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When it comes to doing business in South Africa, innovation is the key to success. That’s why the newly launched digital platform Wise Move is a game-changer for the moving industry.

Wise Move is the only digital platform in South Africa for moving companies. They’ve made the entire moving and delivery experience easier for everyone – and in the process, they created a new space for our local entrepreneurs to expand and flourish. It’s bringing healthy competition into a sector that desperately needs a larger SME landscape.

“We identified a large gap in the market – there is no single source of information or portal that allows clients to view and compare prices from reputable movers. There is also no easy way for movers to find and communicate with new clients. Thus, we created the platform to help clients and moving companies alike,” explained Wise Move founder and CEO Gediminas.

How does it work? In a nutshell, users can submit delivery requests for transporting anything from furniture, cars and motorbikes to more unique requests like transporting an item you want to buy on Gumtree or a beloved pet. The platform then connects that request to local vetted moving companies and carriers who effectively bid for your delivery. Better quotes are often due to carriers already being en route, or through backloading (when a return trip is empty). This means optimised loads for carriers and better prices for clients. A win-win situation.

“Not every request needs a big truck, and when you’re moving something, you want the best solution at the best price.” That’s where Wise Move gets interesting from a business perspective.

The moving industry has been operating in the same way for many years now.

The moving industry in South Africa hasn’t changed much over the last decade. It is very fragmented, which means that there are many moving companies, and each one offers a different service. This makes it difficult to compare prices and to choose a service provider. In addition to this, the quotes offered by leading companies are often too expensive for users who end up trying to do it themselves or privately. The industry also lacks transparency and user-friendliness because clients have to rely on their own knowledge to barter for better prices.

This is where there is a gap in the market for SME carriers. Small businesses with even one transport vehicle or a single flat back can make use of this opportunity. There are currently hundreds of requests for deliveries on the platform, and there are opportunities for businesses in small towns to gain new clients.

SME carriers can help clients by offering prices in line with the local market while still making a profit.

The aim is to help facilitate an easy and stress-free delivery. South Africa is a transport-intensive economy, and moving and doing deliveries is part of that.

South Africa’s first online moving platform enables clients to compare prices and receive quotes from moving companies all in one place.

The Technology

Developed over several years, the platform is built on strong technology that makes it intuitive, easy to use, and offers a seamless experience from start to finish. Once your delivery request is up, the algorithm helps connect moving companies based on route, location, request and time.

While Wise Move was only recently launched in South Africa, they already have a global footprint. With over 10000 successfully completed deliveries and an average rating of 9.6 across their sites, the system works.

“South Africa needs more digital platforms, where the client can easily access services and where the service provider can find new clients. This boosts the economy and creates new opportunities for development in a growing economy.”

Wise Move offers users an enhanced moving service at significantly reduced rates while connecting moving companies to new clients.

Registering as a client is easy; simply complete the delivery request, and you’re done. Carriers will then get to respond with quotes. All the quotes you receive are public and binding.

If you are a carrier, registering requires an onboarding process. The Wise Move team manually approves every moving company that wants to bid on delivery requests.

This means that when someone receives quotes on Wise Move, the movers are vetted professionals.

The platform was designed to revolutionise the way people move homes and book deliveries in South Africa by creating a transparent marketplace where movers can compete for the client’s business.

What makes Wise Move so valuable in South Africa is the fact that it helps users find movers no matter where they are or where their belongings are heading. The nature of it is also inclusive— moving companies from all over can and have already registered on the platform. Find movers from Johannesburg to Nelspruit, Cape Town to Upington, and Durban to East London. No matter where you need a moving company, Wise Move can help you find them.

“This is all about empowering the client and giving them more choice. Users know what they want, and now we are enabling them to get the best price from many companies that compete for their business. There’s never been a platform like it in South Africa.”

What’s Next for Wise Move?

“Our vision is to continue expanding our services within the South African market and eventually, take Wise Move to other countries in Africa. We also have several exciting developments in the pipeline as we continue to expand our online platform.”