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In this third edition of the Fast Company SA digital magazine, we shine a spotlight on some of the people who are using creativity in their disciplines to make this world a better place. One of them is Nelisa Ngqulana who is tackling a challenging situation in South Africa through creative digital means. Her efforts may just change laws to benefit vulnerable members of our society. Read her story and join her in making a difference. Each of the visionary leaders you’ll read in the mag has accomplished something over the past year that has moved an entire industry or part of society forward in an unprecedented way.

The people you’ll read about hail from an eclectic range of fields: Tech, media, healthcare, architecture, public relations, travel, entertainment, biotech, finance, food, and more. Each has succeeded in moving his or her entire sector forward in a completely new way during the past year, and these accomplishments are already having an effect on their industries, if not our society. The Most Creative People in Business list isn’t about power or lifetime achievement. It’s about unique ideas that are having a meaningful impact–right now–which makes it unlike any other list you’ll see in media.

If you are into lists, you will also enjoy the list of Best Workplaces for Innovators. We are publishing an analysis of the of 100 companies that have created cultures where workers at all levels are empowered to try new things and effect change at their businesses and beyond. We also pay special attention to a handful of innovative teams— groups of employees, nominated by their companies, that took advantage of a pro-innovation environment to build or develop something extraordinary. Throughout this edition, you are left with no doubt that creativity matters. It is something that matters now and will continue to matter as we confront more complexity. You will be inspired to be more creative in approaching your work, project, and other important challenges in your community.

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