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Today Google announced key products that showcase the AI capability of the global tech giant. 5 of them stood out for their uniqueness and potential to keep Google a leading force. Gmail, Docs and Sheets have been enhanced with a dose of AI.

Here’s how: using simple text prompts, users will be able to draft Gmail messages, write form letters in Docs, and generate table templates in Sheets.


Days of writing every email are numbered. Google has announced that using simple text prompts you will be able to draft Gmail messages.

Google Docs

In addition to Gmail AI new features, Google Docs users will be able to generate text with simple prompts, then modify or rephrase the output with follow-up commands. A proofreading feature will also arrive in the “coming months,” with suggestions on tone, conciseness, and repetitiveness.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets will also get a boost via a “help me organize” feature (to be introduced next month) that can turn text prompts into table templates. Google said this can be useful for creating project planners, activity schedules, or task lists. In the coming months, users will be able to label items in a spreadsheet, then have Duet apply that label to other items that look similar.


Search has also been brought to the fore. The most well known Google product will now summarise answers for you, without making you click a link or pulling information from Wikipedia. The latest AI models will also offer product comparisons, and even shopping pages generated with the help of new AI.

First Folding Phone by Google

Lastly, Google has launched a foldable device that will see the tech giant playing a role in the foldable devices market. At first glance, the Pixel Fold looks almost identical to any other Pixel. It has a screen on the front, and a prominent camera bar on the back. But you can actually open the entire device to unfold a second, larger screen.

The Pixel Fold a mere 5.7mm when unfolded—which is 2mm thinner than an iPhone 14 and the thinnest foldable in the world. It’s a bulkier 12.7mm when folded up).Both the hinge and the camera bar shine to get your attention, thanks to their mirrored aluminium finish. Overall Google has demonstrated that it has an answer for the AI challenge.