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If Anyone Can Give Us a Real Facebook Alternative, it’s Apple

Facebook is so big, and its reach so wide, that few rival networks even get out of the starting gates, much less gain the critical mass of members to offer a real alternative. That’s the thing about social networks – people will choose the social network where their friends already are, so that one winning […]

People on the Internet Have No Idea How Bad They Are at Online Security

A new survey from Google and Harris Poll, released a year after Google introduced “.app” as a more secure alternative to “.com,” shows that while 55% of Americans over the age of 16 give themselves an A or B in online safety and security, 70% of them wrongly identified what a safe website looks like. The survey […]

9 Things You Need to Know About the WhatsApp Spyware Attack

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is urging all of its users worldwide to update the app to the latest version of the software after it discovered that the app’s integrity had been compromised. The warning came after the Financial Times revealed that a vulnerability had been discovered that let attackers install spyware on iPhones and Android phones simply by placing a […]

Meet the Big-Thinking Space Startups That Want to Transform the Universe with Tiny Satellites

Getting a satellite into space is traditionally a daunting proposition, costing tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to finance an operation that is planned and carried out over a period measured in years rather than months. But as the miniaturisation of surveillance and communications hardware continues, those numbers are starting to come down – […]

BigFive Selects Tech Savvy Cape Town as Inaugural Summit Host

As Africa’s biggest and fastest-growing technology hub, it is no surprise that BigFive Digital chose the city of Cape Town as host for its inaugural Summit. This event is a first for the continent for companies building digital marketing, commerce, and back-office solutions for small businesses across Africa and the Middle East (AME). According to the […]

Why XR will be 2020’s buzzword

Last year was dominated by Artificial Intelligence – and the year before by Big Data and IoT. But what about next year? How can local companies predict the next wave to ensure innovation and differentiation? One largely needs to follow the breadcrumbs of technology releases, and the ensuing innovators and influential early adopters who dictate […]

Ex-Apple designer explains why Cupertino didn’t address screen addiction earlier

The crisis in tech can be traced in part to less-than-conscientious design. We’re all familiar with its worst manifestations—from iPhones that encourage excessive screen time to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube that are addictive and prioritise sensationalised content. But what do we do about it? That’s where the debate continues to rage. On […]

Notre-Dame fire: Why historic restorations keep going up in flames

The moment I heard about the inferno at Notre-Dame de Paris (which I’d just visited in January), my first thought was: renovation. Sadly, I will probably turn out to be right. “Unfortunately, [fire] goes hand in hand with these historic buildings,” says Edward Lewis, who has worked on the restoration of centuries-old timber-frame buildings in […]

Teenagers Aren’t All That Affected By Screen Time After All, Study Says

If you spend a lot of time arguing with your teenager about their screen time, maybe you should save yourself the headache. New research indicates that copious amounts of texting, keeping up that Snapchat streak, swiping through Instagram DMs, and watching YouTube has little effect on the psychological well-being of teenagers. That’s according to a […]

For Connecting Clients with Reliable, Quality Contractors

Since the age of 18, Joshua Cox has been passionate about improving our world. Founding a social enterprise however, was something unexpected. He studied nature conservation at Stellenbosch University and thereafter worked in the non-profit sector in community development. After a failed business attempt, he met Simon, who inspired him to start Fix Forward in […]

For Saving Fuel and Optimising Engines

He was nearing completion of his (uncompleted) master’s degree in the early 80s when, during a coffee break, Norman Grant, Director of Technology and Engineering at MISER Hydraulic Hybrid Technologies, was challenged to find a “world-beater” concept rather than the “usual stuff”. “That was my inspiration for developing this hybrid technology. At the time, it […]

For Maximising AI’s Power in Africa

Artificial intelligence (AI) – the buzzword that has sparked both excitement and fear – has found a solid footing in Africa thr-ough sci-tech company Africa Business Integration (ABI). Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution with full force, Co-founders Thabo Koee and Tebogo Nakampe started ABI with the sole purpose of providing key computer integration solutions to […]

For Creating the Next Generation’s Apps

Xander – a series of educational children’s apps – is just one of the many innovative products created by EverAfrica. The apps provide mother tongue learning for children (between ages three and six) who speak African languages. The apps can be downloaded in Afrikaans, English, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Sotho, Swahili or Shona — the first […]

For Enabling Innovation Through the Cape to Cairo High Speed Network

Reshaad Sha, CEO of Liquid Telecom, details his thoughts on how to propel Africa’s ICT sector forward.  Africa has one of the youngest populations in the world today, with 20% aged between 15 and 24. Thus, the development of digital skills will be critical to both their future and Africa’s participation in the digital economy […]

Autonomous Vehicles and Why Ethics Matter

There is little doubt that autonomous vehicles, more commonly known as self-driving cars, are set to be transformational. The market alone is set to reach roughly $42-billion by 2025 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) projected at 21% until 2030. Not only will this disruption be immense, giving birth to new types of businesses, services […]

For innovating mobile banking apps

What makes Absa an innovative leader in Industry 4.0? Within a year, Absa was able to set up ChatBanking for significant value and retail returns through a bank-integrated multiplatform system. For example, by activating an icon, users can ask a bot to action a request. We are now leaning into bot intelligence to build shortcuts […]

For Leading the Pack When it Comes to Tackling World Issues

It’s in their DNA International software specialists SAP have dominated the digital enterprise space for decades. Founded in Germany, the company boasts a strong foothold in over 180 countries and serves 365 000 customers worldwide. Recently, SAP’s South African branch ranked eighth on the Global Top Employers rankings for 2019 for having exceptional working conditions […]

For Bringing Machine-Learning Solutions to Market

Frans Cronje, Co-founder and Managing Director of DataProphet, left his job to develop a technical skill in artificial intelligence (AI). He had his sights set on monetising his newfound passion by either starting his own business or joining a team that were AI-focused. Thus, DataProphet was born. Along with the help of a friend, Frans […]

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