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Founders play a significant role in creating solutions and companies that are making a difference in our society. The assumption however is that founders are only the guys and girls in hoodies and those who start tech startup companies. The reality, however, is completely different as proven by the founders we came across during our search for founders behind some of the greatest initiatives, programmes, products, and services. This issue reveals the secrets of founders who are changing how we live, our communities, and the things that we use.

Some founders like Ernest Barlow (Barloworld founder) left a legacy that has inspired and equipped leaders like Dominic Sewela (our cover star) to lead with courage under difficult circumstances.

We look at what makes Barloworld the corporate organisation that has survived so much chaos in the world now that it’s celebrating 120 years of existence.

In a world that is plagued by monumental challenges, we stay away from bombarding you with what is wrong with the world. Our World Changing Ideas feature highlights solutions for today’s toughest challenges. We look at health, climate, and finance World Changing Ideas that will inspire you to look beyond our current realities.

Beyond what we share with you in these printed pages we are also sharing in-depth insights via our website which publishes daily content that is designed to keep you informed about tech, design, and work life developments. The FastCompany (SA) website is unique amongst tech, innovation, and design websites in that it’s an extension of what we share with you in printed pages. We want to formally invite you to pay attention to what we share online to stay engaged with the Fast Company community.

Lastly, we’ve been experimenting with audio content to understand how this form of content can still inform you about innovation. During lockdown, some of us spent time listening to audiobooks and they’ve proven to be a quicker way to absorb some information.

In the next few months, we will start introducing audio content based on lessons learned from Twitter Spaces and other audio platforms. I hope this will add value to your daily consumption of content about innovation in South Africa. For now, enjoy this issue of Fast Company.