BY Fast Company Contributor 2 MINUTE READ

Tech giant Google will be rolling out three new features on Google Maps that will allow users to share and find local recommendations and information much easier.

The road editing feature will allow users to report and edit road changes with the all-new desktop road editing tool.

Google says users will be able to add missing roads by drawing lines, renaming roads, changing road directionality and realign or delete incorrect roads.

The company also added that users can inform them if a road is closed with details such as dates, reasons and directions. This is to make suggestions and edits more accurate, Google will then validate contributed road updates before publishing them.

“We’ve made it easier for you to report road changes with a new, immersive desktop road editing tool. When you see a road missing on, simply click on the side menu button, go to ’Edit the map’, and select ’Missing Road.’ Now the power to map is in your hands,” the company said in a blog post.

The feature will be rolling out in more than 80 countries where people can already report road updates on Google Maps in the next coming months.

The second feature is photo-sharing where users can easily find and share experiences with the latest update. With this feature, users can take pictures and upload them with a small caption for others to see, without the need to leave a review or rating.

Lastly, the company will also be adding the ‘Local Love Challenge’ where users will be contributing to the businesses they have visited by adding ratings and reviews. Google says this will focus mostly on people using Android in the US.

“Each contribution will count toward a collective goal of updating 100 000 businesses. We’ll use feedback on the Local Love challenge to guide future campaigns in more countries,” the blog post concludes.