BY Wesley Diphoko 3 MINUTE READ

The year 2023 was the year of Artificial Intelligence. It began with the ChatGPT noise and now its ending with red flags from the company, OpenAI, that brought us ChatGPT. As if the world has not heard enough about AI, a company formed by former Apple employees dropped an AI hardware, the Ai Pin. Developments throughout the 2023 were just the beginning of the AI revolution, in 2024 we are likely to see more AI innovations that will come with amazing hardware.

I’m particularly looking forward to the Apple Vision Pro. I’m on record as saying it will be one of the hardware tools that will unleash the metaverse revolution. Apple has promised us the first version of the Apple Vision Pro before the end of 2024. It’s a device that will be worn on your face, but the novel aspect is how you will use it. Rather than view the computer’s output through a physical screen, that output is projected directly into your eyes with two very small but high-resolution displays a very small distance in front of you. Rather than control the computer through a keyboard, mouse, or touch screen, the primary user interface is through eye tracking and gestures. Apple may also just add another device in the form of an Apple watch that will come packed with AI powers to take care of your health needs. In 2024 we are also likely to get something from Elon Musk. In 2023 he delivered the Tesla Cybertruck.

In my books this automobile falls under the tech category. It’s a software on wheels based on current specifications and its future capabilities. I think it’s a precursor to the Tesla future deliverable, the Optimus robot. When it finally enters the market it will take robots mainstream. The Cybertruck has shown us that Elon Musk can still deliver despite the negative publicity he received throughout 2023 for acquiring Twitter. In my opinion, this act by Elon Musk as another 2023 deliverable. He transformed Twitter into something that we now know as just X.

It’s a 2023 deliverable not just for its name. X is no longer Twitter at least in terms of its functionality business focus. X is a platform that has begun a process that may deliver profits for Elon Musk. Consumers and enterprises are expected to pay for the advanced version of the platform. Some users have also started getting paid for their influence on X. This is just the beginning for the X platform. In 2024, we are likely to see an X version that enables payments which will pave a way for the Super App version of X. This has angered some users who liked the Twitter format and its functionality. This has prompted another technology leader to replicate the original Twitter in the form of what we’ve come to know as Threads.

The Meta created product has become another 2023 technology product that saw a major upload rate during its first few days. The year 2023 has proven to be an exciting year for new products. It’s my hope that 2024 will become a year of technological advancements that will truly make an impact. It seems to me a lot of what has been delivered throughout they year has been an iteration of what has existed in the past. In 2024, I would like to see at least one product that will move from 0 to 1 as per Peter Thiel theory. We have enough smart people who can turn some world challenges into technological breakthroughs.