BY Fast Company 2 MINUTE READ

Samsung has unveiled better and improved foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4. One of them folds and the other flips.

The phones that “flip” split down the middle, horizontally, like a hamburger, while the ones that “fold” split down the centre, vertically, like a hotdog. Both of them will enable you to multitask and have a larger real estate for entertainment and work.

One tool that has enabled Samsung to fold phones is the hinge in the middle of foldable phones. Basically the hinge or spine allows the phone to open and close like a book. Previous foldables were bulky and the latest version is slimmer.

The hinge has now been placed on the rear of the phone which brings us a minimised bezel on the main display inside. Just this improvement will allow foldable fans to have slimmer versions of these phones.

Samsung, through foldables, has designed a new shape but also created new experiences that were never possible with a smartphone before.

One interesting experience that will be possible with foldables is multitasking.

For business users, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 allows for viewing of two and even three pages in one screen. It also allows, in its large screen, for note taking while participating in video conferencing. The cover screen is still 6.2-inches across, but the aspect ratio has changed slightly so it’s 3mm wider. The main screen is also still 6.7-inches, but again it’s slightly wider. It’s also 45 percent stronger, according to Samsung, as it now uses stronger, ultra-thin glass.

The South Korean company has taken foldables to another level. Although there are competing brands, Samsung is leading. It’s also possible that this foldable glass will go beyond smartphones. Who knows in future it may be sunglasses.

For now South Africans can pre-order to get their devices when they become available from the 26th August 2022. Samsung also launched new versions of watches and ear buds.