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Anna Stukkert, Klara Pecherskay and Boris Fishman created a social project, a philanthropist community fund in Munich Germany. “Tjoply Dom bei Anja” is a club for seniors who live and appreciate life. The senior club also offers the organization of free time, support and assistance in everyday life for older people with and without disabilities of any kind.

Thanks to this help from the SHZ self-help center Munich, the main organizers of the “Tjoply Dom meet at Anja's”: Anna Stukkert, Klara Pecherskaya, Boris Fishman, Sergii Cherepanov, Gertruda Volovnik, Ursula Kalb, Semjon Fedorovskij, Evgenija Rakhlin, Evgenij Tomin, Dora Fishman, Gencho end Aurelija Todorov, Valentina Krasnoshevskaya, Olkhovskij Georgij, Elena Dinitz, Vadim Vasiliev, Pavel Tarasevich, Choir Melodija named after Alla Fisman led by Ella Kochnova, Katerina Vikles, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Sipilina Ludmila and some of their invited guests every month.

Goals and plans of Tjoply Dom at Anja 2022-2023

The philanthropic group’s goals and plans include the development and implementation of activities to promote social, intellectual, physical and psychological adoption of older people(70+), people without the possibility of caring for their own children and/or grandchildren, older people with reduced mobility, disabled seniors and refugees from Ukraine.

The philanthropic group is engaged in support activities to facilitate and conduct various events that are geared towards culture and at the same time offer help to people with serious illnesses. The group also is targeting the establishment of additional social support for older people at regular monthly meetings.

The mission is to achieve significant improvement in the motivation and rediscovery of zest for life and meaning in life of older people who have remained without care and support, and provide assistance in the settlement of seniors and refugees from Ukraine.

Key focus of the philanthropic group is to promote the status and role of older people in society by supporting the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for people over 70, improving the moral and psychological state of the adult generation.

What has been achieved so far?

Philanthropic senior club “Tjoply Dom bei Anja” has been able to increase the number of active participants up to 350 people within a year since it was founded. The group started with almost 100 people. At the same time, Tjoply Dom was able to welcome more than 150 guests at Anja’s big meeting with a concert and dinner. The number of active guests participating in regular monthly meetings has reached 50 people.Participation in the work of the club of external specialists from various fields, both as experts and as lecturers from more than 15 different areas. Sponsors and partners have been recruited to support dinners and lunches for charity with a total investment budget of over € 50,000. The monthly meetings were and will continue to be supported by the SHZ Self-Help Center Association for the demand for Self-Help.

The project “Tepliy Dom bei Anja” will also support Ursula Kalb-parish association Sant Egidio Munich Germany. For Ursula Kalb, being a Christian today means above all standing on the side of the poor. And that is what she and Alexandra Baranowskij live in the community of Sant’ Egidio, which meets in Schwabing, among other places, in the Catholic church of Sankt Sylvester on Biedersteiner Straße.

“Society often forgets old and weak people, but they are part of it,” says Kalb. Thus, the members of Sant’ Egidio are committed to the poor and the elderly, but not only: They support, among other things, the “Dream” project, which was launched by the Community of Sant’ Egidio itself in February 2002 and fights AIDS in Africa, and provide emergency aid, for example in the Philippines or in Syria.

In addition to global projects, the community is also active on a smaller scale, in Munich, for example, with prayers for the refugees from Lampedusa or for the “Isar murder victim”, the man who was stabbed by an unknown person on the Isar at the end of May and fatally injured. Andin Schwabing, too, Sant’ Egidio supports the disadvantaged: once a month, for example, there is a meal for the needy in the parish hall of Sankt Sylvester.