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Construction sites today and the way people work on construction sites have largely remained unchanged from decade to decade. Despite being one of the largest and oldest industries in the world, the industry has often struggled to adopt technologies and innovations to enhance productivity and efficiency. That is where Jack Huang and Roland Gavrilescu from Kaya AI step in, utilizing their wide range of experiences to build and deploy AI tools to revolutionize the construction industry.

Before becoming head of product at Kaya AI, Huang accumulated a wealth of experience in product management. His previous positions as a program manager at Microsoft and a product manager at Esper prepared him well for his role at Kaya AI. As a deployment strategist at Palantir, he also worked closely with clients to break down problems and identify and resolve inefficiencies in workflow. His knowledge from these positions gave him a solid background to draw from when he started at Kaya AI, where he works to deploy workflow and project management solutions to construction companies. Experience with unique customer needs and several kinds of workflows and software gave Huang the perfect skillset to put to use as head of product.

Born Jiawei Huang, he spent time growing up in both Hamilton, New Zealand, and Shenzhen, China. Witnessing the growth of these two cities gave Huang an early interest in construction. He watched as the city skylines grew, and with it came different identities for both cities. Construction can shape and change people’s lives, and Huang wanted to be a part of it.

Roland Gavrilescu, head of engineering at Kaya AI, has a similar international background. He grew up in Romania before heading to London to explore his passion for music. At the University of London, Gavrilescu found himself interested in artificial intelligence and engineering and started sneaking into postgraduate lectures on the subject. His career prospects changed, and he started at Google Brain as an intern in 2019. Gavrilescu’s career flourished from there, leading him to become the lead of mobile robotics perception at Arrival in 2020, where he built vision systems for robots and cars. He then joined former classmates at a generative AI startup where he was in charge of product building before coming into Kaya AI as head of engineering in 2023.

His depth of experience and passion for engineering and artificial intelligence is truly unique and makes him a leader in the industry.

With Huang and Gavirlescu at the helm of Kaya AI, the company is quickly developing cutting-edge technology. Gavrilescu’s team was recently accepted into Suffolk’s prestigious Proptech accelerator. Kaya’s engineering team won the Startup of the Year Award for 2023, making them a shoo-in for a program that has an acceptance rate of only 3%. The organizers were impressed with Gavrilescu’s novel approach to building simple yet powerful AI-first solutions for the construction industry.

The artificial intelligence industry is growing rapidly, and Kaya AI is at the forefront of construction solutions. Huang and Gavrilescu are leading their team to create innovative products for a new era, and Kaya AI is just getting started.

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