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Honor Magic 4 Series will see its South Africa launch today following the global launch of Honor Magic 4 and Magic 4 Pro models at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022. The global tech brand will soon be launching the revolutionary Google mobile services enabled Magic4 Series through an event in South Africa. It will allow consumers to use favourite apps like YouTube Music, Spotify etc. The launch will be a real showcase of HONOR’s best in class, state-of-the-art technology, and smart innovation and will take the brands flagship line-up to a whole new level.

Honor enthusiasts can look forward to mobile devices packed with powerful features that will change the status quo in the smartphone market in South Africa.

The first feature that will go beyond expectations is photography and videography which will offer cinematic-level footage. It is understood that the device will feature the HONOR Magic-Log Movie Master and AI Film Effects, offering a dynamic range and rich colour expression for shooting videos. This feature will position this mobile device as a must-have tool for creators. It’s believed that it will have the ability to deliver the world’s first 10-bit Log 4K video recording in 60fps (frame per second) which beats the industry benchmark, something that will excite many who care about quality photography. It is also believed that its camera quality will be equivalent to cameras that are commonly used to shoot professional-grade movies, as its log format allows users to enhance the look of their videos with cinematic colour tones in HDR clarity. This powerful functionality will require a good battery that can becharged with ease and speed. To cater to this the HONOR Magic4 Pro it is understood that it is equipped with a large 4 600mAh battery, which delivers an ultra-long battery life and a hassle-free charging experience. Its 100W fast charger will help users to go from zero to 100 percent within not much more than 30 to 40 minutes.

All of these features will set this device apart from others. Its AI Privacy call feature will cement its position as one of the unique devices in the market. This feature will offer a groundbreaking new solution to sound-leaking, a common smartphone frustration for many. The HONOR Magic4 Pro will debut an all-new Privacy Calling feature supported by AI and powered by Directional Sound Technology, preventing sound leakage for more private phone calls.

This Honor launch will be a game-changer for the smartphone market in South Africa. Be on the lookout for these mobile devices packed with world-class features.