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When the “Coming To America 2” costume designer,Ruth Carter, was considering a costume that would be suitable for an African woman she chose a MaXhosa garment. Later on Nomzamo Mbatha wore a MaXhosa dress during her performance on “Coming To America 2”. For the first time, an African outfit featured in a Hollywood film and thereby softly promoting an African design. This moment was important for African culture. It is rare to find anything on a global stage that embraces an African identity. When the MaXhosa brand designer, Laduma Ngxokolo, created the fashion brand he created a cultural icon. It’s impact is more just fashion. It has allowed a community that was invisible on a global stage to be seen. Now the global community knows about the Xhosa and other forms of African design language through the MaXhosa brand.

This is exactly what Laduma Ngxokolo wanted to achieve when he started the business in 2012. He wanted to change the perception of what it means to be Made in Africa, which Maxhosa fully is. Today the likes of Eddie Murhoy, Dwyane Wade, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, and Beyoncé have been seen wearing a MaXhosa brand item.


MAXHOSA AFRICA designs showcase the beauty, culture, language and aspiration of the Xhosa people.

Celebrates traditional Xhosa aesthetics

MAXHOSA AFRICA is a South African knitwear brand founded in 2012 by Laduma Ngxokolo. This was with desire to explore knitwear design solutions that would be suitable for amakrwala (Xhosa initiates). His initial vision was to create a modern Xhosa-inspired knitwear collection that would be suitable for this market. As a person who has undergone the process, Laduma felt that he had to develop premium knitwear that celebrates traditional Xhosa aesthetics.Along his journey into exploring astonishing traditional Xhosa beadwork patterns, symbolism and colours, he discovered that they would be the best source of inspiration for the knitwear, which he then reinterpreted into modern knitwear. MAXHOSA AFRICA designs showcase the beauty, culture, language and aspiration of the Xhosa people. Evolved and amended in a modern way and a current design context it translates into a form that resonates with multiple fashion markets globally.

Brand Aspiration, become a leading African lux, premium and mass heritage fashion & lifestyle brand. His goal is to change the perception of what it means to be Made in Africa, which Maxhosa fully is.


TREVOR NOAH (Personal That Matters)

When the South African government was developing a tourism plan to bring back tourists, the Trevor Noah brand featured. As a personal brand, he was amongst major brands that could deliver the desired result. He became a brand upon which a nations hopes could rest. This happened during a period when South Africa was concerned about its image abroad. At some point the country was accused of supplying weapons to a country at war. Although this proven to be false the reputational damage had already damaged the image of the country. Loading shedding challenges are often reflecting negatively on the country and probably influencing the tourist decision making processes. Misinformation on social media is also adding fuel about security issues. In response to all of the dark spots about South Africa, Trevor Noah told the tourists that they were missing out. There’s no doubt that the Trevor Noah brand has inspired some to consider South Africa.Such is the power of the Trevor Noah personal brand.


Trevor Noah is one of the most successful comedians in the world and was the host of the Emmy® Award-winning “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central for seven years. Under Trevor, “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” broke free from the restraints of a 30-minute linear show, producing engaging social content, award-winning digital series, podcasts and more for its global audience. Last year, “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” landed a record number of seven Emmy Award nominations.Trevor is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller “Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood” and its young readers adaptation, released in 2019, “It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood,” which also debuted as a New York Times bestseller. The Audible edition of “Born a Crime,” performed by Trevor, was produced by Audible and remains one of the top-selling, highest-rated, and most-commented-on Audible performances of all time. To date, “Born a Crime” has sold over 3 million copies across all formats.Following the extraordinary success of “Born a Crime,” Trevor is writing a new book titled “Into the Uncut Grass” for One World (an imprint of the Random House Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC). The book is scheduled for release in 2024 and is a gorgeously illustrated and moving modern fable for readers of all ages about forgiveness, acceptance, and the secret to solidarity.Trevor will be hosting an original Spotify weekly podcast titled What Now? With Trevor Noah launching on November 9th, 2023. In this new podcast, listeners will get a chance to hear Trevor Noah like never before. In each episode, Trevor will go deep with a special guest, including entertainers, CEOs, actors, athletes, and thought leaders. He’ll bring the kind of conversations that happen behind the scenes to light, full of radical candor, authentic back-and-forths, and honest reactions, with Trevor bringing to bear his classic, effortlessly playful and equally probing style.


Whenever there’s a disaster with people in need, there’s one South African organisation that will be there to provide support. The disaster could be in any part of the world, it does not matter the conditions, war or no war they show up for the victims. By the end of 2023 their appeals were focused on Gaza Airstrikes, Somalia Flooding and Turkey earthquake. The brand “Gift of Givers” is now synonymous with the word – Help. Gift of the Givers has often stepped in where governments can’t. They have acquired necessary skills to deal with the most difficult humanitarian challenges. Recently in South Africa, they rescued the community of Makanda (Grahamstown) when the municipality could not provide. They deployed their engineering expertise to ensure that there’s drinking water in the community.

The story of its leader and founder, Dr Imtiaz Soolaiman adds to the value of this humanitarian organisations. Dr Sooliman gave up his career as a medical doctor to pursue the field of humanitarian aid. In 1992, he founded the Gift of the Givers Foundation which later became the largest disaster response non-governmental organisation of African origin on the African continent. In a 15-year period, the organisation has developed into one of the most respected international humanitarian agencies, being the first such agency to be accredited by Proudly South African. He is driven by the same basic principles that led to his becoming a medical doctor: respect, care, professionalism and dedication. But there is something else that fuels Dr Sooliman’s passion for humanitarianism – the solid belief in the common humanity that unites us. His fervour for, and belief in, mankind is what really motivates and energises him, and the reason is his faith.

His sense of community is felt throughout his endeavours with Gift of the Givers.

When disaster strikes or pleas for assistance are sounded – whether in South Africa or abroad – he and Gift of the Givers are ready with an immediate response, swiftly rallying the organisation’s network of doctors, nurses, relief workers and other professionals, and despatching humanitarian and medical supplies to disaster areas.


The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is one of Nelson Mandela’s three official legacy organisations, founded in 2003 in partnership with the Rhodes Trust. It brought two well known figures in the form of an organisation to address some of the legacy issues and to develop future leaders in Africa. The foundation finds, funds, and empowers young Africans who aspire to use their talents to serve their societies and the continent. They do this by providing a postgraduate scholarship for young leaders to study in South Africa and participate in a residential Leadership Development Programme. The programme is built on Nelson Mandela’s belief that leadership begins with inner transformation, and founding principles of the foundation that includes reconciliation, education, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Amongst the recipients of the Mandela Rhodes scholarship there are young people who are working on innovative solutions that will matter in the future.

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