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When Jack Dorsey stepped down as the Twitter-In-Chief at bluebird company it was clear that there was a need for a visionary l​​eader. The former Chief Technology Officer and engineer at heart, Parag Agrawal, was not ready to spend his time on strategy and engaging with the public. The man has not even granted a credible media platform an interview. His tweets sound more forced than natural. It was a matter of time before a visionary leader could take over. One chief Twitter user has done exactly that. He started by suggesting that there was a need for an alternative platform.

Someone suggested to him that it would be better for him to just assist Twitter to be better.

In a matter of days, he did exactly that by buying a majority stake at Twitter, basically becoming a passive investor. Soon thereafter he started to run a poll designed to influence a feature change:

As if that was not enough he officially joined the Twitter board. It’s not clear what drove this move by the man who is supposed to take us to to the moon. One thing is clear that he has become the de facto CEO at Twitter. Many will argue against and some in favour of current developments at Twitter. People who understand tech companies will agree that Twitter needs a leader who understands technology, business and people. Parag knows tech and Elon understands all the above however he can spend his time doing something better.