BY Gavin Prins < 1 MINUTE READ

Information and technology group Nihka, who is showing signs of noticeable success and impressive results, has now been recognised by the Middle East Africa Awards committee as a strong player in its field.
Nihka Technology Group has just won the MEA Awards in two categories:

  • Best E2E IT Service Provider category
  • Distinction in IT Project Management Services  for 2018.

A proud Yashmita Bhana, CEO and entrepreneur, says it’s an honour to have won in these categories. “We as a business continuously strive to empower African professionals and businesses to level up and when we as a company achieve and excel in our field, my heart warms up. It means that our efforts are not in vain.”

Acting as both implementers and consultants to big corporate companies, Nihka is now, after being awarded best support business by a South African parastatal, recognised as a top ICT and development company. Nihka’s team of experts are passionate and extremely tech-savvy as they create innovative solutions for companies in all industries.

The Middle East Africa Awards highlights top performing businesses and entrepreneurs in today’s market. Their expert teams work tirelessly to ensure that only the most deserving receive their prestigious awards.

They focus on outstanding businesses within all sectors & industries from the efforts put forth in maintaining sustainability in the energy, agriculture and tourism markets, to the innovations in the fields of finance and telecommunications. Winners are based on merit alone rather than just on the number of votes received.

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