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Today, the world needs flexible technologies that give people room to discover their own path to that all-important work-life balance. This is where product design matters. With World Design Month in mind, we explore Samsung’s approach to product design. With their vast array of products from smartphones to washing machines, the challenge of adapting to evolving to consumer trends surely requires a novel approach to design.

Guided by the company’s heritage of people-first innovation, Samsung merge three individual focus areas to deliver designs, functions and products tailored to customers.

But what truly makes its Design Thinking process unique is its presence across all of Samsung – every team, business division and working group uses the principles of Samsung’s Design Thinking to innovate. Because of this, it continues to bring to life an ecosystem of products and experiences inspired by humans and individuality.

Understanding this consumer mind-set therefore has to be the first step in the design process of the technology products we can no longer live without. Samsung is a company that rose to this challenge and grasped the evolving needs of consumers very early on. After all, beautiful design can still fail if it is inconvenient. True design happens when it makes life easier.

With more of us looking for devices and appliances that go far beyond basic functionality, we have entered an era where greater priority is given to customised experiences. This is a shift that challenged Samsung to think beyond the norm, and pursue innovations that balances both aesthetics and functionality, with an increased focus on customisation.

Since consumers are all different and unique and no two homes are the same Samsung created its Bespoke Home vision – with appliances designed for you, by you. This approach is wonderfully encapsulated with products such as its BESPOKE Refrigerator range, which offers the choice of an expansive palette of colours for the refrigerator’s customisable door panels. They also offer configuration choices as well as unconventional finishes, such as matte steel and glass, to ensure hyper -personalisation.

Samsung also believes that their job as mobile technology innovators is to always be a step ahead of what’s changing in the world, to enable your productivity, creativity and connectivity. The company aims to give customers more form factor choices such as its ground-breaking Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip devices, that have the flexibility to switch seamlessly between working, playing, sharing, and everything in between on multiple screens. New flagship releases such as the Galaxy S22 series are also opening up new worlds of possibilities to enable powerful multitasking and immersive entertainment. Alongside the new Galaxy S22 series, Samsung has introduced an all new line of Galaxy S8 tablets and a pack of updated features for Galaxy Watch4 so that Galaxy users can stay connected in every aspect of their lives.

These are all innovations inspired by designs that are centred around meaningful human experiences. Finding that balance between work and life is clearly going to get a lot easier.