 1 billion people per year will experience the benefits of magical travel on Airbnb”, said Airbnb Co-Founder, CEO, and Head of Community, Brian Chesky. 

The company which generated R475 billion over the last ten years offers over 100 000 listings in Africa and brought in over 2 million guests. 

The online service is planning to grow this number exponentially by implementing the following:

4 property types

Airbnb initially offered only 3 property types, an entire home, private room or a shared space. People will now be able to choose additional property types such as a vacation home, unique home, B&B and boutiques. 

“These new categories – vacation homes, unique, B&B and boutique – allow hosts to categorize their listings to an unprecedented level of detail in the travel industry, not only making it possible to organize everything by these 7 core property types, but also opening the door to sophisticated search capabilities that will allow any traveller to find the host and home that’s right for them”, said Airbnb. 

Airbnb Collections

Airbnb was initially created for solo travellers. However, it will now cater for a range of different travel. Airbnb launched Airbnb Family which caters for family accommodation as well as Airbnb for work.The accommodation platform is set to launch additional collections for social stays, weddings as well as honeymoons. 

When asked how these new collections would operate, Airbnb said:

“Hosts will need to categorise their homes and spaces under these banners. It’s not just for events, but also by travel type. So, if you are looking for the perfect place to stay for a family holiday or for a work trip, as an example. Hosts would categorise their home in these specific ways. There are already some amazing homes, B&Bs and Boutiques that are perfectly suited to family travel, work trips or with fully functional event venues or spaces. These collections will allow guests to easily access these homes and accommodation spaces so that they know for sure that where they are booking is perfectly suited to a family holiday, social event, wedding, etc”.

New tier – Airbnb Plus

In a bid to offer the best accomodation of high-quality standard, Airbnb is launching Airbnb Plus. This new tier comprises of a tier of homes that have been verified for quality and comfort. 

2000 homes in 13 cities are already available via Airbnb Plus and Cape Town is one of the 13 cities included in this launch. 

New tier – Airbnb Beyond

Airbnb beyond will offer custom designed trips and is set to launch later this year.