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If people keep sliding into your DMs with unique yet uninvited offers of sexual acts that are not physically possible, relentless photos of Ed Sheeran, and opportunities to fund new ventures from Nigerian princes, Twitter has some good news. The social media site is testing a small tweak to make unsolicited, uninvited DMs harder to see.

“Unwanted messages aren’t fun,” read a tweet announcing the test. “So we’re testing a filter in your DM requests to keep those out of sight, out of mind.”

Of course, you can turn off open DMs altogether, but people have legitimate reasons for wanting them open without fielding endless messages from trolls, ardently opinionated strangers, and eager publicists. Essentially, this test feature adds a new destination for those. Now, in addition to the standard “Messages” folder and the “Message Requests” folder, there will also be a brand-new “show” option within message requests that will reveal whatever messages the attention-seeking, desperate weirdos are trying to send you. The best part is that you never, ever need to click on that subfolder, and they will never, ever know.

It’s a small, mostly pointless step, but heck, we’ll take it.

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