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A lot goes on behind the closed doors of automotive design studios around the world.

The cars we see on the roads are the result of a lengthy conception process that often involves more than one initial design concept, and there are also many other new models that reached the conceptual stage but never saw light of day.

While these abandoned design studies are often kept secret, Porsche has opened up about its unreleased concept cars of the last 15 years in a new book entitled ‘Porsche Unseen’. The book will showcase 15 different cars that have until now been kept under lock and key, and the sportscar maker will also be revealing some of them through its media website.

Futuristic van concept

One such concept, and one that we’d desperately like to have in our parking lot, is the Porsche Vision “Renndienst” design study, which is a six-seater van conceived as a futuristic “space shuttle”.

The van is powered by batteries located beneath the vehicle and vehicle has a central driving position.

“The study shows how the Porsche design DNA with its characteristic surface modelling can be transferred to an unknown vehicle segment for the brand,” Porsche said.

Le Mans car for the road

The sportscar maker also revealed the 919 Street concept, which was created as a clay model in 2017.

“The Porsche 919 Street was developed on the basis of the technology used in the Porsche 919 Hybrid, promising to make the exhilarating driving experience of the LMP1 race car available to amateur drivers,” Porsche said.

Boasting the same dimensions as the race car, the concept would have featured a carbon monocoque and a 662kW race-car-based hybrid drivetrain.