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The new normal has forced professionals out of offices to work anywhere on smaller notebooks, missing out on benefits of bigger desktop screens and powerful hardware.

After a few days of playing with the ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X we can confirm that this impressive machine will close this gap, here’s why.

Features of the Vivobook Pro 16X will excite gamers, creators who are in search of superpowers from their laptop. The Vivobook does not disappoint with features that include NVIDIA Studio Suite, Wifi SmartConnect and the latest powerful Intel® Core™ H Series Mobile Processor.

NVIDIA offers creators a suite of tools and software that empowers them to do their best work. The NVIDIA Broadcast has a new application that uses AI to transform your microphone, speakers, and webcam into smart devices, with capabilities such as virtual background, webcam auto frame, and microphone/speaker noise removal which are necessary tools during the new normal.

This makes it possible for you to have video calls even in environments where this would have been impossible. We tested this in a room with background noise and the calls maintained the silence of an office.

ASUS AI Noise-Cancelling Technology technology employs machine learning in order to isolate unwanted noise from human speech.

The ClearVoice Mic feature in the MyASUS app can filter out ambient noise, and the Multi-Presenter mode normalises all individual voices from different positions for optimum group conference-call quality. The ClearVoice Speaker feature filters out all ambient noise apart from human speech.

In addition, the machine still offers you the ability to add more power and capability with two USB Type-A ports on the left side of the laptop. These are accompanied by another USB Type-A port, USB Type-C, HDMI, a microSD card slot and a headphone jack.

If you are working mostly from home you will appreciate the Harman Kardon-certified sound system for high-quality detailed audio coming out of the powerful built-in speakers


All of this while enjoying uninterrupted connectivity made possible by WiFi SmartConnect which enables your laptop to automatically connect to the router with the best signal in your current environment. Weight (1.95 kg (4.30 lbs) is the only challenge if you move around between home and coffee shops.

All its benefits however outweigh the added weight issue. You will also be happy to know that it keeps you connected by memorising the mobile hotspots you connect to and prioritises connections to them when they‘re detected. Some of these features allow you to freely roam around large areas with your ASUS Notebook without missing a beat. This ASUS machine has taken into account the needs of heavy users by adding a proper battery which enables 11 hours of productivity without a need to charge.

This will come handy and enable professionals to stay productive in between power cuts and travel, in-between office and home for hybrid workers. It is also important to note that your storage needs are well taken care of with this sleek machine.

The high-performance solid-state disk with a PCIe interface gives Vivobook 16X the fastest storage available, allowing ultra-quick boot times and zero-wait app loading.

All of these amazing features are accessible at an economical price which beats the competition.