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Reduce, reuse, recycle: A remedy for waste

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Why doing the easy part of your to-do list first can be a bad idea

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Air pollution could affect more than just your physical health – your mental health could be at stake too

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A new way to grow vegetables on space missions

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6 habits of wealthy people

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Need to a apologise? Do this to make it a successful one.

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ACCENTURE: For accelerating app development

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RELATE TRUST: For building a crowdfunding enterprise that tackles social issues

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AFRICA BUSINESS INTEGRATION: For maximising AI’s power in Africa

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Nominations now open for Fast Company SA’s Most Innovative Companies Awards

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FC Most Innovative Companies Awards: How Nike nabbed Design Company of the Year 2019

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Does your social circle need an upgrade in 2020? Here’s how to make the change

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Top online retail trends to look out for in 2020

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The most innovative and sustainable sneakers to look forward to in 2020

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Is this the jacket of the future?

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The slow death of open offices

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Career Q&A with fashion designer Misha Nonoo

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The most downloaded apps and games of the 2010’s

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When is the appropriate time for a child to get an smartphone?

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Top African tech trends to look out for in 2020

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Think algorithms are just for online? There’s mathematics behind your IRL friendships too

Have you ever felt like everyone else has so much more to be thankful for? Check your Facebook or Instagram feed: Your friends seem to dine at finer restaurants, take more exotic vacations, and have more accomplished children. They even have cuter pets! Rest assured, it’s an illusion, one that’s rooted in a property of […]

6 ways tech has transformed the way we travel

Thanks to technology, travelling internationally today is much more convenient and accessible than it was even a decade or two ago. Where planning for travel used to be time consuming, and navigating a foreign city difficult, all that has changed thanks to mobile apps, comparison engines and more. Here are six ways that tech has […]

Will you be affected by Twitter’s crackdown on inactive accounts? Here are 5 things you need to know.

Like many social media platforms, Twitter has a fairly large number of user accounts whose owners are no longer active on the service—and haven’t been in a long time. While these abandoned accounts don’t affect the average Twitter user, they do prevent users from signing up for Twitter handles that may have long been taken […]

Innovative app helps cancer patients navigate their disease

Cancer survivor Conn Bertish created an app that engages cancer-treatment patients.

How laughter on the internet has evolved

These days, the internet is filled with meaningless “LOLs” and “LMAOs,” shorthand that indicates that something is funny, even when, truthfully, there’s usually no laughter behind the screen. Since we now have a whole host of laughter-oriented emoji at our fingertips (think the crying-with-laughter face, the tears-streaming-down-my-face-I’m-laughing-so-hard face, or the throwing-my-head-back-as-I-cry-with-laughter face), it’s getting harder […]

5 apps to help streamline how you travel for business

Even in our digital world, where status meetings can be conducted via the Internet from almost every corner of the globe, business travel is still essential to many companies. Whether it’s to pitch to prospects for new work, close deals or manage relationships with clients in another city or country – nothing replaces face-to-face interaction […]

Here’s what you’ll be doing on Snapchat in 5 years’ time

Snapchat is an app known for its 10-second ephemeral videos—but Bobby Murphy, one of the original founders and current CTO of the app’s parent company, Snap, takes the long view. On stage at the Fast Company Innovation Festival, Murphy described thinking 10 to 20 years into Snap’s future: With features such as Landmarkers, which uses […]

Facebook’s new policy on ‘sexual’ emojis

Facebook and Instagram are now censoring what the companies describe as “contextually specific and commonly sexual emojis or emoji strings” in a summer update to the Sexual Solicitation section of the company’s Community Standards. Yes, that could include the eggplant, sweat drip, and peach emoji. Facebook and Instagram won’t censor “suggestive elements” on their own, however. They […]

5 iPhone shortcuts you didn’t know you needed

Like just about every iPhone owner, you probably opened the box, peeled the plastic from your new phone, and started using it—nonexistent user manual be damned. And like just about every other iPhone user, you’re probably not using said device as smartly as you could be. In that spirit, here are some tips and tricks […]

South Africans can now own cattle at the click of a button with BitFarming app

A world-first innovation is pioneering livestock farming in South Africa. BitFarming, it acts as a link between livestock producers, buyers of livestock, and abattoirs. “I knew I wouldn’t own a farm where I could raise my own cattle,” says Albertus Potgieter, the founder of BitFarming. “The idea of crowd farming came to me and I had a […]

Death planning in the digital age: How to prepare your online footprint for when you kick the bucket

In 2019 we’re all hyper-connected and comfortable with mass oversharing, but most of us haven’t realised that we need to account for our digital lives when we plan for our eventual deaths. Before the internet took over our lives, death planning was pretty straightforward. Write a will, do some estate planning, and make sure your […]

Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

When the Samsung Galaxy S5e Tablet first landed on my desk for review, my initial impression was that it lived up to (the first part) of its tag line – it is indeed lighter than a cup of coffee – but if it was ‘equally as refreshing’ was something I needed to investigate. I spent […]

Are you ‘future fit’? Find out if you’re equipped to thrive in a digital world

Are you fit enough to share in a world of intelligent technologies?With intelligent machines and the onset of Industry 4.0, the future has inspired a mix of fear and fantasy. There are those who fear massive job losses and those who see only opportunity, with robots featuring everywhere in our daily lives. The effect of […]

6 benefits of gaming as a family

With the likes of Fortnite and Call of Duty taking the world by storm, and men and women of all ages – literally from primary school kids to working professionals – catching onto the gaming craze, the concept of using this once anti-social habit as a family bonding activity, is becoming increasingly reasonable. Embracing gaming […]

New ways of navigating the world through tech

Not having important knowledge at hand can be more than just an inconvenience. It can have real-world consequences. What do I mean by that? Let’s look at the average (or rather, to use statistician-speak “the most likely”)  South African, according to StatsSA’s latest figures (2011 Census). She’s a black woman who lives in Gauteng, in […]

Tips from an eye doctor: How to stop small screens and blue light from ruining your vision

Blue light has gotten a bad rap, getting blamed for loss of sleep and eye damage. Personal electronic devices emit more blue light than any other colour. Blue light has a short wavelength, which means that it is high-energy and can damage the delicate tissues of the eye. It can also pass through the eye to the […]

Instagram dark mode is a thing. Here’s how to enable it.

One of the most frequently requested features of Instagram over the years has been dark mode—and now, it’s finally here. Instagram quietly rolled out the feature on both iOS and Android last night.  Dark Mode has arrived on Instagram for iOS 13. The wait is now over. Just update your iPhone application. Dark Mode on […]

4 apps to kick your productivity into high gear

Headspace: Guided MeditationIt’s impossible to be productive without adequate rest and relaxation. Headspace provides a range of professionally produced guided meditations and calming techniques for every situation. After a free basic course, you gain access to the full Headspace meditation library, including on-the-go exercises, meditations for sleep, anxiety, relationship woes, SOS scenarios and much more. […]

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