BY Zeenat Vallie < 1 MINUTE READ

Multimedia messaging app, Snapchat added a new feature which allows users to delete messages before the sender reads them.

The new feature which has been rolled out on the multimedia app now allows users to delete messages, audio or video that they have sent, before the receiver reads it.

This is how you can delete sent Snapchats:

– After you have sent a message, audio or sticker, highlight the sent message by pressing and holding on it.

– Then tap the ‘delete’ option.

– A pop up will appear which where you can confirm to delete the chat, learn more or cancel.

– When you are certain that you would like to delete the message, tap “delete” and the message will disappear from both ends. However, the receiver will still be notified that something was sent to them, yet they will not not what it was.

However, bear in mind that the delete feature may not always work. According to Snapchat, the delete feature might not always work as it is dependent on good Internet connection. Also, it will not work if the receiver has an old version of Snapchat.

Take a look below to see how I successfully deleted a message that I sent to Snapchat.

In order to enjoy the new feature which was yesterday rolled out around the world, make sure that you have the latest version of Snapchat.