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While many business owners say that they are aware of cyber- crime, many still make the same mistakes. Here are four tips on how to make your business less vulnerable:

[dropcap size=small]1[/dropcap] – Connect with a secure service provider
The points of entry into a business network have increased due to Bring @ Your Own Device (BYOD) business decisions,
migration to cloud-based systems, and moving to wireless access as primary means of connectivity. Effective IT security must include strong IT governance and the right partner or technology selections.
[dropcap size=small]2[/dropcap] – Always have a firewall
Over 75% of cybercrime targets small businesses—don’t be a statistic. Protect your business with The Virtual Firewall. This cost-effective alternative for low-bandwidth network links or hosting environments offers a dedicated firewall— including firewall configuration, administration, monitoring and support—to protect corporate data and systems in a round-the- clock managed solution hosted in South Africa by MTN Business.
[dropcap size=small]3[/dropcap] – Don’t click on unsafe links
Clicking on links in emails, on social media platforms and in online advertising is a common way to compromise your
device. MTN Email Security Suite helps protect against malicious email spam and phishing attempts, and provides a means of recovering emails in the event of mail accounts or a computer being compromised by malware.
[dropcap size=small]4[/dropcap] – Stay updated
Keeping your security software and operating system current is the best defence against online threats. Symantec Endpoint Protection hosted by MTN provides intrusion protection, proactive threat protection and anti-virus protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, bots and adware.