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The briefing by the Minister of Basic Education left many parents confused about the way forward with schools. Some parents are now considering home schooling and e-learning as an option. None of these decisions are easy for parents who suddenly have to now go back to work and at the same time safeguard the welfare of their kids.

In view of this situation, Fast Company (SA) in collaboration with Brainline, will be hosting a live discussion that will focus on how e-learning can become a saviour for parents who are concerned about taking their kids back to school buildings.

Fast Company (SA) Editor-In-Chief, Wesley Diphoko, who founded a digital skills learning platform Kaya Labs, will be joined by Prof Mmaki Jantjies who heads up the information systems department at the University of the Western Cape. Prof Jantjies is a technology specialist, researcher and advisor. She holds a PhD in computer science and has held various strategic positions in the corporate world. Prof Mmaki Jantjies is also a member of the W20 digitization group which is a G20 working group.

The virtual event will also host people who deal with learners on a daily basis to share their insights about the realities on the ground. Mr Mike Mavovana who serves at the Principal at Hector Peterson Secondary School will be sharing insights on what it takes to integrate e-learning in public schools, especially in South African townships.

Coleen Cronje who is the CEO of Brainline, will share her perspective about e-learning in South Africa. As someone who leads an online technology startup in South Africa, she is best placed to paint a picture of the current e-learning landscape in South Africa. Brainline is a trusted leader in home education that has operated for more than 30 years. It has conducted virtual schools that prove that it is possible to learn online.

You can join this discussion online here: