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Tired of typing? These 15 gadgets let you quickly digitise your scribbles

15.09.2020 | 12:05 PM

Explained: The key value of SAP’s HANA for businesses

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Here’s what the future of socially distant cinema looks like

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This new clothes-sharing platform lets you borrow clothes from someone else’s closet

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Will robots replace human journalists?

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These running shoes are 100% recyclable

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5 apps to help keep your mental health in check

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The essential nonprofit fundraising guide for the rest of 2020

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This South African-founded development company is converting vacant US hotels into affordable housing

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This is how Timberland is transforming into a ‘zero waste, zero impact’ apparel company

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This sustainable neighbourhood has been designed to manage both climate change and pandemics

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Fossil fuel companies are using plastic as their next source of income

04.09.2020 | 10:48 AM

SA’s new contact tracing app: A double-edged sword

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Burger King designs new “touchless” restaurant for Covid-19 era

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Here’s what Facebook’s latest “Update to Our Terms” message is all about

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Virtual reality art exhibition allows couples to create digital babies

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This is why kids are so obsessed with TikTok, according to a social media expert

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Here’s why Nestlé is buying a peanut-allergy company for $2.6B

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This top resume tips will serve you through the good and bad times of job hunting

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AI and virtual reality brings new age fashion to life

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Merge app brings a new hope for SA as the new ‘it’ platform for entrepreneurs and investors

Business partners Zander Matthee and Brandon Bate are inventors of the innovative Merge app. Now one of South Africa’s leading web-based platforms for entrepreneurs and investors to meet online, the app aims to create a more robust […]

Are universities becoming irrelevant? Tech firms take over in new Covid-19 normal

The merits of a university education are currently under the microscope. Covid-19 is forcing us to re-evaluate the relevance of universities as developers of a workforce. Yes, they were not just created to develop a […]

Here’s why the CEO of TikTok just quit after 3 months

TikTok isn’t having a good 2020 (but hey, who is?). For months, the social media app has been under a sustained attack from the Trump administration over its alleged ties to the Chinese Communist Party. […]

Elon Musk to reveal latest on brain computer technology

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is all set to reveal a key update on his brain-machine interface company Neuralink this week and may announce human trials for the technology that has been successful on […]

Ukheshe Technologies launches Third-Party Payment Processes in South Africa

Through an extended partnership with Mastercard and Nedbank, payments platform specialist, Ukheshe Technologies has launched its Third-Party Processing Services (TPP) in South Africa. This latest announcement by the fintech specialist gives everyday businesses access to prepaid and virtual cards, […]

Why FACEBOOK wants your Avatar

If you are on Facebook you probably have your own Avatar by now. If not, you will probably have one soon. If you are not familiar with them, they are a cartoon-like version of yourself […]

Google tests secret 6GHz network in US: What does this mean?

As the world aims to switch to a faster Wi-Fi network soon, Google is reportedly testing a 6GHz network in 17 different states in the US. In April, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opened […]

The end of global internet is coming, thanks to US/China tech war

The Internet was supposed to enable globalisation. It has tried and in the process enabled US tech companies to have a global presence. China on the other hand built its own version of the internet […]

We need more successful Tech Startups founded by Women

There’s no shortage of programmes that are aimed at addressing the shortage of women in the technology industry. Despite the skills development interventions the number of successful women technology startup founders is very limited. Clearly, […]

Why African tech start-ups should worry about big tech

If there was ever a doubt about the abuse of power by big tech companies, their appearance in front of the US Congress has ended such doubts about the abusive nature of these companies. Revelations […]

Twitter contractors reportedly used internal tools to spy on celebrities

Former Twitter security employees have alleged that some of the company’s contractors have used tricks to spy on some of the social media giant’s biggest users, including Beyoncé. That’s according to a report from Bloomberg, which spoke […]

Google is working on the next generation of wearable technology – smart tattoos

Always at the forefront of innovation and invention, Google is working on the next generation of wearable technology.  This comes in the form of smart tattoos. When applied to skin, the tattoos transform the human […]

AI will never be worse than having a micromanaging boss. Here’s why

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) ever be as creepy as your boss? Well, that depends primarily on how creepy your boss is. We know there are limits to AI’s “creepiness,” but it’s harder to say the […]

Children are spending more time in front of screens than ever. Should parents be worried?

Millions of working parents have spent months largely trapped in their homes with their children. Many are trying to get their jobs done remotely in the constant presence of their kids, and they are desperate for some […]

Apple now offering access to audio and localised news stories

Earlier this month, Apple Inc announced it is expanding its offerings on the Apple News app with audio versions of stories narrated by voice actors, a morning newscast hosted by two journalists, and more access […]

10 essential browser tweaks to get rid of the web’s biggest annoyances

This rusty ol’ internet of ours sure has a lot to offer, but man, oh man, can it be annoying to use. From ad-infested websites to autoplaying videos and an endless array of pop-up provocations, […]

After eating the traditional media industry, technology is now coming for the education sector

The tech industry has completed its job of eating the media industry. Just ask the Media 24 journalists whose jobs are on the line partly because of Covid-19 but mainly due to the decline of […]

All the tech features in the new Mercedes S-Class

When it comes to technology, the S-Class has always led the way for Mercedes-Benz products, blazing the trail with new gadgets that will eventually filter down to humbler models in the range. The 2021 Mercedes […]

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